NOTES_Canon EOS Lens Mount Installation

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Canon EOS Lens
Mount Installation
1. Remove the existing lens mount by removing
the four (4) M3x10mm Socket Cap Screws
with a 2.5mm hex-driver.
Allows Users to Remotely Control Focus
and Aperture
Do not discard the four M3x10mm screws
or any shims found just behind the lens
mount as they will be used later.
Ideal for applications where the Phantom
camera is not accessible due to positioning,
the environment or safety issues
2. Carefully remove the EOS lens mount interface
protective cap.
3. Carefully remove the foam block included with
the mount to protect the pins during transport
and storage.
Do not discard the foam block and ensure
that it is placed back over the pins when
the mount is not in use.
One (1) Canon EOS Lens Mount
4. While realigning the mounting shims that
were removed, visually align the EOS Lens
Mount connector pins with the internal
socket. Carefully insert the lens mount while
connecting pins to the interface of the camera.
One (1) 2.5mm Hex Driver
Do not force the lens mount connector pins into the interface.
When aligned properly the mount should slide in easily.
Forcing the lens mount may cause serious damage. Also, please
be careful not to touch or scratch the sensor during this process.
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5. Reinstall the four (4) M3x10mm Socket Cap
Screws removed in Step 1, and then test
the EOS Lens.