INST SHT MRP RJ521312LED REV C PSL11.indd - Hydrel

To reduce the risk of death, personal injury or property damage from fire, electric shock, falling parts, cuts/
abrasions, and other hazards please read all warnings and instructions included with and on the fixture box and all
fixture labels.
Before installing, servicing, or performing routine maintenance upon this equipment, follow these general
Installation and service of luminaires should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician.
Maintenance of the luminaires should be performed by person(s) familiar with the luminaires’ construction and
operation and any hazards involved. Regular fixture maintenance programs are recommended.
It will occasionally be necessary to clean the outside of the refractor/lens. Frequency of cleaning will depend on
ambient dirt level and minimum light output which is acceptable to user. Refractor/lens should be washed in a
solution of warm water and any mild, non-abrasive household detergent, rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.
Should optical assembly become dirty on the inside, wipe refractor/lens and clean in above manner, replacing
damaged gaskets as necessary.
DO NOT INSTALL DAMAGED PRODUCT! This luminaire has been properly packed so that no parts should have
been damaged during transit. Inspect to confirm. Any part damaged or broken during or after assembly should be
Recycle: For information on how to recycle LED electronic products, please visit
These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment nor to provide every possible
contingency to meet in connection with installation, operation, or maintenance. Should further information be
desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s or owner’s
purposes, this matter should be referred to Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.
Disconnect or turn off power before installation or
Verify that supply voltage is correct by comparing it with
the luminaire label information.
Make all electrical and grounded connections in
accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and
any applicable local code requirements.
All wiring connections should be capped with UL approved
recognized wire connectors.
Wear gloves and safety glasses at all times when removing
luminaire from carton, installing, servicing or performing
Avoid direct eye exposure to the light source while it is on.
Allow lamp/fixture to cool before handling. Do not touch
enclosure or light source.
Do not exceed maximum wattage marked on luminaire
Follow all manufacturer’s warnings, recommendations
and restrictions for: driver type, burning position,
mounting locations/methods, replacement and recycling.
Keep combustible and other materials that can burn,
away from lamp/lens.
Do not operate in close proximity to persons, combustible
materials or substances affected by heat or drying.
Never connect components under load.
Do not mount or support these fixtures in a manner that can cut the outer jacket or damage wire insulation.
Unless individual product specifications deem otherwise: Never connect an LED product directly to a dimmer packs,
occupancy sensors, timing devices, or other related control devices. LED fixtures must be powered directly off a switched
Unless individual product specifications deem otherwise: Do not restrict fixture ventilation. Allow for some volume of
airspace around fixture. Avoid covering LED fixtures with insulation, foam, or other material that will prevent convection
or conduction cooling.
Unless individual product specifications deem otherwise: Do not exceed fixtures maximum ambient temperature.
Only use fixture in its intended location.
LED products are Polarity Sensitive. Ensure proper Polarity before installation.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): ESD can damage LED fixtures. Personal grounding equipment must be worn during all
installation or servicing of the unit.
Do not touch individual electrical components as this can cause ESD, shorten lamp life, or alter performance.
Some components inside the fixture may not be serviceable. In the unlikely event your unit may require service, stop
using the unit immediately and contact an ABL representative for assistance.
Always read the fixtures complete installation instructions prior to installation for any additional fixture specific warnings.
Please see product specific installation instructions for additional warnings or any applicable FCC or other regulatory statements.
Failure to follow any of these instructions could void product warranties. For a complete listing of product Terms and Conditions, please visit
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Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. assumes no responsibility for claims arising out of improper or careless installation or handling of its products.
ABL LED General Warnings, Form No. 503.203
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Installation Instructions
DELIVERY: Upon receipt of fixture and accessories (packed separately), thoroughly inspect for any freight
damage. All damage should be reported to the delivery carrier. Compare the catalog description listed on the
packing slip with the fixture label on the inside of the housing to be sure to correct merchandise was received.
This device complies with Part 18 of the FCC Rules but may cause interference with cordless and cell phones, radios, televisions, and other
electronic devices. To correct the problem move the device away from the luminaire or plug into a different outlet. This product may cause
interference to radio equipment and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or
communications equipment operating between 0.45-30MHz.
Tools Required: 5/32" hex wrench. 1/4" and 3/8" nut driver. 3/4" socket with extension.
5 year limited warranty
Figure 1
1. Make electrical connections to the fixture before installing it into the pole. Make certain that all power is disconnected prior
to installing the fixture.
2. Using a 5/32" hex wrench, remove the driver compartment cover 1/4 - 20 screw (provided). Keep for re-installation.
See Figure 1.
3. Using a 3/8" nut driver remove the (2) power door retaining
screws and detach the reflector and power supply using
the quick-disconnects. Keep the removed hardware for reinstallation. See Figure 2.
4. With the power door removed, and the electrical connections
made, slide the internal slipfitter and fixture into the pole. Using
a 3/4" socket with extension, tighten the internal slipfitter. Do
not over tighten. Over tightening will cause stripping and void
all warranties. The fixture should be level on the pole and
should not move or rotate.
5. Re-connect the reflector and power supply using the quick
disconnects removed earlier in step 4. Using a 3/8" nut driver
reinstall the (2) power door retaining screws. Using a 5/32" hex
wrench, re-install the driver compartment cover and tighten the
(1) one driver compartment 1/4 - 20 screw. Do not over tighten.
Over tightening will cause stripping and void all warranties.
Figure 2
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Part Number: RJ521312LED Rev C
Revision Date: 5-23-11
Installation Instructions
To access fixture for aiming the LED source:
Disconnect power.
Loosen the three optical door retaining screws.
Using a ¼” nut driver, remove the four optic ring retaining
screws. See Figure 3.
Lift the optic ring, heat sink, and wiring harness as one assembly and rotate in 90 degree increments. The optic ring
accommodates an additional 15 degree slide adjustment to
better direct light distribution based on application.
Figure 3
Note: The wiring harness is held in place by zip ties which
can be removed if required when rotating the assembly. All
zip ties must be replaced and harness secured to the optic
ring prior to placing the fixture into service.
When aiming is complete, re-install the four optic retaining
screws and tighten them with a ¼” nut driver.
Close the optical top and re-tighten the three optical door
retaining screws. Do not over tighten. Over tightening will
cause stripping and void all warranties.
Troubleshooting: If this fixture fails to operate properly, check to make sure: • The fixture is wired correctly. • The fixture is grounded correctly. • The line voltage at the fixture is correct. If all these variables have been checked and the fixture still does not operate as specified, contact your local Lithonia Lighting distributor.
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Phone: 800-279-8041 Fax: 770-918-1209
Part Number: RJ521312LED Rev C
Revision Date: 5-23-11