STL Fog Light/Surface Mount
With 9 Generation III 1-watt LEDs and surface mount capability, the STL Fog Light/Surface Mount propels
the warning power capabilities of all emergency vehicles and motorcycles.
Powered by 12V
Weather-proof housing
9 Generation III 1-watt LEDs
Illuminating TIR optics
18 available flash patterns
Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
Includes cable-no switch box included
Built in self contained flasher
Dimensions without bracket: 4.25" Diameter x 1.25" H
Dimensions with bracket: 5" Diameter x 1.25" H
7 day money back guarantee
1 year warranty
1. The STL Fog Light/Surface Mount includes (1) light head with (4) cables coming from
the unit.
2. These cables include a red, black, yellow, and white cable.
3. The red and black cables are used to hook up to the power source/switch box (red to
positive, black/ground to negative).
4. The yellow wire is used to change the flash mode. This is done by touching the yellow
wire to the red wire.
5. To synchronize two units together, connect the yellow wires from the two units together
6. The white wire is only used when synchronizing two units together. Please note; when
synchronizing, it is better to just choose the same pattern for the units and connect them
to a switch box on that pattern so they work together but don’t have to be wired together.
7. For Fog light use (unit only fits new model Chevy Tahoe Fog Light), remove fog unit in
vehicle and replace by installing STL Fog Light in its original position.
8. For surface mount use, attach bracket included with unit and the three holes allow you to
permanently mount the unit on a flat surface.