Product Data Sheet - 5754ODPEIR C-Bus 360 Degrees

C-Bus ® 360° Occupancy/Light Level
Detector with IR, Surface Mount
The surface-mounted occupancy detector uses Passive Infrared
(PIR) sensing to accurately detect occupancy. The unit issues
commands over the C-Bus network to control output devices
such as dimmers or relays.
Trimpot controls on the unit set the light level adjustment
and the PIR motion sensitivity
SELV/Class 2 device. Powered from the C-Bus network.
Requires no connection to building power
Infrared remote receiver range is 10m when the detector
is mounted 2.7m above the floor
Single twisted pair connection provides C-Bus signal path
and power for the detector. Removable connectors allow
for daisy chain wiring. The unit can be placed anywhere
on the C-Bus network
With a 360° field of view and coverage range of 7.6 metres
when mounted 2.7m above the floor, the 5754ODPE detector
is ideal for offices, conference rooms, corridors and hallways.
LED indicators show when light level monitoring is active
and when the assigned C-Bus group is active. Motion LED
can be programmed on or off.
The detector readily mounts on solid surfaces such as masonry
or wood. A single twisted pair connection provides both the
C-Bus network interface and power for the detector.
Programmed using C-Bus Toolkit software
Light level threshold value is set in software
Software provides selectable group addressing for the
light level target
Selectable group address for the light level margin
The detector incorporates an ambient light level sensor that
allows different behaviour in dark and light conditions. The
light level required to change from light to dark is adjustable
and can be set at a level that ranges from full daylight to
almost complete darkness.
The detector includes an infrared receiver that is compatible
with hand held C-Bus infrared remote control units.
Quickly mounts on solid surfaces such as masonry or wood
Extends only 33mm from the mounting surface
Uses passive infrared (PIR) detection with manually
adjustable sensitivity to motion
Motion detection coverage is typically 7.6m diameter at
2.7 metres mounting height
Timer delay can be set from 0 seconds to 18hr 12min 15sec,
software programmable in 1 second intervals
Includes a light level sensor with a measurement range
from 0–2000 lux
Compatible with the C-Bus remote controls, such as the
5034TX series and 5035TX2 (sold separately)
Selectable group address for High/Low lux levels
Selectable block for which the High/Low thresholds are
controlled by a group
Bank switching of lighting levels based upon the
Light Level Set Point
Daylight harvesting to maintain a constant userconfigured light level
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5754ODPEIR C-Bus 360° Occupancy/Light Level Detector with IR, Surface Mount
Ordering Information
Catalogue Number
Coverage Pattern
360° C-Bus Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy detector and
light level sensor, surface mount, with IR remote control
Supply voltage
15 - 36V d.c. supplied by C-Bus network. Does not supply
power to the network.
Current (active)
Detection Area (PIR)
360° Passive infrared (PIR) 7.6m diameter at 2.7m height
Light level sensor range
0 to 2000 lux
Infrared remote range
10m when detector is mounted 2.7m above floor
Trimpot A: light level threshold adjustment
Trimpot B: PIR motion sensitivity adjustment
Indicator LEDs
Red LED: light level maintenance is active
Orange LED: assigned network group is active
Blue LED: PIR movement is detected, programmable
Ambient operating
temperature range
5° to 50° C
Ambient operating
humidity range
10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Standards tested to
EN 55022 and EN 55024
Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Mounting hole spacing is 66 mm.
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