Untitled - Walker Mowers

•19-HP Kohler OHV V-Twin engine,
•Remote engine air filter with
integrated precleaner
•7 bushel (8.7 cu. ft.) grass catcher
•10.5” (27 cm) grass handling blower
•Splined PTO drive shaft with quickdisconnect coupler
•4.0 gallon (15.1 liter) fuel tank
•7 mph (11.3 kph) ground speed
•Tilt-open body completely exposes
drive train
•19-HP Kohler OHV V-Twin engine
with Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection
•Remote engine air filter with
integrated precleaner
•7 bushel (8.7 cu. ft.) grass catcher
•10.5” (27 cm) grass handling blower
•Splined PTO drive shaft with quickdisconnect coupler
•4.0 gallon (15.1 liter) fuel tank
•7 mph (11.3 kph) ground speed
•Tilt-open body completely exposes
drive train
Beautiful Cut Grass Handling
Walker Mowers are well-balanced.
This balance, combined with our
floating decks, gives our mowers
a gentle footprint that insures a
clean, beautiful cut every time.
With true deck suspension, Walker
decks flex and float over the terrain,
easily following ground contours. The
result is less scalping and a clean, manicured
finish. Because the weight of the deck is transferred to the
drive wheels, there is less surface pressure on the deck
wheels, which means reduced impact on the turf - and a
beautifully striped lawn.
Walker’s out front design lends
itself nicely to the use of a variety
of attachments, keeping the
tractor busy all year long. The
Walker is on the job, getting work
done through summer, fall, winter
and spring. Walker Mowers can be
adapted in just minutes to multiple
grounds maintenance uses with front
mounted attachments and implements.
The out front design also makes it easy to switch between
sixteen different decks, which vary in size and configuration.
The exclusive Walker GHS (Grass
Handling System) offers precise
trimming on both sides of the
deck, powerful vacuum action,
clog resistance, and high
capacity design without
the bulk of typical grass
catchers found on other
Best Seat in the House
With a full view of the area to be mowed
and an operator position at the center of
the machine–you have the “Best Seat In
The House.”
• Full view of working area
• Low center of gravity maximizes
tractor/operator balance and
provides excellent hillside
• Low seat height and unique steering
lever design makes it easy to get on
and off the machine
The MC uses a 19-hp Kohler OHV engine, with optional EFI. It has an efficient design that delivers power to decks
of all sizes and types up to 62 inches as well as a number of implements and attachments. A tilt-open body is
standard, making it easy to completely expose the drive train, and the 7-bushel catcher makes it a well-balanced,
easy-to-operate machine. The C19 is a popular machine for commercial operators getting started in high-end
property maintenance.
Exclusive Easy Operating Controls
Two steering levers work in
conjunction with the Forward Speed
Control (FSC) to control the drive
wheels for easy, smooth operation
Deck Counterweight Springs
Transfer weight from the deck to the
drive wheels, maximizing traction
and agility
Steel Body Shell
14 gauge body with welded steel
Tilt-Up Deck
Makes blade and deck housing
maintenance quick and easy
Welded Deck
Durable deck design with 11 gauge
steel deck housing and tubular
carrier frame
Cutting Blades
Durable steel alloy blades are
specifically designed for the Walker
deck and contribute to the overall
performance and finished cut
Easy-Change Drive Belts
Change belts in the field with no tools
Grass-Pak™ Full Signal Switch
Automatic signal horn warns when the
catcher is full and ready for dumping
Low Profile Grass Catcher
Molded polyethylene catcher (high
impact plastic) with 7 bushel capacity;
back door is hinged for tailgate
Comfortable Operating Position
Large contour molded seat is matched
with natural and intuitive control
placement and full view of mowing
Industrial Grade Engine
Both engines are exhaust emission
certified and are full pressure
lubricated including oil filter
Oscillating delivery spout evenly packs
the catcher full, even when grass is
long or wet
Dual Hydro Axle
Combination of hydrostatic
transmission and custom gear axle
provide a durable and precise drive
unit for each wheel
It’s unavoidable that commercial
lawn mowing equipment needs
routine maintenance like blade
sharpening, engine oil changes, and
belt changes.
Well balanced machine makes it a
superior hillside performer
With the optional Walker
Power Dump, emptying a full
catcher box while sitting in the
operator’s seat is as easy as
flipping a switch.
