EXTERIOR INTERIOR Basement - Roots Home Inspection, LLC

☐ Clear away wood piles and debris that are in contact with the house
☐ Remove all soil/mulch in contact with the exterior siding around the foundation
☐ Trim or remove all vines/bushes/branches in contact with the home or service cables
☐ Secure loose handrails
☐ Fix any loose shingles or nail pops on the roof
☐ If a newer installation, provide a copy of the roofer’s contract/warranty
☐ Remove moss growing on roof shingles
☐ Add chimney cap to the top exterior chimney flue
☐ Clean gutters
Gutters & Leaders ☐ Add splash plates and extensions to the gutter downspouts
☐ Check that all windows open and close
☐ Check that all windows stay up on their own
☐ Repair all windows that have broken seals/cracks
☐ Replace any double cylinder locks on entry doors
Exterior Doors
☐ Clear out clutter from garage, especially around perimeter
☐ Seal all holes in walls and ceilings
☐ Install fire rated door
☐ Check auto reverse feature for electric overhead garage door opener
Interior Doors
Interior Stairs
Destroying Insects
☐ Remove or secure pets
☐ Remove all heavy clutter, stored items, shelves or other blockages
☐ Make sure home is clean
☐ Repair any holes/nail pops in walls and ceiling
☐ Make sure all doors open and close freely
☐ Install/secure handrails on interior stairs
☐ Clear debris from firebox
☐ Make sure gas log remote is available
☐ Make sure damper opens
☐ Make sure all kitchen faucets are working
☐ Make sure all stove burners light
☐ Make sure all doors open and close without rubbing
☐ Make sure all sink/shower/tub faucets are working
☐ Make sure all toilets flush
☐ If present, make sure attic ladder is in working order
☐ Make sure there is access to the attic – i.e., clear clutter from closet entrance
☐ Remove clutter
☐ Make sure crawl space is accessible for entrance
☐ Reattach fallen insulation in crawl space
☐ Make sure crawl space is accessible for entrance
☐ Mitigate any substance that appears to be mold-like
☐ Test sump pump
☐ Add a dehumidifier to help reduce humidity
☐ Check that sump pump discharges outside the foundation and not in the municipal waste
☐ Complete a termite inspection prior to the home inspection
☐ Provide any treatment or repair receipts/warranties
Heating Systems
☐ Make sure all utilities are turned on
☐ Make sure filters are in place and are in good condition
☐ Turn on the heating if it is not working and have it serviced
☐ Make sure filters are in place and are in good condition
Air Conditioning
Electrical System
Water Heater
☐ If the air conditioning unit was not working, have it serviced (test only if temp is above 50
☐ Secure all outlet covers and replace any that are missing
☐ Make all remotes available for fireplaces, fans etc.
☐ Make sure electrical panel is accessible and has 3 feet of clearance
☐ Check and replace all burned out light bulbs
☐ Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in kitchen, bathrooms
☐ Note: Water heaters over 10 years old will be flagged as older
Oil Tank
Recent Repairs
Renovated House
☐ Provide certification that the oil tanks scans were clear or that a tank was removed
☐ All repairs should be performed by qualified, reputable contractors
☐ Provide all repair receipts and warranties
☐ Provide all contracts/warranties/agreements for the appliances and systems
☐ Provide all permits and documents related to the necessary inspections completed
☐ Provide a copy of the association’s rules/responsibilities
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