2015 broomball rules - Ferris State University

Games will be played at WINK Arena. Some minor modifications have been implemented for the Intramural Program to
provide safety for the participants and to adhere to time restrictions.
Table of Contents
Rule 1: Facility & Equipment ………………………………………………………………………………………. Page #1
Rule 2: Eligibility & Game …………………………………………………………………………………………… Page #1
Rule 3: Intramural Broomball Specifics ………………………………………………………………………… Page #2
Rule 4: Captain Responsibilities & Sportsmanship ………………………………………………………. Page #5
Rule 5: Co-Rec Modifications ………………………………………………………………………………………. Page #5
Rule 1: Facility & Equipment
Article 1: Facility- Ferris State Wink Arena: 210 Sports Drive, Big Rapids, Michigan, 49307
a) Ferris State Intramural Sports has a zero tolerance for alcohol, tobacco, or any other drug at Intramural
events. Furthermore, Intramural Sports staff reserves the right to remove participants or fans suspected to
be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The removal process may involve the assistance of authorities
such as Ferris State DPS (Department of Public Safety) or a member of the Big Rapids Police Department.
b) Pets: Due to health and safety concerns, pets are allowed at the Intramural Sports Fields. This includes both
formal Intramural competitions/events and informal recreational activities.
Article 2: Equipment
b) Broomball sticks, ball, and helmet will be provided by the Ferris State Intramural Department.
c) Helmets must be worn at all times. Participants may use their own helmet but it must have a cage.
d) Pinnies will be provided. Teams must wear contrasting colored jerseys.
e) Clean soled shoes without metal on them must be worn.
f) Any form of pants are allowed. Shorts are not allowed.
g) Goalie Equipment:
a. All goalies must wear a helmet with cage. It is also recommended that they wear a catching glove on
their non-stick hand.
h) Any articles that may endanger other players are not permitted (i.e. jewelry, plaster casts, etc.).
i) Officials of each game will determine legality of all equipment. A player wearing illegal equipment will not
be permitted to play.
Rule 2: Eligibility & Game
Article 1: Eligibility
a) Ferris State students, staff, and faculty are allowed to participate in Intramural Sports.
b) NO ID= NO PLAY. NO EXCEPTIONS! All players must present their own personal Ferris State ID card before
every game in order to participate.
c) If you are caught trying to use another student’s ID, your team will forfeit that game, and the other person
will need to come to the UREC office the following day to retrieve his/her ID.
Article 2: Game
a) Two teams of 6 players.
b) Minimum amount of players to start a game is four (4). Less than 4 will result in a forfeit.
c) The clock does not stop until the final two minutes of the 3rd period unless for timeouts or injuries.
d) The clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period for all whistles, made goals and timeouts.
e) Mercy Rule: If one team is ahead by 10 goals at the 2 minute warning the game is over.
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules
f) Regular season games that end in a tie will remain a tie.
g) GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! The minimum players must be present and checked in to begin.
Article 3: Regular Season
a) Regular season will consist of four (4) games.
b) All players must be listed on the team roster before the end of the second week during the regular season.
c) Rosters will be frozen at the start of the 3rd week of the regular season. This means that all players must be
signed up on IMLeagues on the roster of that team AND paid for prior to the beginning of the third week of
the season. No additions will be allowed unless approved by the Intramural Coordinator.
d) Intramural Sports recommends that you have at least two extra players than the required amount on your
roster in case you need subs throughout the regular season and playoffs.
Article 4: Playoff Elgibility
a) Every team makes the playoffs as long as they have the proper sportsmanship average (2.75). The fans
sportsmanship can also have an effect on our team’s sportsmanship rating.
b) Once in playoffs, a team must maintain a 3.0 sportsmanship rating to advance.
Article 5: Overtime
a) Overtime is a 5 minute period to determine a winner. The clock will continually run during overtime unless
stopped by injury or called timeout.
b) If the score is still tied after the overtime period, there will be a shootout. Four players from each team will
alternate taking shots. If there is an even score after that, then there will be a sudden death shootout where
one player from each team will shoot and the first time one team score and the other misses, then the
scoring team will be deemed the winner.
