Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press Redefined productivity. So

Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press
It’s time for a more productive business.
Specifications for the Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press
Printing Speed
• 3000 26" 4/0 sheets per hour
(150 8.5" x 11"/A4 impressions per minute)
• 4500 11" x 17"/A3 4/0 sheets per hour
• 8250 8.5" x 11"/A4 sheets per hour
Image Quality
• 2400 x 2400 dpi
Line screens
• 160 lpi, 180 lpi, 210 lpi, 250 lpi
Process colors
• Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Paper Handling
• Mixed stocks in a single run (up to 12)
• Straight paper path
• Wide-radius inverter for second-side imaging
• Collated sets
• Wheeled stacker cart
• Load-while-run paper capability and unload
Input Capacity
• Up to six feeder modules/12 trays
• Up to 12 trays
• Each tray holds 10"/254 mm
(2,500 sheets 80 lb Coated Text/120 gsm)
• Any supported stock in any tray
• Up to 30,000-sheet capacity or more
Paper Format
• 14.33” x 26” (364 mm x 660 mm)
Minimum 7" x 7" (178 mm x 178 mm)
Image Format
• Maximum image area is 2 mm less than sheet
size (1 mm border on all sides)
Paper Weight (all trays)
• Uncoated: 16 lb Bond to 130 lb Cover
(60 gsm to 350 gsm)
• Coated: 60 lb Text to 130 lb Cover
(90 gsm to 350 gsm)
Paper Flexibility
• Coated, uncoated, textured, specialty stocks
• Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide
variety of labels, synthetics, DocuCard®, NeverTear,
DuraPaper®, UltraMagnet, DocuMagnet
• Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
• No drying time
• Transfer overdrive (optional)
Technology Features
• ICC Source and Destination and
Fast Path Profiling
• Color check for color monitoring
• Single-point transfer printing
• Confident Color Technology
• Color Maintenance Tool
• Closed-loop controls with Inline
• Benchmark gamut of CMYK dry inks
• Load dry inks while running
• Automated Image on Paper Set-up
• Up to four stackers
• Two carts per stacker
• Stacker cart holds 12"/305 mm
(3,000 sheets 80 lb Coated Text/120 gsm)
• Stacker top tray
• Collated offset stack delivery
• Up to 12,000-sheet capacity
Roll Input
• SheetFeeder iG provides up to 50,000 additional
sheets per roll (based on 8.5" x 11"/A4; 20 lb
Bond/75 gsm)
• Delivered directly into the paper path
• Sheets per roll varies based on core size, cut
size and paper type (coated/uncoated, caliper
weight, etc.)
• One inserter module, two trays
• Enables the addition of specialty sheets to a job
after the fusing process (embossed stocks)
Inline Finishing
• Booklet making with C.P. Bourg Document
Finisher (BDFEx), C.P. Bourg Booklet Maker (BMEx),
or Duplo DBM-5001 Inline Booklet Maker
• Multigraf Stacker
• Perfect binding with Xerox® Book Factory
• Lay flats with GBC Fusion Punch II
• UV Coater
• Scoring, cutting, slitting and perforating with
Rollem JetSlit System
Variable Information Solutions
• FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite, XMPie and
other industry partners
Overall standard press dimensions iGen4® (image
tower, two feeders, one stacker)
• 24' 2" x 6' x 8' (L x W x H)
7,366 x 1,829 x 2,438 mm (L x W x H)
• 7,892 lb (3,580 kg)
Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server
• Integrated Parallel RIP technology
• ICC Device Link Capability
• Seamless interoperability with FreeFlow
Product Suite
• Adobe PostScript, PDF 1.8, PCL5, TIFF, FRF
• Adobe Acrobat 9
• Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.0
• Job and production management GUI
• Concurrent receive, RIP, print
• VDP: VIPP®, PPML, Optimized PostScript,
Optimized PDF for VDP
Xerox® EX Print Server,
Powered by Fiery®
• Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition
• Fiery Color Profiler Suite v3.1
• EFI SeeQuence Suite
• Fogra Media Wedge
Network Standard Interfaces
• SMB print sharing (over TCP/IP)
File Support
• Adobe PostScript, PDF 1.9
• Adobe Acrobat 10
• Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.0
• Adobe PDF/VT 1.0
• VDP: VIPP, VPS, PPML v2.2, EFI FreeForm 1 & 2
• Fiery JDF v1.1
Printed on a Xerox® iGen 150 Press on
Xerox® Digitally Optimized Paper.
