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Clear benefits
for optimal driving.
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts and Genuine Remanufactured Parts.
The difference is in the star:
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.
Find out about the outstanding
benefits for yourself.
Use Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts to your advantage. It’s worth it: every one of
our genuine parts offers you certified quality that guarantees reliability. After all,
we have already built your Mercedes. And we also use all our experience to manufacture Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.
Mercedes-Benz genuine brake disc.
The benefits at a glance.
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are specially developed for the
particular vehicle and are optimally adapted to your vehicle’s
other components. For precision and longevity.
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are continually adapted to
the latest vehicle technology and are put through the strict­
est tests.
As a vehicle manufacturer, we offer you the complete range of
genuine parts for your Mercedes. Our sophisticated logistics
guarantee that everything will be available to you as quickly
as possible. All over the world.
Product features
• High quality material and
outstanding workmanship
• Perfect fit
• Excellent braking performance
from day one
• Uniform heat dissipation for
good braking performance and low
brake fading even with a high load
• Crack- and deformation-resistant
• Optimum friction pairing of
Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pad
and brake disc
• High braking power for
short stopping distances
• Swiftly comes to a halt
• Special protective coating
• Perfect corrosion protection
• Short service time during
installation because coating
doesn’t have to be removed
Just like Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, our technical informa­
tion and systems are always up to date. Our qualified staff,
both in the workshop and behind the counter, are there­fore
always able to answer any questions you may have.
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts combine exceptional quality,
a long service life and the complete Mercedes-Benz service –
and all at a reasonable price and from a single source, which
makes them particularly cost-effective.
On the following pages, we will present to you
a detailed introduction of the outstanding product
features benefits of various Mercedes-Benz
GenuineParts and products.
Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pad.
Mercedes-Benz genuine brake fluid.
Product features
• High quality material
• Low wear rate for high mileage and
less workshop visits:
An independent test* has shown,
that the tested genuine brake pads
lasted up to more than 40 % longer
than the worst tested competitor
• Complete, precise-fit package
• Short service time during
• Correct fit for lower service costs
• Specifically engineered for your
• High braking power for short stopping
distances: On a test* Mercedes-Benz
genuine brake pads decelerated
the car from 100 km/h to a standstill,
while the vehicle with brake pads of
the worst tested competitor drove by
with a speed of 35 km/h
• Swiftly comes to a halt
• The Mercedes-Benz brake fluid
DOT4 PLUS meets all the Daimler
requirements set out in the
Mercedes-Benz Specifications for
Service Products, sheet 331
• Very high boiling and wet
boiling points
• High safety reserves, also
for driving in the mountains
• Compatible with all the materials used
in brake systems, also at higher
temperatures. The manufacturer
obtained certification according to
OS 9000, ISO 9001 and ISOTS 16949
Product features
• Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil
was developed by the same experts
that built your engine
• It is a key component of
Mercedes-Benz engine research
and development
• Specially developed for
• From minus 30 degrees to plus 260,
reliability is guaranteed
• Ensures a rapid circulation of oil
through the engine
• It is characterised by high resistance
to ageing
• Provides safety and reserve margins
under critical operating conditions
(including heat/cold)
• Less friction due to optimum
engine lubrication
• Boosts performance through
reduced internal friction
• Offers complete lubricating
safety in all driving scenarios
• Delivers minimum wear charac­teristics
and maximum engine
service life
• Reduces fuel consumption
• Protects the environment through
effec­tive engine running characteristics
• Prevention of brake noises
• Ensures optimum functioning of
safety systems like ABS and ESP
* Measurement in accordance with DEKRA procedures on a Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI station, model year 2009
Did you know …?
Your brakes do a very hard job. While your engine accelerates your car to 100 km/h in about 9 seconds,
the brakes decelerate it from 100 km/h to 0 in about 2.7 seconds!
Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil.
• Optimum friction pairing of
Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pad
and brake disc
Product features
Mercedes-Benz genuine shock absorber.
Product features
• Every suspension system has different
performance characteristics to suit
the driving dynamics of the model it is
fitted to. Mercedes-Benz genuine
shock absorbers are tailor made for
your car
Mercedes-Benz genuine starter battery.
Product features
• With Mercedes-Benz genuine
shock absorbers, your driving
experience will be just as com­fort­able as we intended it to be
• High performance product
• Vehicles containing lots of electric
consumers or with start/stop
functionality have higher needs
concerning the energy supply.
