Bench or Field Testing Res-Com 2000

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Bench or Field Testing Res-Com 2000
Power the Res-Com 2000 with a 24 VAC transformer (a regular radio receiver transformer is
fine) through the two black Res-Com wires. You’ll notice when first powered up the red LED
will blink slowly for ten seconds. This time period initializes the Res-Com 2000 and prevents
the Res-Com 2000 from accidentally triggering the opener when there is a momentary power
Connect a continuity tester to any pair of same colored wires. Trigger the Res-Com 2000 by
shorting terminals 1 & 2 or 3 & 2 on the Res-Com 2000.
If testing the green (relay that triggers open) or blue (relay that triggers close) pair of wires,
you’ll notice continuity on that pair of wires every fourth activation.
If testing the red (relay that triggers stop) pair you’ll notice continuous continuity, because it is
normally closed, except briefly on every other activation.
Sequence of relay operation for the Res-Com 2000
Power up:
First Activation:
Second Activation:
Third Activation
Fourth Activation
10 second initialization period
Stop, Open, Stop, Close, Stop, Open, Stop, Close, Stop.....
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