SES 002 and SES 003
Pipe and Tank Temperature Sensor
SES 002 and SES 003 are wired digital temperature sensors designed
to measure surface temperature of hot water flow pipes and hot
water tanks in central heating and hot water applications. SES 002
and SES 003 can only be used either with wall mounted SES 302
temperature sensor or SES 303 temperature and humidity sensor in a
Z-Wave network i.e. SES 002 and SES 003 can't be used standalone.
The supplied tank sensor housing fits over the pipe sensor housing
for installation on hot water storage tanks. This will measure
temperature of hot water tank.
SES 002 is supplied with a 1-metre long communication cable as well
as 1-meter long cascading cable. 1-meter long cascading cable can be
used to connect another SES 002 in the same network. SES 003 is
supplied with a 4-metre long communication cable.
The communication cable have an RJ10 male connector at one end
and stripped wires at the other end while cascading cables have RJ10
connectors at both ends. Up to four SES 002 pipe or tank sensors can
be cascaded in daisy chain with SES 302 or SES 303 whereas only one
SES 003 can be connected with SES 302 or SES 303.
Hot water pipe temperature measurement
Hot water tank temperature measurement
Optimize heating system and save energy by measuring
water temperature at various points in hot water application
Stratification & Dynamic temperature control of hot water
storage tanks
Tube and tank safety systems
Indirect detection of hot water flow
Optimization of heating systems
Simple and easy to install
Easy cascading using RJ10-RJ10 cascade cable (applicable for
No explicit step to add SES 002 and SES 003 into Z wave
network, this will be taken care by SES 302/SES 303
SES 002/SES 003 will retrofit on SES 302/SES 303
Thermal pad for superior conductivity
Digital temp IC for improved accuracy
Up to four external digital temperature sensors are
supported by cascading
SES 002 and SES 003
Technical specifications
Temperature accuracy
±0.5°C for 0°C to 65°C
±1°C for 66°C to 85°C
Pipe Sensor - 20mm (H) x 79mm (W) x 24mm (D)
Tank Sensor - 69mm (H) x 83mm (W) x 28mm (D)
Product weight with single unit packing
SES 002
SES 003
Ball pressure test temperature
180 ± 30 g
200 ± 30 g
Thermoplastic, flame retardant
Operating temperature range
Storage temperature range
Environmental humidity range
0°C to 85°C
-20°C to 85°C
0%RH to 95%RH
IEC 61010-1, RoHS
Ordering information
SES 002
SES 003
SES 302
SES 303
Pipe/Tank temp sensor, 1m cable
Pipe/Tank Temp sensor, 4m cable
Temperature sensor Z-Wave Plus™
Temperature and humidity sensor Z-Wave Plus™
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