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plate manufacturing.
3M™ Precision Plate System
At 3M we understand that you’re challenged to meet the demands of many
stakeholders. So we’re proud to introduce a new digital license plate printing
solution to help you optimize your production process and meet the evolving needs
of the marketplace. The new 3M™ Precision Plate System is specifically designed
and rigorously tested for mass production of license plates.
The 3M Precision Plate System delivers speed, flexibility, photo-like plate resolution,
and advanced plate messaging capabilities for DMVs, Correctional Industries, and
other agencies manufacturing license plates.
Improved Efficiency
Greater Flexibility
Improved printer utilization. The 3M Precision Plate System
provides a continuous supply of UV curable ink during
production through a bulk ink supply to the print heads.
There is no need to stop the printer when ink runs low,
eliminating the need for “ribbon changeovers” inherent with
thermal transfer printers. The system’s software monitors ink
usage by graphic design and estimates output based on ink
coverage by color. So it only uses the amount of ink actually
required for a design.
Better graphics. With enhanced flexibility, photo-like plate
resolution, and advanced personalization options, such as
unlimited variable text fields and characters on a plate, the
3M Precision Plate System helps you meet the shifting demands
of the growing motorist population.
Web Accumulator—Ability to Back Up
Reduce waste. Often there is unprinted sheeting left on the roll
when a plate set is complete or needs to be suspended. With
traditional thermal transfer printers, this unprinted sheeting
is scrapped. The web accumulator in the 3M Precision Plate
System allows printed license plate sheeting to be backed up
to the end point of the printing. So printing restarts without a
gap between the previous and current jobs. No gap means less
material waste.
High Speed Printing
Faster production. At up to 50 feet per minute, even printing on
graphic plates on white sheeting, the 3M Precision Plate System
operates at up to 3X your current production rate.* Your site’s
needs could be met by just one 3M Precision Plate Printer.
*vs. thermal transfer printer
Streamline your process. The increased capability and
productivity of the 3M Precision Plate System means you
purchase white sheeting, not pre-printed graphic sheeting.
This allows you to reduce your inventory of pre-printed materials
and print your own long-run graphics.
Eliminate excess inventory. The 3M Precision Plate System
makes it easy to move from “make to stock” to “make to order”
production, so you can produce every plate type, every day.
With “make to stock” you run a single plate type and place
those plates into inventory until they are ordered. With “make
to order” you print plates as they are ordered, which means very
little finished inventory. The 3M Precision Plate System is the
ideal license plate printing solution to support a move to “make
to order” production.
Matched Component
Consumable Materials
3M offers consumable products for use with your 3M Precision
Plate System for enhanced durability and reflective capability
of the finished license plate. Due to the contactless jetting
technology, these consumable materials are typically lower cost
than those used for thermal transfer printing. Note that 3M
warrants the printed sheeting and finished plates only if the
3M matched component materials are used.
3M™ License Plate Sheeting Series 3750
3M™ Digital License Plate Clear Protective Film Series 9097
3M™ UV Curable Inkjet Ink Series 1500
To learn more about the 3M Precision Plate System, contact
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