Xerox iGen™ 150 Press
Redefined productivity.
So you can redefine profitability.
FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division
Phone: 800-877-0555
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Xerox® iGen™ Family
A Winning Combination
To understand the value proposition of the new iGen™ 150, we start
with the value proposition of the iGen4®. Since the launch of the iGen3®
in 2002, continued focus on our production customers’ most important
needs have led to innovations and true market differentiating
technology with respect to image quality and productivity.
And no idea is bigger than the one on which iGen™ 150 is built—taking a
finite amount of time and making it work harder for you. It’s an idea that
pays bigger and bigger dividends with every tick of the clock.
Color Quality
iGen4 EXP
26"/660 mm
Dry Ink
iGen™ 150
Right now, you currently spend time on
reprinting errors, quality control, job setup and
waiting for the press. More than you need to.
Color Maintenance Tool
Inline Spectrophotometer
Innovations like the Color Maintenance Tool, Inline Spectrophotometer
and Auto Density Control are combined with iGen innovations like
maintaining rated speed for all stock weights, multiple feeding pick
points and load while run consumables. These make iGen4 the most
productive press in the industry today as validated by the Spencer
Labs Report.
Daily Average Potential Production Time: Xerox iGen4*
Daily Average Potential Production Time: HP Indigo 7000*
iGen 150 Production Time
HP Indigo 7000 Production Time
Job Setup
Morning Routine
Quality Control
Waiting for Press
Consumable Change
Paper Jam
Planned Maintenance
What would you do with more
production time today?
With iGen 150, the time you spend on all of
those is less, so you have more production
time. More time printing jobs that are ready to
go from the press straight into the customers’
hands. More time achieving the color that
meets every quality expectation without trial
and error. More time printing and finishing
larger, high-value jobs. More time entering and
dominating markets that might have been
previously out of reach.
And more time to get paid more often.
Consumable Change
Planned Maintainence
Press Error Waste
Quality Control
Job Setup
Paper Jam
Morning Routine
Waiting for Press
Daily Average Potential Production Time: HP Indigo 5500*
Think of it this way…your competitors
could make 12 months of profit in the
next year while you make 17*.
Potential Production Time Greater Than 80% with
iGen 150 Automation
iGen 150 Production Time
Quality Control
What would you do with more
production time this year?
Waiting for Press
Let’s expand our thinking beyond an hour
and consider a week, a month…a year.
Planned Maintenance
Press Error Waste
What could you do with that increase in
productivity? More jobs. Greater customer
satisfaction. A growing business. iGen 150 can
truly revolutionize your business by enabling
unprecedented efficiency and higher levels
of profit.
When you multiply the added productivity that
iGen 150 makes possible times the number of
hours in a year, it adds up to five more months
of available production time.
Paper Jam
Consumable Change
Press Error Waste
Job Setup
Morning Routine
HP Indigo 5500 Production Time
Job Setup
Morning Routine
Consumable Change
*Assumed iGen 150 with 85% uptime compared to device with same rated speed at 60% uptime.
Planned Maintenance
Auto Density Control
Inline Spectrophotometer
Color Maintenance Tool
Waiting for Press
Press Error Waste
Paper Jam
* Results based upon a single commercial install of each press.
The iGen 150 is anticipated to provide similar results.
Quality Control
iGen™ 150 is the result of time.
And experience.
Now every hour can be more profitable,
with fewer tradeoffs.
The iGen 150 Press is the next generation of a revolutionary technology
family. For more than a decade, Xerox has led the digital printing industry—
with ideas that changed the way the world was able to print, innovation that brought
remarkable new technologies to market and improvements that continue to make
digital printing more productive and more economical every day.