An independent test* with
competitive parts has proved, that
Mercedes-Benz genuine starter
batteries last about 10 % longer until
depth discharge
• Mercedes-Benz genuine shock
absorbers have been specially
developed, built and tested for
your vehicle
• Optimum tyre contact with the
road surface for safe steering,
braking and cornering
• Perfect interaction with all
electric safety systems and
system components
• Completely maintenance-free
• Because of their low self-discharching
Mercedes-Benz genuine starter
batteries are more suitable for short
trips, start better when cold and are
therefore more reliable than others.
Tests have shown, that Mercedes-Benz
batteries are able to provide 30 % more
starts even when deep frozen at
-20° C for 24 hours
• High material and workmanship
quality of Mercedes-Benz genuine
shock absorbers
• High mileage and reduced
consequential wear on other
vehicle components, such as
tyres and steering
• Long service life
• 20 % higher service life thanks to
better corrosion resistance and
extreme cyclic durability compared
to conventional batteries
* Executed by DEKRA (2006)
Did you know …?
Worn shock absorbers increase braking distances.
Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filter.
Mercedes-Benz genuine air filter.
Product features
• High quality filter material
• Optimal dirt absorption capacity
and thereby long-term protection
against hazardous wear and tear
to your engine
• Optimum ratio between filtering
effect and dirt intake capacity
• In comparison to the worst tested
competitor* Mercedes-Benz genuine
oil filters are able to absorb 25 % more
amount of dirt. At the same time
they absorb 33 % more of the smallest
• Solid and long-lasting structure
• Reliable filter capability for the filters
lifetime, also under tough conditions
• The seal demonstrates sustained
stability and has a high load capacity
• A Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filter
has a long lifetime and as a result
causes only minimal maintenance
• Accurate filter dimensions and
correct fitting
Product features
• High quality materials for filter
and frame
• The less dust an air filter can
absorb, the faster the motor runs
out of steam. If you decide on the
Mercedes-Benz genuine air filter,
you ensure high performance from
your engine
• High filtering effect with maximum
air permeability ensures high
performance and low fuel consumption
• High dust intake capacity:
Mercedes-Benz genuine air filters
can take 7.5 times more dust than
competitive parts. This ensures
longer maintenance intervals
• Solid and long-lasting structure
• Weatherproof thanks to
moisture-repellent waterproofing
• Long intervals between maintenance
visits and calculable costs
• Precise fit and pleat geometry prevent
deformation and ensure optimum
combustion as enough air is provided
for the engine
• Ensures optimum seal-tightness
and ease of installation
* Mann + Hummel 2007
Mercedes-Benz genuine cabin filter.
Mercedes-Benz genuine fuel filter.
Product features
• Optimum selection and compounding
of filter materials
• Almost total reduction of the critical
pollutant particles from the air drawn
in by the heating system (for example
dust, soot, rubber, abraded brake
lining matter, bacteria, pollen, spores
and micro-organisms)
• Smooth operation even under
extreme conditions (such as severe
dust contamination, heat or frost)
• Highly efficient, impermeable and
perfect functioning within the heating
and air-conditioning system thanks
to the optimum arrangement of the
high-grade filter elements
• Greatly reduces the dirt accumu­lation
on the fan, heating, instrument panel
and front windscreen
• Highly effective activated
charcoal layer
• Solid and long-lasting structure
of filter material and filter frame
as well as perfect fit
• Considerable reduction of harmful
gases such as ozone, nitrogen oxide,
carbon monoxide and sulphur
dioxide, benzene, toluol and fertiliser
vapours (e. g. liquid manure)
• Improvement of air quality inside
the vehicle through significant
reduction of air pollutants responsible
for odours, amongst other things
• Optimum utilisation of the filter area
and good stability of frame material
and filtration medium
• Deformation or a poor fit could lead
to air flowing past the filter into the
interior without being cleaned
Did you know …?
At a maximum blower speed approximately 500 cubic meters of cleaned air per hour flows through the
Mercedes-Benz genuine activated charcoal passenger compartment air filter (e. g. in an E-Class, type w210).
That is eqvivalent to the tank capacity of two Boeing 747-200.
