ECO3 Specs- FRONT - Smartcool Systems Inc.

Compatible with existing controls
No risk to current equipment or contents
Maintains temperature performance
Simple installation, even outdoors
* Image is 50% of
actual size
Optimizes heating & cooling cycles of
compressor driven heat pumps
15% Reduction in kWh Consumption
Set & Forget Technology
Smartcool’s unique proprietary software
reduces compressor runtime and energy
usage by as much as 30%, saving companies
money and increasing profitability
Easily Verifiable Savings
Energy consumption is a major operating cost for
businesses. The ECO³™ can reduce these costs by
saving energy on air conditioning and
temperature or humidity. This improves the
bottom line for any business while also providing
substantial environmental benefits. Convenience
stores, restaurants, supermarkets, telecom
sub-stations, commercial real estate, hotels,
schools and hospitals are just a few of the
businesses where the ECO³™ can save money.
Air Conditioning Units
- Maintains occupant comfort levels
- Installs on single or dual compressor A/C units
- Can optimize the heating & cooling cycles of
compressor driven heat pumps
Refrigeration Units
- Maintains set temperature within refrigerated space
- Compatible with single compressor refrigeration systems
Simple wall mount and product installation
with IP64 rating for outdoor use
Can be placed in bypass to demonstrate
savings between ON and OFF modes. Auto
returns to savings after bypass
Digital display to show savings being
Simple installation which can be
completed in under 2 hours by a qualified
Case Study
Facility :
Compressor Optimization
The ECO³™ is a green technology that reduces the electricity consumption
(kWh) and maximum demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration
Rather than replacing existing equipment, the ECO³™ works in
conjunction with existing controls and equipment in order to ensure that
compressors work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining preset
temperatures and without causing over-cycling.
The ECO³™ enables businesses to reduce the electricity usage of
refrigeration and air conditioning compressors by 15% to 30%. A client
installing this unique technology can expect a 2 to 3 year payback period.
Four Coolmatic single
compressor A/C units
ECO³™ Equipment: Four ECO³™ Single Channel
kWh Savings
29,000 kWh
Annual kWh Reduction
28 months
Return on Investment
The ECO³™ Single Channel is compatible with any air conditioning or
refrigeration system with a single compressor. The Dual Channel model is
compatible with any air conditioning system with two compressors. Both
models wire directly into the control circuit between the existing control
device and the compressor. Energy savings are easily monitored on the
display, and the ECO³™ can be manually bypassed if desired. Energy
consumption of the compressors is reduced without any impact on the
temperature or humidity of the controlled space.
Standards Compliance
Quality Assurance:
North America:
Europe (CE):
Complies with ISO 9001
Complies with UL 916 &
UL C22.2 No 205-M1983
Complies with EN60730 (IEC 730) &
EN60950: 2000
Complies with EMC directive EN55022,
EN55024, 89/336/EEC & 93/68/EEC
Complies with AS2064, AS3100
& AS3260
Wiring Diagram
24V Power Supply Input
Single Channel
Dual Channel
24VAC, 350mA
24VAC, 350mA
4 digit, 7 segment,
3 LED indicators
4 digit, 7 segment,
3 LED indicators
Height 145MM (5 11/16”)
Width 159MM (6 1/4”)
Depth 27MM (1 1/16”)
Height 145MM (5 11/16”)
Width 159MM (6 1/4”)
Depth 27MM (1 1/16”)
-30° - 60° C (-22° - 140° F)
-30° - 60° C (-22° - 140° F)
Input Voltage
240VAC (max)
240VAC (max)
240VAC, 360VA, B300
240VAC, 360VA, B300
ECO3™ Stage 1 Contact
Located inside
ECO3™ unit enclosure
Stage 1 Thermostat
Stage 1 Compressor
In-line Fuses
24V Power Supply
Neutral to Match
Stage 1
Corporate Recognition
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and is used under license