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Real-time access
control by your side!
SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online,
flexible online control for smart facilities.
Be smart in a busy and constantly
moving world – select SMARTair™.
You can have real-time control of all access points
of the building, knowing who enters, where and
when. SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online allows you
to create and cancel cards and to change access
rights and time zones at the installation. Ensure
both flexible and flawless use of the building
without compromising security or control.
Real-time access
Flexible access
An access control system that is not only easy to
install and maintain but also provides real-time
information and remote control. Receive alerts
via email to stay up to date on everything that is
happening at the facility. Thanks to the web client,
you will be able to monitor and make changes
with no need to be physically present at the
SMART security
· Real-time information: audit trail 24/7, wherever
you are, with the click of a button.
· Change access rights and time zones instantly
from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.
· No need to walk from door to door to update the
access plans or collect the audit trail.
· Remote door control. Instantly unlock or lock a
door with a simple click.
· Receive alerts on your email when a device’s
battery is low, for intrusion attempts or when
doors are left open.
· Secure end-to-end encryption from the central
server to the door devices.
· Distributed intelligence: 100% stand-alone,
operative devices, even under network or
communication breakdown.
allows me to
control and
change access
rights in real-time
and anywhere.”
Jonathan Reilly
Security Manager
Easy user
Easy door
Enjoy the benefits of wireless access
control with real-time functionality.
With SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online, your
business will not only gain in image and prestige,
but it will also gain in peace of mind and security.
Effortlessly get maximum control of your building
and the staff working for you so that you spend
your time on the most important task: your
business. But that’s not all: because of the wireless
system, installation is cost effective and, during use,
there is maximum energy efficiency.
SMART access
· A unique solution for the whole building that can
fit in all types of doors and access points: wood,
glass, emergency exits and fire-resistant doors,
barriers, elevators, etc.
· Full control of all facility access points instantly
and from anywhere.
· Cost effective solution: no wiring and fewer
elements than traditional access control systems.
Wireless encrypted
access changes
· Low maintenance requirement. Door devices
are battery operated and have low power
· Easy to install, no wiring or pre-installation
· Robust performance: Mechanical elements,
electronics and communications devices are all
certificated under EU and International Standards.
“I need to rely on a
quality access control
system in order to
run my business.”
Andrea Sanders
Managing Director
No wiring – battery
Easy access for your employees with the latest
access technology.
Offer comfort and flexibility to your employees
thanks to the smartest access control system.
With SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online, you can
offer advantages to the people who work in
your company, avoid problems and enjoy utmost
reliability. Avoid hassles for the facility’s users by
providing them with multiple types of credentials
so that they can choose the ones that best suits
their needs.
· Use the SMARTair™ App to open doors instantly
from your smartphone.
· Multi-authentication mode: card, pin, card+pin.
Choose the one that best fits your needs.
· No need to go through a card updating spot
to update access rights, or for constant card
· Multiple applications for the same credential
(access, payment, transport, etc.). Same credential
for access control and for other purposes.
· Create extra access points on the go, even if you
work in a multi-site organisation.
· Intuitive management software. No need for
expert personnel or extensive training for system
managers, receptionists or the Human Resources
· Multiple credentials available to fit every need
(card, tag, bracelet, App).
“My phone
is my key.”
Eva Martínez
Intuitive App to open doors
from your smartphone
How SMARTair™ supports
everybody’s daily business.
3 Remote opening:
An employee has left his card
at home. With just a phone
call, the Security Manager
can open the door to his
office using the SMARTair™
App or the software.
2 Active warnings and
real-time reporting:
The Security Manager controls
all the access points for the
building in real-time. Email
alerts can also be configured
for when device batteries
are running low or for when
doors are left opened, with
these reports being received
6 Remote flexibility:
Today there is a group of external
visitors in the showroom. With
the click of a button, the Security
Manager can leave the door in
“passage mode” from 9:00 am to
5:00 pm.
1 Instant cancellation:
An intern has completed
his traineeship earlier than
expected and the Security
Manager deletes him as
a system user, effective
Real-time door updates:
The receptionist creates a
new card for an employee
that has lost her card; the
old card is cancelled instantly
from all the doors and
replaced by the new one.
7 Adapt to real-life needs:
Maintenance is going to be carried out
in the lab. The Security Manager can
remotely block all doors during that
time with just a click on the software.
5 Time & schedule change:
The Security Manager modifies the
cleaning schedules and doors are
updated remotely. The cleaners
can enter without the need to
update their credentials.
8 Door security info:
An intruder has tried to access the
back door with a stolen card – access
is denied as the card was cancelled
in the system; as a result, the
escutcheon sends a denied access
alert to the Security Manager, who
immediately goes to the door to see
what has happened.