Product features
• High quality filter material
• The higher the initial separation
efficiency of a fuel filter, the better it
protects your engine from impurities
in the fuel. The latest engines with
high emission standards in particular
need a very effective filtering of fuel
• Reliable protection against increased
wear and tear on your engine
• Outstanding filtering effect:
Mercedes-Benz genuine fuel filters
absorb 5.5 times more particles than
worst tested competitive parts*
• Solid and long-lasting structure
• Long intervals between maintenance
visits and calculable costs
• High level of resistance to fuel
• Reliable filter capability for the filters
lifetime even under extreme
conditions: Mercedes-Benz genuine
fuel filters have a 5 times higher
pressure resistance than competitive
• Accurate filter dimensions and
correct fitting
• Optimum connection alignment
and fitting accuracy ensures optimal
filtration and short service time
* Test: Mann + Hummel 2008
Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wiper.
Product features
• Curvature of the spring rail adapted
to the windscreen
• Sustained visibility and safety
• No noise, no wiper chatter
• Multicomponent, Mercedes-Benz
specific rubber formulation
• Optimal wiping quality, even in
extreme weather conditions
• Minimal noise level and very smooth
• Long operating life. An independent
test* has shown, that the tested
genuine windscreen wipers showed
optimal wiping quality twice as long
as the best tested competitor
• Both wiper blades with guiding keys
• An independent test* has shown,
that no other tested windscreen wiper
had guiding keys. Correct fitting is
therefore only guaranteed for the
genuine windscreen wipers, as the
blade for the driver’s side cannot be
confused with that for the passenger’s
• Evidence of Mercedes-Benz
GenuineParts quality
• New: innovative maintenance
• Rigorously tested Mercedes-Benz
GenuineParts quality obvious at
first glance, thanks to marking with
the Mercedes-Benz star on the blade
end cap
• Reliably clear visibility and more
safety, as the condition of the wiper
is always visible
SummerFit windscreen washer concentrate.
Product features
• Suitable for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, • Cleans road grime from windows in
as an additive for the windscreen
any weather
washer system, cleaning front and
• Gentle on all surfaces in the area
rear windscreens (if applicable) as
of application such as paintwork,
well as headlamp lenses in summer
plastics, metal and rubber
• Prevents dangerous light diffusion
caused by drying, hot wax and
preserves from the car wash
• Removes glare from sunlight by day
and other light sources by night
• Easy to use due to optimal bundle size
WinterFit windscreen washer concentrate.
Product features
• Windscreen washing fluid with
antifreeze for all Mercedes-Benz
• Gives optimum visibility during the
cold season
• Quickly and thoroughly removes
grime such as oil, soot and salts
• Prevents streaks, nozzle icing and
freezing of washer fluid on the
• Gentle and unscented
• Easy to handle and simple to use
through its ideal bottle size
* Measurement in accordance with VWB-10016 and SAE J930 - procedures on a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, model year 2004
Did you know …?
A wiper blade produces optimum wiping quality for around six months. This corresponds to approx. 125,000 wiping cycles –
or a wiped surface the size of 13 football pitches.
Mercedes-Benz genuine poly-V-belt.
Mercedes-Benz genuine rear silencer.
Product features
• Specially tailored to
Mercedes-Benz vehicle engines
• Long service life due to
low mechanical wear
• Reduces risk of secondary
• EDPM blend profile
• Tension rod and top layer with
structured surface
• Reliable drive
• No noise or squealing
• Tested on several test benches
(e. g. temperature endurance test)
• Shape retention
• Optimised vibrational behaviour
• Precisely tailored to the auxiliary
units such as the generator or
water pump
• Less mechanical stress on
auxiliary units for example water pump,
alternator and A/C compressor
Product features
• Flawless delivery condition
• Nine of 16 competitors were already
damaged when examined the
condition of supplied parts when they
arrived at the test institute.* The
Mercedes-Benz genuine rear silence
demonstrated no signs of damage
• Long operating life and wear rate
• According to the tests conducted
by an independent test institute,* the
Mercedes-Benz genuine rear silencer
showed virtually no signs of corrosion
while competitor products exhibited
light to heavy corrosion
• Optimum dimensional accuracy
and precision fit
• Mercedes-Benz genuine rear silence
had the ideal fit to the tested
Mercedes-Benz model, whereas
products from the competitors
demonstrated some to significant
deviation from the Mercedes-Benz
as reference points
• Specially developed for
Mercedes-Benz and calibrated
• They demonstrated a comprehensive,
complex structure which ensures
long-term noise insulation. The
products from the competitors
demonstrated simple design and
sometimes with the absence of
a cross-member, which can result
in fatigue resistance problems
• Effective, sustained noise absorption
• The Mercedes-Benz genuine rear
silencer demonstrated the highest
levels of sound deadening without
compro­mising performance in the test
Did you know…?
