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SmartDisc™ WLAN
SmartDisc – the versatile antenna covering your needs
The SmartDisc antenna, a low profile 2,4GHz antenna designed
to meet the industrial demands on high RFperformance with
multi installation capabilities.
It’s durable design makes it ideal to use where a discreet and
reliable installation is required. Smarteq Wireless unique
antenna technology enables the antenna to be mounted on
different material and in both hirizontal and vertical positions in
order to shorten and facilitate the installation procedures.
Ideal for WLAN applications such as vending machines, power
meters, forest machines and rugged vehicle installations.
WLAN 2,4GHz antenna
■■ Excellent RF-performance
■■ Low profile and very durable design
■■ Verified according to IP67
■■ Ground plane independent enables easy installation
■■ Multiple installation possibilities: Center screw and
adhesive installation, includingt different optional
mounting brackets
■■ Based upon Smarteq Wireless patented RF technology
■■ All versions RoHS compliant
■■ Other available versions of SmartDisc:
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SmartDisc WLAN
Frequency Impedance Polarization VSWR Gain Max power DC short antenna
Ground plane independent
Nominal 50 ohm
Linear vertical
5dBd (3 dBi)
10 W
Dimension Weight Installation
Other available versions:
Cable Connector Material Color Water ingress
Circular 90 mm x Height 26 mm
190 g
Center screw mount:
-Max material thickness 3,5mm
-Installation hole diameter 18,5-20mm
0,2m RG316
SMA (m) other connectors on request
PC/PBT/Aluminum alloy
White (black on request)
According to IP67 when installed
-40° C to +85° C
201411 Bracket SmartDisc, vertical
707154 Bracket SmartDisc, white angled
Smarteq reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.
ISO/TS169 49, ISO14001, Ford Q1
Smarteq develops and supplies high-quality antennas and
antenna systems for the wireless transfer of speech and data,
communication to and from vehicles and machine to machine.
Our staff is fully focused on developing high-performance
antennas that will continue to set new standards of excellence
that will exceed our customers’ expectations
Headoffice, Order & Stock: Malux Sweden AB, Box 221, SE-891 25 Örnsköldsvik SWEDEN.
Phone +46 (0)660-29 29 00, fax +46 (0)660-850 85. Website E-mail