SH560/50 Philips Facial Cleansing Brush Replacement

Philips SmartClick
Facial Cleansing Brush
Deep facial cleansing
Deep facial cleansing
For smooth and healthy-looking skin
Brush head replacement
The SmartClick cleansing brush cleans your face thoroughly and leaves your skin with a
smooth feeling and a healthy look. So, you feel confident that you always look good!
Smooth and healthy-looking skin
• 32,000 active bristles for thorough cleansing
• Developed for gentle treatment on sensitive skin
Easy to use
• For a hygienic use, replace the brush head every 3 months
• Compatible with SH575 Deep Facial Cleansing Brush
Facial Cleansing Brush Replacement
Deep facial cleansing Brush head replacement
SmartClick attachment
• Fits product type: Shaver series 9000 (S9xxx),
Shaver series 7000 (S7xxx), Shaver series 5000
(S5xxx), AquaTouch (S5xxx), Facial cleansing
brush SH575
Ease of use
• Cleaning: Wash with water and mild soap, Dry
brush with a towel
32,000 active bristles
• Replace brush head: Every 3 months with SH560
• Maintenance: Protective cap
The 32,000 active bristles each with a diameter of 50
µm, can reach even the hardest-to-reach areas of
your face, cleansing it thoroughly. They remove dirt
and dead skin cells, and increase micro-circulation,
leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking healthy.
Developed for sensitive skin
The 14mm long bristles have high flexibility, thereby
ensuring less friction on sensitive skin, for a gentle
cleansing effect. Suitable for everyday use.
Replace head every 3 months
To keep your cleansing brush hygienic, replace the
brush head every 3 months by simply clicking on a
new brush head replacement (SH560) onto your
SmartClick cleansing brush.
Compatible with SH575
Compatible with the SmartClick facial cleansing
brushes of Shaver series 7000 and the Deep Facial
Cleansing Brush SH575.
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