The Mercedes-Benz genuine poly-V-belt has an endurance of a minimum of 90,000 km which allows your
Mercedes-Benz to drive around the earth more than two times.
* The rear silencers were tested to VDA test standard ECE R-51 and internal Bertrandt standards. The tested products are suitable for
the four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines used in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class model series 203. They were conducted in 2011.
Mercedes-Benz genuine windshield.
Mercedes-Benz genuine body parts.
Product features
• Excellent speed of delivery
• Dimensional accuracy
• Optical quality
• Minimised immobilisation time
• Perfect fit, and cleanly ground edges,
reducing susceptibility to cracks
• Optimal light and infrared
transmission values
• Superior production technique
and quality control
• Optical quality guarantees error-free
function of comfort electronics and
delivers fatigue-proof driving
• Acoustic and climatic comfort
• Patented matching technologies
with interior trim
• Precisely adapted and tested
Product features
• Excellent speed of delivery
• High-class materials
• Minimized immobilisation time
• Weight and fuel savings, recreation
of intended crash behaviour in
every single detail
• Weight of Mercedes-Benz
GenuineParts up to 50 % lower
compared to non-genuine parts,
therefore reducing fuel consumption*
• Dimensional accuracy
• Superior adjustment options
• 0 % deviation of gap dimensions
according to standards, assuring
no optical difference to vehicle’s
original condition*
• Assembly-time savings
• Perfect resistance during 500 hour-long
salt spray test (DIN ISO 9227 NNS)*
• Higher base coat thickness*
• Evenness of the applied coat*
• No corrosion damages
• No delamination of base coating
along test-score
• Precisely executed joins and
• Professional and secured stability
of modules during lifetime
• Sealing of critical areas for even
better endurance
• Re-establishment of the original
aesthetic appearance in the car
• Safety in case of a crash immediately
after glazing
• Optimised parameters for radio
reception, stability and electric
* Dekra Product Test, 2012
Did you know …?
Mercedes-Benz genuine glazing and adhesives can provide and secure up to 30 % of required body stiffness!
Did you know …?
Mercedes-Benz genuine body parts are manufactured with the same tools and procedures, and must be within
the same range of tolerance as required in series production!
Mercedes-Benz genuine spark plug.
Product features
• Specially developed, constructed
and tested for each Mercedes-Benz
engine type/model series
• With reaching the optimum operating
temperature quickly Mercedes-Benz
genuine spark plugs reduce the risk
of carbon fouling, a deterioration in
starting characteristics and in the
worst case even total engine failure
• Use of extremely wear-resistant
• Materials such as platinum and
iridium alloys used for the center
electrode reduce wear and ensure
a particularly long service life
• High efficiency and long enginge
service life
• Complex structure and use of high
grade materials ensures a particularly
long service life. Replacement
intervals of up to 100,000 km are
possible according to model
The economical alternative:
Genuine Remanufactured Parts.
Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts are the attractive alternative to
new parts: in exchange for the defective old part, you can save up to 50 % on the
price of a new part by buying a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Part.
Without having to lower your standards. On the contrary: the same guarantee
applies to our genuine remanufactured parts as to Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.
And at the same time, reconditioning old parts isn’t just good value: it’s also good
for the environment.
The benefits at a glance.
• Effective, environmentally compatible
and economical combustion
• Due to the perfect adjustment to each
individual engine type the combustion
of fuel with Mercedes-Benz genuine
spark plugs is reduced without
the danger of misfiring or pre-ignition
which can cause engine damages
The reconditioning of Mercedes-Benz Genuine
Remanufactured Parts is carried out according to strict
requirements: all wear parts are replaced with new parts.
Each of our genuine remanufactured parts then undergoes
a final examination with the same series standards as for
new parts.
Whether you drive a brand-new Mercedes-Benz or an older
one: with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts,
we have the right offer for your vehicle.
