funkwerk IP50
The VoIP Phone for the Standard SIP Connection
With the VoIP introductory model funkwerk IP50 you can
conveniently make your phone calls over the Internet. The
compliance with the worldwide SIP standard ensures investment
protection and guaranteed applicability in the future. funkwerk IP50
fulfills all requirements in this context: simple operation, up to 3 SIP
accounts, an internal phone book with 140 entries, call hold, call
switching, call forwarding, and lists of accepted and missed calls
leave almost no wish unfulfilled. The most important functions can be
operated conveniently via 10 function keys.
The settings at the phone can be made in a menu-instructed mode and conveniently via a web browser. The RFC 3261-compatible SIP
stack ensures compatibility with almost all adapters and VoIP routers
currently available on the market.
Two Ethernet ports allow the direct connection of a PC to funkwerk
Features / Technical Data funkwerk IP50
Key Features Overview:
o SIP protocol
o 3 SIP accounts
o Hands free operation
o 3 party conference
o Do not disturb function
o Configuration via keypad and / or WEB browser
o 2x RJ45 Ethernet port (1x network / 1x PC)
o Handset (RJ plug)
o 1 x WAN interface
o 1 x LAN interface
o Alphanumerical dotmatrix display with 2 rows / 16 characters each
- Display language: GB
o 10 function keys (fixed)
- 1 IP Info
- 2 Call forwarding,
- 3 do not disturb,
- 4 - 6 Memory (No. 1 – 3 out of the short dial list)
- 7- 9 line keys (No. 1-3 of the SIP accounts),
- 10 mute
o 1 function keys (fixed)
- Hands free operation
o 5 soft keys:
- 1 incoming callers list (11 entries),
- 2 outgoing callers list (11 entries),
- 3 Phonebook,
- 4 Menu,
- 5 O.K buttom
o 4 operation keys:
- 1 Conference,
- 2 Transfer,
- 3 Hold,
- 4 Redial (1 entry)
o 3 SIP accounts
o hands free operation
o Phone book memory with 140 entries
o 3 Speed dial keys
o Redial memory (sep. incoming – outgoing calls)
o Callers list
o Call preparation
o Mute
o Call time display
o Call Hold, Call Waiting and Call transfer
o Conference (3PTY)
o DND (Do not disturb)
o Call forwarding (CFU, CFB, CFNR)
o Configuration via: Telnet, Browser, Keypad
o NAT traversal:
o QoS
ToS field
o In-Band DTMF, RFC-2833, SIP Info
o Firmware upgrade by TFTP, HTTP, Telnet
o MD5 for SIP authentification (RFC 2069 / RFC 2617)
Technical Specifications:
Hardware Overview:
o Main Chip – CM5000
o Data Memory – 16MBit
o Program Memory – 64MBit
o Ethernet Jack – 2 x 10/100MBit jacks
o AC/DC adapter – Input AC230V, output 9V
Sound Quality
o VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
o CNG (Comfortable Noise Generator)
o LEC (Line Echo Canceller)
o Packet Loss Compensation
o Adaptiv Jitter Buffer
Network Protocol
o SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2(RFC3261)
o TFTP Client / DHCP Client / PPPoE Client / Static IP
o Telnet / HTTP Server
o DNS Client
Audio Codecs:
o G.711: 64k bit/s (PCM)
o G.723.1: 6.3k / 5.3k bit/s
o G.726: 16k / 24k / 32k / 40k bit/s (ADPCM)
o G.729A: 8k bit/s (CS-ACELP)
o G.729B: adds VAD & CNG to G.729
o HTTP 1.1 basic/digest authentication for Web setup
o MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC2069/ RFC 2617)
Electric requirements
o Voltage: 9V DC
o Power adaptor: AC/DC input 230V, output 9V
o Network interface: 2 X RJ-45 Ethernet connectors
o 198 x 176 x 60 mm (L x W x H
o Phone : 839 g. with Adapor.
o Total weight with giftbox : 1056 g.
Operation Temperature:
o 5 to 55 C°
Relative Humidity
o Up to 90%
Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH - Suedwestpark 94 - 90449 Nuremberg - Germany
Phone: +49 - 180 300 9191 0
Fax: +49 - 180 300 9193 0
E-Mail: -
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