Working with Fryers
Workers who cook in restaurants are especially at risk of burn injuries
while cooking with or cleaning deep fat fryers or vents above fryers.
Burns can occur from contact with the fryer itself or from hot splashing
oil, or when straining the oil or moving the fryer.
Potential Hazards
Take a minute to discuss possible cooking hazards around the work place.
Possible Solutions
 Use caution when working around hot oil.
 Get trained in the proper use and maintenance of your deep fryer.
 Observe all safety procedures and wear all protective equipment provided for your
use while preparing hot items.
 Use the correct grease level and cooking temperatures for your deep fryer.
 Keep stove surfaces clean to prevent grease flare-ups.
 Avoid reaching over or climbing on top of fryers and other hot surfaces. Clean vents
when oil is cool.
 Keep floor surfaces clean and dry to prevent slipping or falling onto hot surfaces.
Wear slip-resistant shoes. Floors should be cleaned often with grease-cutting solutions.
 Do not work closely to hot fryers when the floor is wet.
 Do not spill water or ice into oil. Do not store employee drinks by deep fryers. They
could be easily bumped into the hot oil and cause a flare-up.
 Do not overfill or pour excessive amounts of frozen items into deep fryer at one time.
Overfilling causes excessive splashing and bubbling over of hot oil.
 Do not overheat the oil; use only the manufacturer's recommended cooking
 Do not move or strain hot oil containers; wait until the oil is cool!
 Extinguish hot oil/grease fires by using a class K fire extinguisher.
Some Other Things to Consider
Class K Fire
 Consider replacing older deep fat fryer models with newer models that
have exhaust vents in closer proximity to the fryer, built-in grease filters, improved
grease-disposal systems, automatic food-lowering devices, and vat covers.
 Install slip-resistant flooring near hot surfaces and cooking appliances.