Rule 3: Intramural Broomball Specifics
Article 1: Putting the Ball in Play
a) A Face Off will take place:
a. At the beginning of any period or overtime play.
b. After all goals.
c. If the net is dislodged.
d. After an injury.
e. If the ball goes out of play and the referee cannot determine which team forced the ball out.
b) Guidelines for Face Offs:
a. Teams must be onside
b. Face Offs will alternate between all male and all female Face Offs.
c. The individuals taking the Face Off shall stand with both feet squared to their opponent.
d. The referee will drop the ball to begin play.
c) Drawbacks will be utilized to put the ball in play in most situations.
d) A drawback will occur after:
a. A goalie covers the ball in his/her crease (the non-covering team receives the drawback).
b. A penalty or infraction b one team (the non-offending team receives the drawback).
c. A ball is hit out of play by one team (the team that did not hit the ball out receives the drawback).
e) Guidelines for Drawbacks:
a. Teams must be onside.
b. All players (except the drawer) shall remain at least 10 ft. from the ball during a draw.
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules
c. The broom shall be used to put the ball in play.
d. Upon official’s whistle the awarded team may pass the ball backwards or parallel.
e. If a drawback is hit forward on the first contact, the other team will receive a drawback at that spot.
Article 2: Substitutions
a) Substitutions may be made “on the fly” provide that the substituting team gains no offensive or defensive
Article 3: Checking and Contact
a) There is NO CHECKING in Broomball. Players must play the ball and not the person.
b) Players checking or aggressively jockeying for position will be assessed a penalty.
c) Excessive or dangerous physical contact will result in a Unsportsmanlike Conductor an ejection at the
official’s discretion.
Article 4: Proper Use of the Broom
a) A player may not carry the broom above his/her shoulders.
b) A player may not bring their broom above the goal crossbar at any time.
(Penalty is loss of possession for high sticking or a minor).
c) A player may not throw his/her broom.
(Penalty is a major, and an ejection, depending on the severity of the infraction)
d) If you lose your broom you may not continue until you have picked it up.
Article 5: Use pf Hands and Feet
a) Players may use their hands and feet to stop and control the ball, but they cannot kick, push, throw, or bat
the ball to a teammate. (Penalty is loss of possession)
b) Intentionally holding the ball with hands or feet to prevent the opponent’s access to it is illegal.
(Penalty is a minor)
Article 6: Stalling or Delay of Game
a) No players shall intentionally hold the ball against the boards, goal, or ice with their hands, feet, stick, or
body for the purpose of delaying the game.
(Penalty is a minor)
Article 7: Offside
a) There is NO offside violation once the ball is in play.
b) Players can NOT be offsides during Face Offs, drawbacks and penalty shots.
Article 8: Players may not intentionally slide
a) A minor penalty will be called on the player sliding
b) A second slide by one player will result in the ejection of that player.
Article 9: Designating a Goalie
a) A male must be in the goal for one period, and a female must be in goal for the next period. Another male
can come back to play goal for the last period, or vice versa. The teams will agree on what half will be for
what gender. After that, the goalies can be switched at any time as long as it is the same gender.
Article 10: Goalie Play
a) The goalie is free to venture to all parts of the ice. However, the goalie may only freeze the ball in the crease
area (defined as with one stick length of that crease).
(Penalty for freezing the ball outside the crease area is a minor for delay of game).
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules
b) Once out of the crease, they must follow all rules that apply to ice players and give up all goalie privileges.
c) It is recommended that goalies wear knee pads if they are going to kneel for the ball.
d) If the goalie does not freeze the ball, goalies have 5 seconds to put the ball back into play. If the goalie does
not distribute the ball, a minor penalty will be called for delay of game
e) When redistributing the ball it must hit the ice or another player before crossing the center line. This rule
does not apply when the keeper uses their stick.
f) Dislodged Net:
a. In case the net is dislodged, but is not involved in the ensuing play, the referee shall allow play to
continue and will replace the net. If it is dislodged and is in play, the referee shall call the play dead
and a Face Off will restart the play the nearest Face Off spot.
g) An intentionally dislodged net will result in a penalty or penalty shot. A refer may award a goal if the shot
was headed into the net when the net was dislodged.
h) Pulling a goalie:
a. If a team wishes to pull their goalie and add an ice player, this team relinquishes all of their goalie
rights. Defensive players may enter the crease to stop a shot on goal but they may not freeze the
ball. If a defensive player freezes the ball, the result will be a minor foul. A penalty shot will be
awarded to the offended team.
