Slit Lamp BM 900 V - Cal Coast Ophthalmic

Slit Lamp BM 900 V
Precision by Tradition
ISO 9001/EN 46001 certified
Slit Lamp BM 900® V
Slit Lamp BM 900® V with integrated Video port.
Technical Specifications:
Slit width
0 - 8 mm continuous
Microscope Stereo Angle
13 degrees
Slit height
1 -8 mm continuous
Magnification Changer
10x and 16x
Illluminated field of view
8 mm diameter
Adjustable Microscope PD
54 -94 mm
Illumination Intensity
up to 600 000 Lux
Inbuilt Port
Introducable Filters
blue, redfree (green), grey (10%),
heat absorption filter
Irradiance at max. intensity (7.5 V) and max. aperture
0.07 mW/cm2 (300 nm – 400 nm)
180 mW/cm2 (380 nm – 700 nm)
According to ISO 10939
100 mW/cm2 (700 nm – 1100 nm)
Supplied with 10x eyepieces,
the magnification switches from
10x to 16x through a control
lever mounted on the microscope. 13 degree convergence,
wide eyepieces and adjustable
PD ensure strainfree viewing.
The eyepieces are also
adjustable for spectacle wearers.
Instrument Base
Just one of the many features
which set Haag-Streit apart
from other Slit Lamps. Wearand tear-free, silky smooth
movement, for years and
years. An innovation here is
the conveniently positioned
rheostat for control of the
illumination intensity.
A constant excellent illumination (150 000 to approx. 600 000 Lux),
the ability to adjust the length of the slit image either by steps or
continuously from 0.2 to 8 mm respectively 1 to 8 mm, plus a slit
mechanism allowing hairline settings providing unique depth perception are only part of many great features of this device. The
possibility to rotate the slit around the optical axis through 90° in
either direction combined with the range of slit length adjustments
permits evaluation of distances in the horizontal plane. Tilting the
slit image by up to 20° permits examination in vertical, oblique
and horizontal optical section.
The Slit Lamp BM 900 V
accepts the traditional Goldmann Tonometer (a blue filter
is built-in to the Slit Lamp)
which mounts onto the microscope and can be swivelled
into position when required.
Video Port
The microscope has an inbuilt
beam-splitter and video port
as standard. Please ask your
HS Distributor about which
current model video cameras
can be fitted. Additional
background illumination can
also be supplied.
Additional magnification, 25x
and 40x, can be obtained by
adding 25x eyepieces.
A good slit lamp deserves good contact lenses and
HAAG-STREIT has a Diagnostic Contact Lens for every
application. Ask your distributor for a complete catalogue.
Here are just three of the HS Contact Lens range:
Retina 145
Goldmann 3-mirror 903
Fundus 901
Motorised table, manual table or diagnostic unit –
HAAG-STREIT quality solutions for everyone.
SWING Diagnostic Unit
HSM 801
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