Help optimise your migration to Hyperion Planning with the IBM

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Solution Brief
OFA to HP Assessment
Help optimise your
migration to Hyperion
Planning with the IBM
Oracle Financial Analyzer
to Hyperion Assessment
Why move to Hyperion Planning (HP)?
HP offers improved planning, budgeting and forecasting capability:
Oracle’s support for Oracle Financial
Analyzer (OFA) was withdrawn in
December 2010.
The natural successor to OFA is Hyperion
Planning (HP), which represents the
best-in-class Budgeting, Forecasting,
Reporting and Analysis solution.
The IBM OFA to HP Assessment is a
evaluate and propose a migration path,
tailored to your organisation, to migrate
to Oracle HP
Integrated metadata management and security modules
Common web portal for access to all dashboards, reports, data input
forms and applications
Highly scalable and flexible architecture
A business driven application
Hyperion Planning is designed to transform business processes and
drive operational/strategic efficiencies by:
Deploying with minimal customisation with standard functionality,
with lower costs to support and maintain
Helping improve decision making and better business insight through
enhanced reporting and analysis
Increasing control and oversight of the planning, budgeting and
forecasting processes.
Optimising the efficiency of financial processes.
Reducing close cycles or budget roll-forwards
Providing an effective action plan
The assessment will:
Analyse the current state of the OFA implementation and identify
the areas of improvement.
Gather information necessary to identify a recommended migration path.
Asses infrastructure
Assess functionality
Assess change management
Review findings and present a high-level business case and roadmap
to a migration plan designed to help you achieve your strategic
business initiatives
The outcome will comprise of the recommended migration
approach and timescales incorporating a high level end to end
process flow, change management considerations and possible
“early win” initiatives.
A roadmap to achieve the recommended migration path, a
proposal for the recommended solution and agreed next steps
will also be provided.
Why IBM for Planning?
IBM will leverage its Hyperion Planning implementation
planning experience during the evaluation to identify
potential cost and time savings, whilst delivering a high
quality, robust and detailed output. Typical value accelerators
derived from our in depth knowledge and experience include:
Hyperion Implementation Framework (tools, templates &
accelerators) based on lessons learnt from previous
Pre-developed scripts to extract OFA data and metadata to
aid in creating the Hyperion Planning application structures
Accelerated approach for business requirements gathering in
the case of “value-added migrations”
Why IBM for Oracle?
Depth of industry and Oracle EPM experience
Robust Oracle EPM implementation methodology
Global delivery capability
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