Article 11: Goal Crease
a) No players, other than the designated goalie, may be inside the crease area unless the ball had preceded
them. A player is considered in the crease when any part of that player’s body or equipment is on or inside
the crease line. Players may not pass through the crease intentionally. They may do so only to avoid contact
with the goalie or other players.
(Penalty for being in the crease illegally is a minor for a crease violation)
Article 12: Slashing
a) Contacting an opponent’s body or stick (from the top) with your stick will be considered slashing.
(Penalty is a minor or major)
Article 13: Tripping
a) Tripping shall be called when a play uses his/her stick or any part of his/her body (including intentional or
unintentional sliding) to undercut an opponent.
Article 14: Major Penalties
a) Offending players serve five (5) minutes. Major penalties do not expire because of a goal. If the offending
player is ejected, the offending team must remain shorthanded for five (5) minutes but do not need to select
a player to serve the penalty.
Article 15: Minor Penalties
a) Holding
b) Interference
c) Delay of Game
d) Too many players on the ice
e) Sliding: Players may not intentionally slide.
f) Illegal use of equipment.
g) Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Article 16: Minor Penalty or Major Penalty and Ejection if result in Injury or Deemed Intent to Injure
a) Tripping
b) Slashing
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules
c) Checking
d) Roughing
e) Elbowing
f) High Sticking
g) Contact to the Head
h) Unsportsmanlike Conduct (arguing with/criticizing an official)
*Any player’s second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is a mandatory penalty and ejection.
Article 17: Major Penalty (5 minute shorthanded) and Automatic Ejection
a) Fighting
b) Spearing
c) Butt Ending
d) Kicking
e) Throwing the broom
f) Check from behind
g) Boarding: Ramming an opponent into board or walls.
h) Charging: Player who runs, jumps into, or charges an opponent.
i) Personal Misconduct: Disrespect to an official, excessive profanity, abuse of equipment or facility, actions
that incite a fight.
Rule 4: Captain Responsibilities & Sportsmanship
Article 1. Captain Responsibilities
a) The Captain must maintain control of his/her team’s sportsmanship. Your team will be graded each game
and must maintain a 2.75 average to make the playoffs. Every team makes the playoffs as long as they have
the proper sportsmanship average. The Captain is also in charge of the fans that come to support his/her
team. The fans sportsmanship can also have an effect on your team’s sportsmanship rating.
b) GAMETIME IS FORFEIT TIME. If your team does not show up ON TIME for your scheduled game, your team
will receive a forfeit and a 0 sportsmanship rating. If at least one member of the team shows up before the
scheduled start time, a 5 minute grace will be added to the forfeit time.
c) If your team forfeits, a $25.00 fee will be issued to the Captain, and will need to be paid by 3pm prior to the
next game. Failure to do so will result in a second forfeit.
d) If your team forfeits a second time, by any means, the Captain will be issued another $25.00 fee and their
current team will be removed for the rest of the season.
Article 2. Appeal Play/Protest
a) Protests will not be received or considered if they are based solely on a decision involving the accuracy of
judgment on the part of an umpire.
b) The appeal/protest must be made before the next legal or illegal pitch or before the defensive team has left
the field of play. The following may be appealed/protested:
1) Misinterpretation of a playing rule
2) Failure of an umpire to apply the correct rule to a given violation
3) Failure of an umpire to impose correct penalty for a given violation
***Written protests may be filed in the Intramural Office anytime between the initial time of the incident to the
following day by 3pm. (See desired articles under Rule 3: Intramural Sport Specifics for rule clarifications).***
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules
Rule 5: Co-Rec Modifications
Article 1: Acceptable team ratios
a) 3 males and 3 females
b) 3 males and 2 females
c) 2 females and 3 males
d) 2 females and 2 males
Article 2: Specific female rules
a) Females who score are awarded 2 points.
Article 3: Defense
a) A male must be in the goal for one period, and a female must be in goal for the next period. Another male can
come back to play goal for the last period, or vice versa. The teams will agree on what half will be for what
gender. After that, the goalies can be switched at any time as long as it is the same gender.
Article 4: Over Time
a) Teams will alternate male and female as shooters during shootout.
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University Recreation
Intramural Broomball Rules