Coffee Making Guide
Shot of espresso two thirds of the way up an espresso cup.
Shot of espresso in cappuccino cup topped with half steamed and half frothed
milk. Dust with chocolate.
Caffe Latte
Shot of espresso in latte glass topped with 2 parts steamed milk and a little
frothed milk.
Flat White
A short espresso with textured milk.
In large cup, hot water first then add a shot of espresso.
Shot of espresso in latte glass. Make hot chocolate with steamed milk and pour
on top.
A double espresso with a dash of frothed milk.
Frothing milk
Tip of steam arm just in top of milk.
Hold base of jug until just too hot to hold.
Bang jug to eliminate larger bubbles.
Steaming milk
Steam arm in bottom of jug and when just too hot to hold
finish at top of jug for small amount of froth.
Bang jug.