One hour. It’s a unit for measuring time. Isn’t it? Usually, yes. But in today’s
business world, it’s also a unit of measure for productivity—and ultimately,
success. Every hour of every day is a race against the competition, a contest
for more customers and an opportunity to expand your business—if you have
the right solutions.
The Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press redefines an
hour as one of your most effective tools for
business growth, eliminating the tradeoff
between quality and profit that printers
have had to make for years.
What happens in one hour?
The world is one of different cultures,
customs and currencies. But there
are certain things that are universal.
Everywhere, an hour is the measure
of time.
The press brings together more easily
attained and maintained image quality,
more raw speed and more advanced
automation so every hour becomes a tool
for building a stronger business.
Every hour:
• Lightning strikes the earth
21,600 times.
Stronger through delighted
Impress your customers with outstanding
image quality and you’ve taken a big step
toward gaining valuable loyalty. iGen 150
takes your business to unprecedented levels.
Stronger through greater job
capabilities—including offset
Through a powerful mix of capabilities,
iGen 150 is uniquely able to produce a wider
range of jobs. Say yes to short turnarounds.
Match the color from a job produced months
ago. Offer a greater variety of stocks. And
generally knock your customers’ socks off.
• 12,671 computers are sold.
• More than 6,100 people are born.
Stronger through reduced costs.
iGen 150 reduces your operational costs
in a number of ways. You are able to print
customer-ready output more quickly than ever,
with substantially less time, adjustment and
waste. There’s only so much time. Now more
of it is profitable time.
Stronger through continuous
iGen 150 is the culmination of over ten years
of study, innovation and collaboration with
our customers. Virtually every aspect has
been examined to enhance quality, increase
productivity and eliminate costs so that you
can quickly grow your business into something
larger, nimbler and more capable in a
challenging marketplace.
• There are 360 million
Google searches.
• 5,936 cars are produced around the
world—as are 2,283,100 paper clips.
• Business is fueled as we consume
more than 93,000,000 cups
of coffee.
And even with all of those remarkable
facts, an hour just got more productive.
iGen 150 has taken everything that
can happen in 60 minutes and
multiplied it, to make the productivity
you can achieve in an hour—every
hour—eye opening.
You might think of image quality and
productivity separately.
iGen™ 150 thinks differently.
Over the years, there has been one constant in the market—a universal
expectation from your customers that the color you produce will match their unique
requirements, every time. And for years, you had to choose to either deliver that
quality or focus on productivity.
Xerox® IntegratedPLUS
Finishing Solution for Booklets.
It starts with a strategy
that builds powerful color
management technologies
right into the press.
Automation of the most
complex tasks.
System-wide automation—including critical
color control—eases interaction for operators
with a variety of skill levels and makes everyone
on your staff as productive as possible.
With iGen 150, you can have both. Achieving
outstanding image quality is faster than ever,
thanks to a redesigned imaging system that
takes setup time, waste and guesswork out of
your day.
Xerox® Confident Color is a collection of
the finest color management technologies,
designed and refined to deliver more
outstanding color and more saleable output.
These built-in technologies are supported by
Xerox’s® unique consultation, customization
and business development services so you can
be sure you are ready to meet—or exceed—
the expectations of your customers. Confident
Color allows you to emulate a range of
industry standards such as GRACoL and Fogra
and adhere to Pantone standards so you can
accurately match colors, from job to job, shift
to shift and from press to press.
But this 26"/660 mm sheet is only useful
if you can run it in production quantities.
With the optional 26"/660 mm stacker—
which is compatible with downstream inline
finishing—your finishing bottlenecks are a
thing of the past.
Now digital can pay offset
the ultimate complement.
Xerox® Matte Dry Ink has been developed to
take advantage of the growing opportunity
for digital print with an appearance almost
identical to offset. The combination of Matte
Dry Ink and the imaging system design makes
the iGen 150 Press a perfect complement to
your existing offset business.
You can produce new applications that
integrate seamlessly into your existing
offset workflow.