With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts, you
save up to 50 % compared to the cost of a new part with
the return of the defective old part. Thanks to this saving,
you can drive cost-effectively for longer.
The same applies to our genuine remanufactured parts as to
our new parts – they are so good that we can offer a two-year
guarantee to private customers without batting an eyelid.
This includes functional security, lifespan and the performance
of the replacement parts.
Since replacement parts don’t need to be made from scratch,
using them requires far less energy than producing new parts
does. This means precious raw materials can be saved and
emissions reduced.
You can find out how meticulously Mercedes-Benz
Genuine Remanufactured Parts are prepared over
the following pages focusing on four products.
Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured alternator.
• Product update of the
rear housing cover
Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured turbocharger.
• Prevents penetration of moisture
or dirt, thereby protecting against
wear and failure
• New compressor turbine wheel
including balancing
• Protection against loss of
power/failure of turbocharger
• Stator fins freed from corrosion
and also protected against further
• Stator coil checked for performance,
shorted winding and ground and
winding contact
• Functionality is ensured
• Protection against noise generation
and failure
• Ensures that there is no risk
of ground and winding contact
with further use
• Remanufacturing of the compressor
housing: interior surfaces and
hose connections sandblasted and
• Secure connection to engine
• Rotor balanced to the same
quality standards as during the
original factory fitting
• Rotor winding electrically tested,
commutator over-revved and
replaced with a new one if necessary,
complete thread repair
• Ensures the same durability
as a new part
• Bearing housing checked and
remanufactured in accordance with
series specifications
• High thermal load capacity of
the turbocharger core is ensured
• Screw locking device available
on screw supports
• 100 % replacement of small parts
and screws; screw mount with
specified torque
• Alternator securing screws
are locked to prevent loosening
or detachment
• Oil connection still available
• No additional costs for connection,
immediate fitting without vehicle
standing around for long periods
Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured
air conditioning compressor.
• Complete disassembly and cleaning
of the compressor and checking of
individual components
• Complete replacement of bearings,
gaskets, lock washers and screws
using genuine part components
• Checking and, where necessary,
remanufactured (roll-finish) of the
speci­fied diameter of the cylinder
• Complete fault analysis and
removal in the A/C compressor
• Consequential damage can
be avoided
• Remanufacturing quality complies
with series standard
• Expected service life or mileage
is ensured
• Prevents pressure loss and
ensures optimum efficiency
• Checking for leaks and final
function test including checking
(measuring and adjusting) the
control valve
• Filling the interior with oxygen
during storage and shipment
• Eliminating error sources during
• No additional costs due to extra
labour, e. g. no transfer of compo­
nents from the used part
• Possible to deliver a realistic cost
• Prevents moisture penetration
• Guaranteed functionality, even
after longer periods of storage
• Full service life ensured
• Complies with series production
• Optimum fit of screw supports for
centring bolts
• Poly-V-belt has the desired
Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured starter.
• Replacement of carbon brushes
if worn
• Required service life is achieved
• Replacement guaranteed for
genuine parts
• Use of special grease during
remanufacturing of the planetary
gear (same standard as during
original factory fitting)
• Ensures a high service life
• Contact bridge is always replaced –
irrespective of degree of wear
• Required mileage and standard
of quality is achieved
• If this is not replaced, it may lead
to a voltage drop and therefore to
premature failure due to oxidised
or burnt contacts
• Rotor is balanced and commutator
is freed from corrosion and treated
against further corrosion
• Prevents noise
• Solenoid armature does not rub
and service life is therefore not
Please note: changes may have been made to the products since this brochure went to press (XX/XXXX). The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to
the design, form, colour and specification during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor, can be deemed
reasonable with respect to the purchaser. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the subject of an order, no
rights may be derived solely from these. The illustrations may show accessories and items of optional equipment which are not part of standard specification.
Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure, owing to the limitations of the printing process. This brochure has been compiled by Daimler AG of Germany and is distributed internationally. It provides a general indication the range of models, features, optional extras and/or colours available in various countries. Some of the models, features, optional extras and/or colours shown may not be available in your country or may only be available in a different specification. Additionally some models, features, optional extras and/or colours may only be available in combination with others. For current and more specific
information in relation to the range of models, features, optional extras and colours available in your country, and their pricing, you should contact your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz partner.
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