230v led strip - smd5730

230V LED STRIP - SMD5730
Item ref: 153.821UK, 153.822UK, 153.823UK
User Manual
Caution: Please read this manual carefully before operating
Damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty
Thank you for choosing Lyyt high voltage LED strip as part of your lighting scheme. This strip is designed to
provide a powerful linear lighting source for indoor or outdoor installations. Please read these instructions to
help with installation and ensure correct practice when cutting and joining.
Warning: This product is mains operated and should only be fitted by a qualified electrical installer.
Lyyt 230V LED strip is supplied as a 50m reel with a mains lead connected at one end and terminated with
an end-cap at the other. Straight from the reel, the strip can be plugged into a mains 230Vac outlet and the
strip can be situated indoors or outdoors, thanks to the IP67 containment (the mains lead and plug must be
indoors or in a waterproof housing).
50m is the maximum length that can be powered from a single 230V mains outlet.
The strip can be cut to fit any installation at 1 metre intervals. The strip containment is diffused on all sides
with a transparent centre strip for the bright LED output. Looking at this strip, it is possible to see where the
PDB inside is joined every 1 metre (there is a gap between the ends of the PCB).
Ensure that the strip is not powered before cutting and cut cleanly through the whole containment.
The end of the powered strip will need to be fitted with an end cap (Pack of 10 = 153.853UK), using silicone
glue to secure it. This will also reinstate the waterproof protection to the strip. Fitting shrink-tubing can add
additional weatherproofing and protection.
The remaining strip can likewise be fitted with a new mains lead (153.851UK) to power up as a separate strip
and couplers are also available (153.857UK) to allow strips to be joined together (up to a maximum of 50m).
The mains lead or coupler is connected to the strip via 2-pin connector. This will only make the strip operate if
the “+” and “-” are connected the correct way around. Insert the rounded pins into the mains lead and the
pointed pins into the cut end of the strip.
Before sealing with glue, check the strip operation by plugging the mains plug into a 230V socket. If the strip
does not light, disconnect the strip from the mains and swap the “+” and “-” connections around to check if
they were the wrong way around. When connection is successful, squeeze silicone glue into the joint to
ensure a secure and waterproof connection. Again, shrink tubing can offer additional safety and
weatherproofing to the joint.
Joining 2 lengths of strip together is performed in exactly the same way and should again be sealed both sides
with silicone glue. Any open end will need to be sealed with an end-cap and silicone glue. When fixing the
strip to a surface, it is important to not penetrate or damage the containment. Do not pierce with nails, screws
or staples. Installation clips are available for convenient fixing to most surfaces (153.855UK).
Stock code
Warm white
Natural white
Cool white
Colour temperature
Power supply
Luminous flux
Power consumption
LED type
IP rating
Number of LEDs
Beam angle
LED lifespan
Cut intervals
Reel length
Maximum length
Mains lead length
Dimensions (packed)
200-240Vac, 50Hz
IP67 (strip only)
≥ 30000 hours
50m per mains power lead
13 x 8mm
285 x 285 x 140mm
Disposal: The “Crossed Wheelie Bin” symbol on the product means that the product is classed as Electrical or
Electronic equipment and should not be disposed with other household or commercial waste at the end of its useful life.
The goods must be disposed of according to your local council guidelines.
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230V LED Strip User Manual