United Nations
Economic and Social Council
Distr.: General
22 September 2017
Original: English
Economic Commission for Europe
Inland Transport Committee
World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations
Working Party on Passive Safety
Sixty-second session
Geneva, 12-15 December 2017
Item 12 of the provisional agenda
UN Regulation No. 44 (Child restraint systems)
Proposal for Supplement 14 to the 04 series of amendments
to UN Regulation No. 44 (Child restraint systems)
Submitted by the expert from France*
The text reproduced below was prepared by the expert from France on behalf of the
Technical Services Group (TSG) on UN Regulation No. 44 to permit the use of digital
information. The modifications to the current text of the UN Regulation are marked in bold
for new or strikethrough for deleted characters.
In accordance with the programme of work of the Inland Transport Committee for 2016–2017
(ECE/TRANS/254, para. 159 and ECE/TRANS/2016/28/Add.1, cluster 3.1), the World Forum will
develop, harmonize and update Regulations in order to enhance the performance of vehicles. The
present document is submitted in conformity with that mandate.
I. Proposal
Paragraphs 15.2.2. and 15.2., amend to read:
For "restricted" and "semi-universal" category child restraints the following
information in a physical or a digital version shall be clearly visible at the
point of sale without removing the packing:
This Child Restraint is classified for "(Restricted/Semi-universal)" use
and is suitable for fixing into the seat positions of the following cars:
Seat positions in other cars may also be suitable to accept this child
restraint. If in doubt, consult either the child restraint manufacturer or
the retailer.
Paragraph 15.2.5., amend to read:
The child restraint manufacturer shall provide information on the packing
box as to the address in a physical or a digital version to which the
customer can write to obtain further information on fitting the child restraint
in specific cars."
II. Justification
In a digital and paper less world, why not use a smartphone APP, QR code reader or
any other digital device where consumer can check the latest version of the vehicle list.
Using digital information can save a lot of paper.