cpr2102 pager-programmable time switch

Model CPR2102 Time Switch
Download programming over an
alphanumeric paging network
directly from a laptop.
Download time reference
from GPS satellite, optional.
Model CPR2102 Time Switch
(with antenna and CPC Harness)
GPS Receiver Assembly
— Optional time reference using the RTC GPS Satellite
receiver assembly
— Time switch programming is transmitted over alphanumeric
paging service
— One pager phone number and PIN number can program up
to 9,801 time switches
— Group and Location address programmed either by DIP
switches or over the paging network
— Download Default Week Plan programming over the paging
network (normal Monday through Friday school schedule)
— Download Alternate Week Plan programming over
the paging network (for Holidays, Early-Out days,
Summer School days, etc.)
— Download Override Plan programming over the paging
network (overrides regular program for one day to adjust
for delayed or school cancellation)
— Power back-up maintains timekeeping and program for
more than 6 months
— Search-back feature automatically controls relay output
when downloading a program
— Indicators display the following information:
- Power applied and operating
- Page being received
- Unit failed to receive a page since Saturday
- Group and location address
- Relay on or off
- Running one of the following programs:
• empty default week plan
• programmed default week plan
• alternate week plan
• override plan
— Aluminum enclosure measures 3.7"W x 7.5"H x 1.55"D
(without CPC connector)
— External 3db gain antenna supplied with each time switch
— Manual push-button controls relay output
— Direct download programming from a computer
— Upload and download programming from a laptop via a
DB9 connector located on the front of the time switch
— Dual power supply, 120VAC and 12VDC
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