Matte Dry Ink truly expands the power of
iGen 150 and your ability to succeed in
some of the most exciting and fastest
growing markets in our industry. The results
are dramatic…not only in the output you
see on every sheet, but the impact you see
on the most important sheet of all—the
balance sheet.
Beneficial as it is, automated finishing
used to tie up valuable assets on your shop
floor. Prepress and postpress processes
required skilled personnel to set up files to
match finishing devices at the front end
and then later to set up the actual finishing
device to run the job. And you were forced
to dedicate a finishing device to just one
printer. If you weren’t running booklets,
for example, that booklet maker sat idle.
Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution
for Booklets changes all that. Now prepress
setup and finishing setup can be automated,
whether or not the finishing device is in-line
with a printer or off-line. You get the best
of both finishing worlds—the convenience
of in-line with the flexibility of off-line, plus
unsurpassed labor savings.
“Hey, if we’re going to increase our business and look towards the future for
our business, we want some kind of new model… That’s the reason that we
got into digital, because when we did the research, we found that’s really
where the future of print and marketing is going to be, a lot of digital print.”
– Buzzy Castonguay
Business Development Manager
Color Web Printers
Productivity times 24—hours, that is.
iGen™ 150 multiplies your productivity. By how much? We like to say by 24.
Because every hour of every day, iGen 150 makes you more productive and more
profitable. If business is a race against time and a race against the competition,
iGen 150 just put you in the lead. We addressed productivity from every angle to
make it, quite simply, the most productive press in the industry.
More speed. Increased automation. Greater
uptime. Less waste. So every hour becomes
an opportunity.
Run multiple short run jobs that
meet customers’ requirements in
one shift.
If our years at the forefront of digital printing
have taught us anything, it is that sheer speed
doesn’t equal productivity. But as part of a
complete package, it sure does help. And
iGen 150 is the complete package.
A 25% raw speed increase to iGen’s proven
productivity allows you to produce more
work faster. That means speeds of up to
137 8.5" x 11"/A4 pages per minute. Even
better, our 26"/660 mm sheet runs at a rated
speed of 3000 4/0 sheets per hour to yield
an effective 8.5" x 11"/A4 rate of 150 pages
per minute.
In conjunction with the processing power of a
choice of print servers, a streamlined workflow,
great first-print-out color and the efficiency of
a range of inline finishing options, iGen 150
produces more jobs that help you maximize
your investment and grow your business faster
than ever.
An expanded sheet size to
capture expanded opportunities.
More up per hour. Greater efficiency. Fewer
sheets. Exclusive capabilities. That’s what the
iGen 150 26"/660 mm sheet size delivers. Our
largest sheet means your clients will be able
to include more content—on the same sheet.
But what does this large sheet size ultimately
bring you? The room to grow your business
by printing more economically—serving your
customers more affordably and giving them
what others can’t.
Predictable output, page to page,
day to day, machine to machine
and city to city.
With iGen™ 150, customers can be confident
coming to you again and again. It’s easier
than ever with the automated Color
Maintenance Tool—in conjunction with the
Inline Spectrophotometer—that takes the
manual intervention out of the calibration
process and delivers outstanding color the first
time. This automated process analyzes a mix
of target colors and it notifies the operator
the press is ready for production—eliminating
unnecessary maintenance procedures and
increasing uptime.
And the Auto Density Control System works
in tandem, detecting and correcting streaks
before they occur. You get consistent quality
on every image, every day.
Rethink image quality, right
down to the smallest detail.
iGen 150 image quality approaches that of
offset and meets your customers’ expectations
for quality from the first print, delivering on
the promise of true graphic communications
quality and performance.
iGen 150 uses a new 2400 x 2400 imaging
system with Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting
Laser (VCSEL) technology to deliver more
information per square inch. That means
improved detail, tighter, more uniform rosettes
and better sharpness.
Together with other advancements, the
image quality of iGen 150 means more happy
customers and more business growth.
“We want to make sure that when
we purchase our machine we have
quality that’s going to be consistent.
That when we run one job today, the
next time they come in the job will
look very, very similar to what we
ran last time.”