The Walker Mower was designed
and built to be easily maintained,
and provides quick, easy access to
serviceable parts.
A tilt-open body quickly exposes
the engine and drivetrain, while the
tilt-up mower deck makes blade
maintenance and deck cleaning a
quick and easy task.
The Walker’s easy-to-use steering
configuration is an original design
characteristic that improves agility
versus competitive machines.
While other mowers use lap bars
and arm movements to steer, the
Walker uses a forward speed control/
cruise control and gentle fingertip pressure
on the steering levers to precisely maneuver the machine.
Engine Specifications
Kohler Command Pro, CH620
Kohler Command Pro, ECH630
674cc (41.1 cu. in.)
694cc (42.4 cu. in.)
Max Power [hp @ 3600 rpm]
Max Torque
35 ft-lb
34.2 ft-lb
Gasoline (E10 Max)
Fuel Capacity
4.0 gallons (15.1 liter)
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Full-Pressure with Filter
Engine Tuned
Tractor Drive
Transmission/Final Drive
Dual Hydrostatic Eaton Model 7, Each Wheel Independently Driven
Hand Lever Control, Individual Drive Wheel
Forward Speed Control
Precision Friction Lock Lever, Cruise Control with Neutral Park Position
Dynamic Braking through Hydrostatic Transmissions
Parking Brake
Mechanical Pin Lock in Transmission Gear
Ground Speed
0-7 MPH Infinitely Variable
Turning Radius
Zero (0”)
Mower Deck
Cutting Width
36” to 62” (16 Decks: Collection, Mulching, Side Discharge)
Cutting Height
1” to 4” (2.54 to 10.16 cm), 1/2” (1.27 cm) Increments
0.197” Stamped Steel, 10B38 Alloy, Tempered
Blade Drive
Splined PTO Drive Shaft w/ Quick Disconnect to Timed Gear Drive or Belt Drive on Deck
Blade Clutch/Brake
Manual Belt Tightener/Band Brake
Deck Suspension
Torsion-Flex Frame with Caster Wheels and Counterweight Springs
Outside Dimensions*
47” (119.5 cm) H x 43.25” (110 cm) W x 89.25” (227 cm) L
Wheel Base [Tractor]
42.25” (107 cm)
Tractor Width [Outside Drive Tire] **
37.75” (96 cm)
Curb Weight (Approximate)
Tractor Only
734 lbs.
739 lbs.
Tractor and Deck*
925 lbs.
930 lbs.
DC36R, DC42, DC48, DC48R, DC52R, DS36, DS42, DS42 (Belt), DS48, DS52, DS56, DS62, DM36, DM42A, DM42B, DM48
Add Ons
Single Stage/Two Stage Snowblowers, Dozer Blades, Rotary Broom
*Dimensions and weight shown for models equipped with 42” collection deck (DC42-1)
** With standard 8.5” drive tire (5075-1)
Service Commitment
As a Walker owner, you can expect to receive the highest quality performance from your
product and matching service from the local dealer where you made your purchase.
Walker Mowers are sold by independent dealerships who understand the Walker line
and agree to follow Walker’s Sales with Service commitment to our customers. Dealers
are established by independent distributors who are backed by Walker Manufacturing
Company. Walker is an independent, family-owned, manufacturer of high quality,
American-made, power equipment products since 1980.
• All parts and
deemed not to
be typical wear
items in normal
• Kohler administers
their own 3-year
engine warranty
• Hydrostatic Transmissions and Gear Axle
Today, it is popular to talk about “lifetime” warranty,
but what really matters is how that promise is
kept. We don’t use warranty as a gimmick to sell
our product – rather, we use it as a promise to
stand behind our workmanship. Walker aims to
use warranty as it is meant to be used: helping
customers get back to work quickly in the event of
a manufacturer’s defect or failure of workmanship.
At Walker Manufacturing, our warranty is our word.
For a zero turn mower to excel at its work, its
design has to be right from the start, or it will
be easily lost in the wide array of commercial
mowers that deliver only marginal results.
Walker’s design philosophy consists of
discipline, ingenuity and no compromises.
Through three generations of the Walker
family, each Walker model has been built
from the inside out to achieve a balance of
durability and performance.
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