HP Operations Analytics for HP OneView Deployment Service

Data sheet
HP Operations Analytics for
HP OneView Deployment
Extending HP OneView with analytics
HP Operations Analytics for HP OneView
Deployment Service (the “Service”) is a fixedprice, fixed-scope service. This Service assists
you with planning the deployment of the HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView appliance.
An HP Software Professional Services
Consultant (“HP Consultant”) will accelerate
product adoption by configuring the HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView appliance,
integrating it with the HP OneView appliance,
validating the solution, and mentoring you
using best practices to maximize the out-ofthe-box functionality.
Service implementation
Phase 0—Preparation and planning
Project preparation and initiation activities,
virtual meetings for project kickoff and
communicating deployment requirements.
Phase 1—Deployment
Once you have deployed the HP Operations
Analytics for HP OneView appliance, the HP
Consultant will remotely configure the
appliance, integrate it with the HP OneView
appliance and validate the solution.
Phase 2—Document and Mentor
Review deployment and configuration
documentation. Review alerting, user, and
tenant creation, and out-of-the-box
Phase 3—Closure
Deliver deployment documentation. Complete
hand-off and service closure activities.
Service planning and
The HP Consultant will remotely deliver the
Service full time for a total of three (3) days.
The HP Consultant will deliver the service
during local HP standard business hours at
their remote location, excluding HP holidays,
unless otherwise agreed to in writing by HP.
Description of services and deliverables
HP does not deploy the HP Operations Analytics
for HP OneView appliance (already completed
by you). The HP Consultant will deliver the
following activities:
• Project preparation and planning
– Confirm with you the scope of this Service
– Identify project roles and responsibilities
– Confirm whether all Service prerequisites
as identified in the Service Eligibility
section are met
– Confirm whether your environment
includes all hardware, firmware, software,
and access required by the HP Consultant
to deliver this Service
– Verify your readiness and schedule the HP
Consultant to begin the Service tasks
• Deployment
– Verify the deployment of the HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView
appliance, connectivity, and supportability
– Assist you with the installation of the HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView
– Configure and integrate the HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView
appliance to monitor one (1) HP OneView
appliance with out-of-the box collections
and dashboards
– Test and verify data collection and
dashboard rendering
– Create up to two (2) role-based users
within HP Operations Analytics for HP
OneView application
• Document and Mentor
– Document the deployment and
– Discuss and review alerting within HP
Operations Analytics for HP OneView
– Review out-of-the-box user and tenant
creation functionality (no custom tenants
– Review out-of-the-box dashboards and
dashboard creation (no custom
dashboards created)
• Project closure
– Deliver “as-is” Service documentation
– Complete hand-off and Service closure
Service limitations
Phases one (1) through three (3) of this Service
will be delivered as a single, continuous event.
Environments requiring multiple engagements
or phases over longer periods of time are not
included in this Service, but can be
accommodated at additional cost through a
Statement of Work. Activities such as, but not
limited to, the following are excluded from this
• Integration or configuration of any software
in HP Operations Analytics for OneView not
explicitly mentioned as part of the Service
• Assistance or troubleshooting of pre-existing
product installs including the HP OneView
Hours specified for the Service in this data
sheet are the maximum service hours allowed.
Anything beyond this must be purchased via a
separate order.
Customer requirements
To ensure a successful service implementation,
you must:
• Assign designated person(s) from your staff
who will grant all approvals, provide
information, attend meetings, and otherwise
be available to assist HP in facilitating the
delivery of this Service
• Ensure that all Service prerequisites as
identified in the Service eligibility section are
• Ensure the availability of and entitlement to
all hardware, appliance, firmware, and
software required by the HP Consultant to
deliver this Service
• Provide software licenses and media for all
• For remote work, attend HP conference calls
and be able to access a HP virtual meeting
application. If you cannot access the HP
application, you must provide an alternative
online meeting capability
• For remote work, provide remote access to
your network via a virtual private network or
an equivalent capability mutually agreed to
by HP and you
• Be responsible for all applicable backups
Service eligibility
You must provide the following for delivery of
this Service:
• Your SAID number as required to create
cases with HP Support
• If and where needed, access to system
administrator(s), database administrator(s),
and network engineers(s) to support
configuration and integration of the HP
Operations Analytics for OneView appliance
• Access to your network and servers
(including, but not limited to, VPN) to support
configuration and integration activities as
Estimated Service duration
Project Manager
Six (6) hours
Offsite or remote
Twenty eight (28)
The Service in SKU H9S66A1 does not include
onsite visits.
Estimated duration shown is a sample guideline
and shows average duration. Please consult
with your local representative for more
HP responsibilities
HP shall observe HP work rules and security
and safety policies while performing the
Intellectual Property. HP may provide HP tools,
templates, and other pre-existing intellectual
property of HP during the course of providing
services (“HP Pre-existing IP”). HP Pre-existing
IP does not include, nor is considered a part of,
either the Deliverables or HP software
products. HP retains all intellectual property
ownership rights in such HP Pre-existing IP. All
HP Pre-existing IP is HP Confidential
Information. HP Pre-existing IP may be
governed by additional license terms that are
embedded in the HP Pre-existing IP.
This offering consists of a consulting and
training effort and is governed by the HP
Customer Terms. All capitalized terms used in
this Data sheet, but not otherwise defined, will
have the meaning assigned to them in the
Terms. For purposes of this Data sheet,
“services” mean consulting, integration,
professional services or technical services
performed by HP under this Data sheet.
Services excludes hardware maintenance and
repair, software maintenance, education
services, or other standard support services
provided by HP; software as a service; managed
print services; and outsourcing services.
Payment and validity
Acceptance of Deliverables occurs upon
Pricing for the offering may vary by country.
Hiring of Employees. You agree not to solicit, or
make offers of employment to, or enter into
consultant relationships with, any HP employee
involved, directly or indirectly, in the
performance of services hereunder for one (1)
year after the date such employee ceases to
perform services under the terms of this Data
sheet. You shall not be prevented from hiring
any such employee who responds to a general
hiring program conducted in the ordinary
course of business and not specifically directed
to such HP employees.
Authorization to Install Software. During the
provision of services, HP may be required to
install copies of third-party or HP-branded
software and be required to accept license
terms accompanying such software (“ShrinkWrap Terms”) on your behalf. Shrink-Wrap
Terms may be in electronic format, embedded
in the software, or contained within the
software documentation. You hereby
acknowledge that it is your responsibility to
review Shrink-Wrap Terms at the time of
installation, and hereby authorizes HP to accept
all Shrink-Wrap Terms on its behalf.
This offering will be pre-billed. You agree to pay
invoiced amounts within thirty (30) days of the
invoice date. This is a fixed price service and
unused hours are not refunded. If applicable,
you must schedule delivery of the offering to
be completed within a period of one (1) year
from the date of purchase. Notwithstanding the
previous sentence, HP’s obligations to deliver
the offering under this Data sheet are
considered fulfilled and your rights of receipt of
the offering under this Data sheet will expire
one (1) year from the date of purchase.
To avoid a Cancellation Fee as defined herein,
you shall notify HP in writing of cancellation or
rescheduling at least ten (10) business days
prior to the offering start date. Cancellations or
rescheduling with less than ten (10) business
days notification will incur 100% of the offering
fee (“Cancellation Fee”). If you cancel with ten
(10) or more business days in advance of
scheduled delivery, you may reschedule only if
delivery will be complete within one year from
the purchase date.
Change in scope
Changes in scope are not allowed. You can
request additional or different services, if
available and at additional cost, through a
statement of work or change order.
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