The answer is SMARTair™:
Future-proof system architecture
with real-time access control.
Go straight to the future. SMARTair™ enters a new
dimension and offers a new degree of intelligence.
Forget about wiring the doors, walking all around
the building to re-programme the system or
forcing users to go through an online system to
make updates. The smartest access control system
imaginable is finally here.
SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online is an intelligent
access control system that uses bi-directional
encrypted radio frequency communication to
provide security, control and great convenience and
mobility to all building users. SMARTair™ wireless
door devices communicate with a central control
system via TCP/IP onsite Hubs. Opening doors
from anywhere, configuring access rights remotely,
or obtaining real-time audit trails for any access
point within an organisation are few of the smart
advantages of SMARTair™ Pro Wireless Online.
TS1000 services & database
Web client
Communication Hub
868 MHz radio
*Connects to up to 30 access points
at a distance of 30 metres
How can we keep control in a world of…
· constantly changing work environments,
· shifting security requirements,
· pressure on efficiency and costs
Knob cylinder
Wall reader
Several designs to expand
your security...
Door and wall devices.
Wireless encrypted
Any type of door
or access point
· Wireless and battery-powered electronic
escutcheons, cylinders and locks can be installed
in any type of exterior and interior door or
access point (wooden doors, aluminium-profile
doors, fire resistant barriers and escape routes).
· Euro, Scandinavian, ANSI, Australian and DIN
are only some of the door profile options
available to ensure 100% compatibility with the
variety of market needs.
· Modern and elegant design with a variety of
finishes to fit any building style.
Battery powered
· Wired wall readers are available for electrically
activated devices such as barriers, elevators,
automatic doors, lifts and turnstiles.
· SMARTair™ locking and management
equipment have been analysed in terms of
their environmental impact and ISO 14025
and EN15804 standard certified, along with
their corresponding EPD documents. All door
devices comply with European or International
Standards and Certifications.
· The SMARTair™ product range is topped off
with solutions for special applications such as
cabinet locks and energy-saving devices, all
of which are configurable in the same system
without the need for an extra module.
…and enjoy what real-time
control can do for you.
Intuitive management
SMARTair™ TS1000 software.
· Arguably one of the most intuitive management
software on the market. Offers flexibility and realtime control.
· The system is compatible with the leading RFID
technologies – HID iCLASS, MiFARE CLASSIC,
Multiple credential
· Client-server architecture with web services allows
for the management of the system virtually from any
type of device and from multiple points. There is no
need to be physically at the installation, nor is there
any software installation for clients.
· Different types of formats such as cards, tags,
bracelets or stickers allow end users to carry their
credentials in the most convenient way for them.
· Mobile phones can remotely open doors using the
secure SMARTair™ App available for Android, iOS
and Windows phones.
· Compatible with most popular web browsers such
as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
· The system can be configured to choose
sophisticated multi-authentication modes.
· Flexible timeframes can be configured for card,
card+pin or pin only access modes.
· Doors can be configured to remain open
(passage mode) during certain periods.
· Selected users can leave doors in passage mode
and lock them again by double badging.
· The first user can leave door permanently open
and will come back to standard mode at a
specific time (or by selected users).
· Double user mode. Two valid cards are needed
to open a door for added security.
· Https secure connection between client and server.
· TCP/IP SSL encrypted communication between server
& communication Hubs.
· SMARTair™ TS1000 software is easily upgradeable
from the Update on Card system to the Pro Wireless
Online system, combining the benefits and securing
prior investments.
Communication Hubs.
Communication Hubs
function as nexus
· Communication hubs are the nexus between the
management software server and the wireless
online devices.
· SMARTair™ hubs do not require their own wiring as
they are connected to the existing TCP/IP network.
· POE connection allows the Hubs to be powered
directly from the communications network.
“With SMARTair™ realtime control is by my
Jonathan Reilly
· Secure communications:
· 868 MHz radio communication with doors, with
AES128 encryption.
· SSL encrypted communication with server.
· Each Hub can manage up to 30 access points
(doors, barriers, lifts, etc.) at a distance of 30m,*
which again positively impacts the cost effectiveness
of the system.
· Bi-directional communication allows for direct
control of doors, and active warnings with
maximum flexibility.
*This distance could increase or decrease depending on the type of
building and door materials, as well as the positioning of devices.
SMARTair™ is a powerful access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. SMARTair™ is the cost-effective alternative to a full highsecurity system. SMARTair™ contactless, smart card technology is easily incorporated into existing systems, with multiple management solutions.
No bells, whistles, or wires, just sleek, reliable security.
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