Use the Knot Out™ Comb to gently remove knots, mattes, and tangles from your pet’s fur. By simply pressing the
Knot Out™ Comb power button, the concealed rotating blades remove that stubborn knot or tangle in seconds.
Make sure you read all instructions and warnings on this sheet prior to using your Knot Out™ Comb. Keep this
instruction sheet for future reference.
Use on cats and dogs ONLY.
Children should not be permitted to use the Knot Out™ Comb.
Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual.
Do not use attachments not specified by the manufacturer. Never operate this appliance when it is not working properly,
after it has been damaged, or after it has been dropped into water.
Never use this appliance with a damaged or broken comb, as it has the potential to result in injury.
During use, do not place or leave the appliance where it is expected to be subject to damage by an animal or exposed
to weather.
This product does not contain user serviceable components. Do not take apart. Do not touch moving parts.
Do not disassemble and remove the blade cover. Do not remove animal fur from the blade by hand. Use the enclosed pick
while cleaning your Knot Out™ Comb.
Discard product if any part becomes loose, damaged, detached or shows excessive wear.
1. Remove the battery compartment cover by pulling it down and off.
2. Insert four “AAA” batteries (not included) into the compartment in the polarity direction shown.
3. Replace the battery compartment cover.
Minus pole
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
• Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
• Batteries must be inserted with the correct polarity.
• The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
• Remove batteries if the item will not be used for an extended period of time.
• Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
• Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the item before being charged.
• Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision.
• Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended are to be used.
• Exhausted batteries should be removed from the item.
Battery compartment cover
Plus pole
For More Tips, Tricks, and instructional Videos Please Visit KnotOutTips.com
Use Knot Out™ Comb on your pet’s fur. You can
use it on your pet’s torso, paws, behind the ears,
and even on the face.
If you get stuck on a knot in your pet’s fur, just
press the button and rotate Knot Out™ Comb
away from your pet’s coat to remove the knot.
Small recessed rotating blades safely eliminate
the knot.
1. Only clean the outside of the unit with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasives or liquids as they damage
the product.
2. To remove caught hair in recessed blades, follow these steps:
Back Cover
Recessed Blades
Remove batteries.
Use a Phillips screwdriver and loosen the
screw. Remove the back cover.
Use the pick on the bottom of the back cover to
clean the recessed blades. Replace the Cover. Do
not touch blades or any other moving parts with
fingers. Use tweezers or the built in pick to
remove hair.
NOTE: Do not clean the recessed blades with any
cleaning solution or water. No liquids can enter
the interior of the device.
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