TG omni 1 - Metrix Electronics

Appliance Tester
TG omni 1
With combinable measurement modules
Product Highlights
• Menu-guided operation via a
7-inch Tablet PC with Android app
and Bluetooth connection
• Faster, automatic processing of all
active tests including function test with
real-effective power display in just one
test step
• Inspection of the grid connection to PE
connection and automatic shutdown
with dangerous residual current of the
test object
• Data input via the tablet camera with
barcode and QR code scanner function
and photos of the test object
• Data exchange with the PC via tablet
and PC coupling (Android standard)
• Storage of the master and test data in a
SQLITE3 database in the device
• Automatic generation of PDF reports
• Detection of the test object with a
repetition test and automatic setting of
the previously defined parameters for
the test
for testing safety measures in accordance with
- DIN VDE 0701-0702
DGUV Regulation 3 (BGV A3)
- IEC/EN 60974-4 / DIN VDE 0544-4
Arc Welders
- IEC/EN 62353 / DIN VDE 0751-1
Medical Devices and Systems
Measurements accordig to standard
Protective conductor
0.000 … 4.000 Ω
Open-circuit voltage 10 V
Test current 200 mA DC / optional 10 A DC
Insulation resistance
0.00 MΩ … 20.00 MΩ
Measurement voltage 250 V, 500 V
Short-circuit current 1 mA
Integrated residual
current shutdown
Differential current > approx. 25 mA
Menu guidance
Example for testing protective conductor resistance:
Substitute leakage current 0.00 mA … 20.00 mA
Open-circuit voltage approx. 230 V
Differential current
in accordance with
DIN VDE 0404-4
for correct evaluation
of the harmonics
Test socket:
0.00 mA … 20.00 mA
Differential current clamp DI40 (optional):
0.00 mA … 40.00 A
Touch current
0.000 mA … 4.000 mA
0.0 V … 450.0 V AC
0.00 A … 20.00 A
Differential current clamp DI40 (optional):
0.00 A … 40.00 A
• Data transfer tablet device tester via Bluetooth
Total power
0 W … 4.000 W
• Direct scanning of barcode/QR code via tablet camera app
Protective conductor
Voltage N-PE > 30 V
Floating function via finger contact
• Photos of test object can be implemented directly in the test
Interface to Tablet
Memory, real time clock
Tablet memory (internal + SD card),
Tablet clock
Voltage measurement
via probe
0 V … 400 V AC
Test procedures
PC I, PC II active/passive (with or without
main), permanent connection, extension
cable, individual measurement
190 ... 250 V AC ±1 %
0 ... 16 A AC ± 2 %
0 ... 3700 W ± 2 %
General technical data
7-inch Tablet PC, 1,024 x 600 pixels
± (5% of meas. value +1% of end value)
Tablet internal memory + SD card
230 V AC, 50 Hz, 10 VA
CAT II 300 V
IP 20
EN 61010-1 / VDE 0404 / VDE 0411
300 x 250 x 130 mm (W x D x H)
3.1 kg
7-inch, WLAN, with pre-installed app
and pre-configured
Current clamp for diff. current / current measur. 0 ... 40 A
Active three-phase adapter 32 A
Passive three-phase adapter 16 A / 32 A
Adapter for extension cables
Adapter for appliance couplers (IEC C14)
Brush probe for testing of rotating parts
12x adapter for medical devices
Test clip 4 mm red
Gilgen, Müller & Weigert (GMW) GmbH & Co. KG
Am Farrnbach 4A • D-90556 Cadolzburg
Phone +49 9103 7129-0
Fax +49 9103 7129-205/207 •
Option 10A
This option makes it possible to measure the protective conductor
resistance with a test current of 10 A DC.
Option RCD 30 mA / RCD 500 mA
With this option, RCDs of types A, B (sensitive to all types of
current), PRCD, PRCD-S and PRCD-K can be tested in construction
power distributors or extensions (10 mA to 30 mA or 10 mA to 500
mA). The trigger current and the trigger time are tested and
documented. For types PRCD-S/K, the additionally installed person
protection functions are tested.
Option MED
This option supplements the already extensive test options by
offering measurements and test procedures for medical devices
with application parts of type B, BF and CF in accordance with the
DIN VDE 0751-1 / EN 62353 norms.
Order informations
Order Number
79200 19000
79200 19010
79200 18691
79200 18690
79200 18680
79200 18660
79100 86049
61000 01001
79200 19020
Appliance Tester / Options
Order Number
TG omni 1
Basic Unit with App and Measuring Module
for DIN VDE 0701-0702, without Tablet PC
66000 00000
(see above)
10 A
RCD 30 mA
RCD 500 mA
as Measurement Modules - freely selectable and in any
Subject to modifikations and errors!
Tablet PC
standard Android tools
2786700047 04.15
Optional accessories
• Transfer of PDF test protocols to the PC or printer using
Option ARC
With this option, arc welders can be tested in accordance with DIN
VDE 0544-4 / EN/IEC 60974-4. The current source is loaded via an
integrated electronic potentiometer.
Measuring ranges for functional test
Measurement accuracy
Memory capacity
Power supply
Degree of pollution
Overvoltage category
Protection degree
Electrical safety in accord. with
Weight (incl. accessories)
• Generation of PDF test protocols in the tablet
Technical characteristics
Active power
Operation and functions
Download PDF
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