Night Guard Guidelines
Below you will find a few of Dr. LaVecchia’s guidelines to help you properly care for and maintain
your custom night guard. Following these tips will keep your dental appliance in good shape for a
long time.
Greg L. LaVecchia, DMD, PC Cosmetic & General Dentistry 1515 Wilson Blvd., Suite 103 Arling ton, VA 22209 703 -­‐ 582 -­‐
3336 Allow for a two week adjustment period. It will take a few nights to get used to the
appliance, as Dr. LaVecchia says, “nobody likes it the first night”. It is normal over the course
of the first few days to find that you have taken your appliance out in the middle of the
night. Commonly you will find it on your night stand, under your pillow or perhaps even
across the room.
Dogs love dental appliances! A dog will equate the smell of human saliva to food, so we
often have patients come into our office saying, “My dog ate the night guard.” Keep your
night guard out of your dog’s reach, as they can cause severe damage to the appliance.
Be careful on the road. When traveling, be aware of where you place your night guard. The
number one reason patients give for needing a new nightguard: “I lost it when I was on
A clean appliance is a happy appliance. When you wake up in the morning, there are three
different ways to keep your night guard clean:
o Rinse with soap and water, dry it and store in cool place.
o Brush it thoroughly with your toothbrush and then drop it into a Tupperware
container that contains the mouthwash* of your choice. Leave it submerged until
your next use. (*mouth wash will stain the night guard to the color of the solution.)
o Dr.L’s preferred method: Brush it thoroughly with your toothbrush, and then drop it
into a Tupperware container that contains a solution of tap water with a few drops of
bleach (think swimming pool water, not laundry water) let the night guard soak in
the solution until next use. Make sure to re-brush and rinse it well before you put it
back in your mouth.
There should be no exposure to heat. High temperatures can cause the material to distort
therefore it is not recommended that you submerge your night guard in BOILING water to
clean it or try to run your night guard through your dishwasher.
Bring it to your appointments!! We are always happy to run your dental appliance(s)
through our ultrasonic cleaning devices. Bring it to your cleaning appointment and we will
clean it for no additional charge. We are also happy to make any adjustments you may need
to make your appliance more comfortable for you, also at no additional charge. If you want
the adjustment made and you don’t have an appointment, just give us a call and we’ll find a
time to fit you in. We want you to wear this!
Final piece of advice from Dr. LaVecchia: Your night guard is most effective when you wear