EOI No. 05 /16
Your bid MUST include the following details.
1. Company Profile. Please include detailed company profile including names of
principles and company background.
2. Relevant Experiences and References. Please include reference sites and contacts.
3. Deliverability. Please detail your physical resources and ability to deliver.
4. Insurance and OHS Compliance.
5. Reputable brand. Please specify the brand and all information about what is behind
the brand like establishment and which country. Convince HA that this is the most
suitable brand.
6. Upstream supply. Please also specify where the proposed machines are bought in
from and country of manufacture.
7. Local Install base. How many of this machines have you installed in the country and
if there are other brands that you had sold before (same company) what’s the install
base for that one too. If this is a newly acquired brand, let us know why you changed
but also mention how you fared with the previous brand.
8. Support SLA. Must have local support with SLA on issues turn-around times. Tell
us about your local technical team and what kinds of issues are resolved here and what
requires overseas attention. Propose an SLA with issue groupings and turn-around
times on these.
9. Monthly reports. Monthly usage reporting with bill and confirmation possibility
from HA end. As part of SLA, there must be a monthly usage report regardless of
whether it affects the months bill or not and also the possibility and instructions as to
how HA could verify the report from the machine or software.
10. Consumables. Supply of consumables as part of SLA. As part of the SLA, please
propose to also supply paper, toners, and stables. Make this an optional offering.
11. Multi-Function Printer/Copier. Network printer, Copier, Scanner (feeder), Fax with
Scan to folder, scan to USB, and scan to email. List all feature as options and show
how it affects the cost.
12. Pages Per Minute. Minimum capability of 40 PPM.
13. Paper Options. Multi tray with A4, A3. Any other smaller paper types would be
acceptable. Paper selection from software or at the printer.
14. Color. Color printer with quota per user per month.
15. Paper Finishing. Finisher – with fold, staple, punch and sorter.
16. Additional Information. Please highlight any other special features that your offered
solution has that you believe could place it above the others.
17. Print queuing. Jobs can be managed, released, deleted and monitored.
18. Follow me printing. Jobs do not print unless user is there ready to pick up. This
resolves confidentiality issues and also preprinted forms printing.
19. Print Job Access. Proximity card reader for print job access. Save time by using
proximity card instead of a PIN.
20. Monthly Statements. Clear reporting of printer, scanner and fax usage and
associated monetary value. Should be able to report on what documents were printed
last week or last month or last year, by whom and what was the worth of that.
21. Exportability. Software can be queried and reports can be exported to external
applications. Reports should have some compatibility with other applications.
22. Generic Accounts. Possibility of Project accounts or Statements of Accounts printing
generic accounts.
23. Print Distribution. Possibility of sending print jobs to someone else’s account. For
example, ICT might do a brochure for HR which IT sends to the printer but HR picks
from queue and it is charged to HR account. Or IT sends Statement of Accounts and
Lending picks up.
24. Cost Breakdown.
Please itemize your quotation by as many above items as
possible so that the HA could add and remove options and see how that affects the
25. Supply or Lease. HA will accept supply through lease options in addition to outright
purchasing. HA prefers the lease option but could opt for outright if it is more
economically viable.
26. Tax Components. Any tax component must be clearly marked and labelled.