– John Cassidy, President
Duplicates Ink –
Print and Communications
iGen 150 sheet size: 14.33"/364 mm x 26"/660 mm.
Like a Swiss watch.
Swiss watches have the reputation for being the finest technology and the best
way to accurately measure time. It is an apt metaphor for iGen™ 150. The best
technology and design make iGen 150 the standard against which all other digital
print solutions will be judged. And it is the standard for measuring productivity and
profit. Every hour. Every shift. Every day, as your business grows stronger.
Feeder Module
Feeder module (up to six), two paper trays each;
load while run; up to 30,000-sheet capacity.
Cut-sheet Format
Largest digital cut-sheet format, up to 14.33" x 26"
(364 x 660 mm).
Gripperless Transport
Gripperless transport mechanism allows printing
to within 1 mm of sheet edge; enhances feeding
reliability across a range of coated and uncoated
paper stock.
Dry Ink Containers
Easy-to-load, high-capacity dry ink containers;
replace while run.
Matte Dry Ink
A dry ink formulation developed to take advantage
of a tremendous opportunity in the photo market
by optimizing the uniformity of gloss appearance
across highlights, midtones, and shadows. Ideal on
any application demanding a pleasing matte finish,
particularly those on uncoated or silk stocks.
New Image Path
A new 2-D VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Self Emitting
Laser) 2400 x 2400 Image System enables more
data per inch.
Auto Carrier Dispense
This new method of combining dry ink and carrier
yields consistent color uniformity from the first print
to the last and from job to job. With Auto Carrier
Dispense, operators no longer have to stop the
machine and change the developer, resulting in
greater machine availability and productivity.
Auto Density Control
Every press, be it digital or litho, can be susceptible
to density variations and streaks. iGen 150 Auto
Density Control is patented technology designed
to detect streaks in output before they occur and
fix them without operator intervention. The system
automatically measures the image density for a
series of test patches from the top and bottom
of the page. If it detects a difference, it digitally
compensates for any inconsistencies—ensuring
consistent image density across the page.
Intelligent Fusing
Intelligent fusing adjusts for differences in stock;
runs every sheet at rated speed.
Automated Image on Paper Setup
With the new iGen 150 Automated Image-on-Paper
technology, manual setups are replaced with a
predictable, automated routine—eliminating costly
and time-consuming image fit setups.
Single-point Transfer
Single-point image transfer to paper with speeds
up to 9,000 (150 prints per minute) 4/0 impressions
per hour.
Inline Spectrophotometer
We integrated a spectrophotometer into the
iGen™ 150 paper path and made some pretty
remarkable things automatic—things like High
Definition Linearization, Advanced Color Profiling,
Spot Color Calibration and Color System Check.
Those, in turn, give you more accurate color faster,
more stable color over time, PANTONE matching and
a level of productivity you’ve never experienced.
26" (660 mm) Stacker
A larger stacker module (up to four); two wheeled
carts per stacker; allows you to take full advantage of
our largest cut sheet. And DFA (Document Finishing
Architecture) compatibility means you can add your
choice of automated inline finishing solutions.
Electronic Collation
Electronic collation with offset stack delivery.
Top Tray
Top tray for interrupt jobs or proofs—delivered
effortlessly, even with a concurrent production job
Xerox® “Dual Mode” Sheet Feeder by C.P. Bourg
As a standalone device or as part of the Xerox®
IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution for Booklets, the
Dual Mode Sheet Feeder provides an efficient means
of preparing jobs for finishers, providing automated
finisher setup and for sharing a finishing device with
multiple printers. A printer that is equipped with the
Dual Mode Sheet Feeder in-line can bypass the Sheet
Feeder and send sheets directly to the in-line finisher.
In addition, stack carts from other printers can be fed
into the Sheet Feeder to use the in-line finisher when
the attached printer is not using it. The Sheet Feeder
can also be used as input to off-line auto-finishers if
in-line finishing doesn’t fit into your business plan.
Optional Interface
Optional document finishing interface enabling
various inline finishing devices.