The One that does it all
GPlus 450
developed for high quality
user experience.
Our Future-Oriented Control System
•intuitive operation
•quick to learn
•touch-screen technology
•USB port and Ethernet interface
Finished Parts in no time - intuitive control,
extensive cycle database for easy and quick
Hardware Facts
Everything at a Glance - large 17“ touch-screen
monitor displays key information for quick access
and easy operation of the control
Consulting - Training - Service
GPlus Remote Service - easy and quick remote diagnostics for 95% of all your service requirements
– eliminates travel cost for onsite visits
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GPlus Facts
CNC Grinding with GPlus
For a complete machine overview, go to
cnc Grinding
GPlus Facts
Intuitive programming
•true intuitive control - each input parameter is uniquely displayed
with a graphic and plain text
•grinding cycles can be programmed easily and safely: cylindrical
grinding - oscillating, face grinding - oscillating, plane shoulders,
linear shoulders
•all cycles run as stand-alone programs - fast and easy
programming of a single program, which is integrated into a main
program or available as a series of any number of cycles
•quick data transfers for external programs via USB port, or optional
WLAN-connection Compatible and powerful
•easy adaptation to most CAD/CAM systems
• quick block processing of 450 NC blocks per second and 200 Look
Ahead sets ensure unprecedented fast and continuous program execution
•standard networking-capability - to create, manage and transfer
external programs - the GPlus will adapt to your structures
•manual operation via 2 electronic hand-wheels or JOG buttons for
easy handling and safe operation
Easy tool and workpiece measuring
•extremely simple collection and implementation of values for tool
length correction and zero offset with graphics support
•Measuring and monitoring - the GPlus can be combined with a
measuring device, whereby the workpiece is continuously measured
during machining, and the grinding cycle can be perfectly adapted
Samples of Parameter Help Graphics
Shoulder plunge-cutting
Oblique plunge-cutting
Multiple plunge-cutting
Zero offset
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CNC Grinding with GPlus
GPlus* - our Windows-based CNC control system
for Machine Tools
Quick - powerful - user-oriented: key hardware facts
* awarded with the TechStar 2008 for innovative
future-oriented products
•Workshop-oriented programming at the control or
external programming (CAD/CAM)
•450 NC blocks/sec, 200 sets LookAhead
with touch-screen display that shows all data for
for the GPlus
a user-friendly programming experience and easy
All offers
•Status messages show the user the current state of
right here on our
the control
•Graphic simulation with integrated Zoom function
for a detailed display of the actual chip removal
Overview Page
CNc grinding
port allow fast data transfers from externally crea-
ted programs (CAD/CAM) and saving these on the
GPlus 450 hard drive
•Single CPU concept (advantage: ties up only 2% of
the system capacity)
•40 GB storage, , 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor,
256 MB RAM
•Worldwide remote diagnostics
•Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet implementation is
GPlus Facts
•A standard 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface and USB
•Easy integration of the machine in factory networks
•The mobile hand-held device combines practical
and compact controls to simplify machine setup
Your GPlus Advantage
•easy to learn without prior DIN-ISO programming knowledge - from newcomers to
professional users
•short learning curve for experienced users - immediate productivity
•quick programming directly at the machine, or easy transfer of programs to minimize
•GPlus Support for any programming questions and quick assistance for problems
www. kn u t h . d e
•The GPlus 450 features a 17“ TFT color monitor
Check out the possibilities you get with the GPlus CNC control and the GPlus Remote Service.
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GPlus Facts
Sales Consultation Southern Region
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GPlus Remote Service
With the GPlus CNC you receive the standard capability of online remote diagnostics for your
Knuth machine tool. This easy and quick exchange of machine data simplifies communications an
increases machine efficiency.
Your competitive edge:
• reduction of down-times
• proactive service
• increased system availability • reduced cost
GPlus Remote Service Software
All GPlus CNC systems come with a standard Ethernet interface that allows easy integration
of your GPlus CNC system in your network. This enables you to work together with our service
technicians on your GPlus system. • Diagnostics: to optimize processes and detection of faults
• Monitoring: to monitor processes
• Updates: so you always have the newest features
Over 95% of all service requests can be resolved remotely, without the necessity of an
on-site visit. This helps you save time and money.
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