The very first private island resort in the Maldives. Kurumba
draws on its proud history, charismatic character and heartfelt
service, to offer compelling and diverse experiences amid a
stunning island setting. Just 10 minutes by speedboat from
the airport and Malé.
Escape to a vibrant sanctuary of enchanting colours.
The Maldives’ very first private island resort.
A whole new world to inhabit and explore.
The ripple of the waves as you speed across the ocean. The bustle of Malé fades
to a whisper. Anticipation builds. Your heart pounds faster. The island appears.
Green everywhere. Brilliant white beaches. Dazzling blue. Laughter in the air.
Children frolic, honeymooners lie peacefully together. There is space for
You feel the smiles before you see them. Reassuringly familiar, like an old
friend. Yet around each corner come unexpected thrills. Glints of playful fish
that race through the waters. Enticing aromas and culinary adventures. Stories
of the early days.
Kurumba boasts placid waters and
pristine reefs for leisurely swimming
and vibrant aquatic discoveries.
Enjoying the company of others or the bliss of pure solitude. Completely
yourself, fully at ease. Everything is here. Nothing far away. The place where it
all began. The first, the pioneer. This is Kurumba. Maldives in full colour.
Days of lazing, restful nights in cosy surrounds.
Tasteful interiors with rich surfaces and native accents.
Classic contemporary comfort, your home away from home.
A heartfelt greeting from your Guest
Service Host welcomes you into a
world of warmth and serenity
Follow the pathways through lush foliage. An island with plentiful beachfront
views, ease of access to every destination, vast private space. Secluded sanctuaries,
steps from the shoreline. Rich woods and high ceilings. Earthy hues with a touch
of colour. A classic contemporary design filled with character and thoughtful
touches. Eight styles of accommodation to choose from. Spacious multi-level
residences. Villas with private pool. Adjoining rooms, perfect for sharing.
Whether romantic retreat or family adventure. A space to call your own.
Deluxe Bungalow | 74 rooms | 74 m2
Awaken to the exotic song of birds. A tropical garden surrounds you, sea breezes weave their
gentle way through. Your deluxe bungalow nestled in greenery . The delight of an open-plan
bathroom and oversized free-standing bath. A revitalising rinse in the garden shower, the cool
texture of sand and stone underfoot. Air-dry on the outdoor daybed, pinpricks of blue through
the foliage. A dip in the sparkling sea.
Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow | 32 rooms | 74 m2
Superior Room
Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow
The inviting scent of premium coffee. You rise leisurely, tracing the high ceiling beams.
Venture outside to your private terrace with stunning ocean panorama. Breakfast at Thila, a
premium selection cooked to order. Beachside basking, day in, day out. Perfect serenity. Steps
from your daybed onto the powdery beach. A brief swim, then showering behind glass walls.
Sunsets at Athiri Bar just a stroll away.
Superior Room | 38 rooms | 74 m2
Late mornings, woken by the warming light. Spacious surrounds. The aroma of fresh coffee
rouses your senses. A refreshing shower in the garden bathroom, a cool breeze wafts through.
A moment of privacy, before the children rush in from the adjoining room. The sparkling
lagoon beckons. You hurry onwards. Sand between your toes. Later in the day, curled up with
a good book on your private terrace. Serene. Alone. Time for yourself.
Deluxe Bungalow
Garden Pool Villa | 8 villas | 124 m2
The extra space, the thoughtful touches. A host of in-room beverages from cocktail kit to
premium Nespresso coffee. An à la carte breakfast at Thila. The chatter of the kids, lifting your
spirits. They splash and frolic in the plunge pool. An open plan courtyard with rain shower to
cool off. The day is for family bonding; the night, for warm remembrances. Everyone cosies up
in the separate sitting room to watch the latest hit in widescreen. The sliding door closed, the
children asleep. Time for just the two of you.
Beach Villa with Jacuzzi (formerly Private Villa) | 6 villas | 103 m2
A hint of salt on the breeze. The air a perfect temperature, here on the shady side of the island.
A generous space, just for the two of you. Large bedroom, adjoining sitting room. A host of
extra touches that ensure you feel special. Mornings at Thila, an à la carte offering
accompanied by free-flowing sparkling wine. Retreat to your spacious veranda, before prime
beachfront lures you onwards. The rippling ocean, its beauty transfixes. Return from a splash
in the azure waters. An invigorating rain shower in the spacious bathroom. Afternoon cocktails
at Kandu Bar. In the evening, your private garden Jacuzzi, perfect for soaking.
Deluxe Pool Villa
Deluxe Pool Villa | 17 villas | 200 m2
A Spacious bedroom to occupy, you rise feeling refreshed. Move into the veranda to soak up
the sun’s rays. Long sips of coffee. An open-plan space the invites lounging. Listen to your
favourite tunes. An open-plan space that invites lounging. Your loved one urges you along.
Time for breakfast. The delight of made-to-order dishes at Thila. After the morning’s
adventures, indulge in the private pool and sundeck. Step onto the brilliant beach. Perfect
footprints in fine sand, your mark on paradise.
Presidential Pool Villa | 4 villas | 306 m2
A dignified two-level living space; a home away from home for couples or families. Ocean
views from the wide open balcony, a cup of freshly brewed Nespresso in hand. Your favourite
breakfast, cooked to order at Thila. Endless days frolicking in the clear waters. Afternoons at
Kandu Bar. Refreshing cocktails. In the evenings, moments of intimacy; poolside dining for
two in your enclosed courtyard. Perfect privacy, the stars above. After active days, deep
slumber on the master bedroom’s king-sized bed.
Garden Pool Villa
Royal Kurumba Residence – 1 residence, 768 m2
Your heart races on the darkened veranda. Awaiting the sunrise from the grandest seat on
the island. Blue, purple, then fuchsia. The vast sundeck lit up in fiery tones. With hushed
awe, you consider the rich history of this place. The pride of Kurumba. The honoured
guests that came before. Humbling. A truly regal entryway. Verdant courtyard over the
blue of an ornamental pool. Daybeds and thatched pavilions on either side. Expansive
inner reaches offering every desired amenity. Two symmetrical villas, space for you and
your guests. Private pools with Jacuzzi in both wings. Ample time to rest, so much to
explore. Your butler there for you, 24 hours a day.
Royal Kurumba Residence
Shimmering waters, a cocktail to hand. Al fresco
dining as the sun sets over a stunning ocean vista.
A tantalising world of flavours to explore.
Laze on a beanbag or daybed,
cooled by a gentle breeze.
Sip on cocktails, feet in the sand.
A wealth of venues dot the island. Wholesome breakfasts, playful Maldivian lunches.
Unhurried all-day dining by the shimmering pool. Comfort foods and bold, authentic
flavours. Choose from juicy burgers, fresh sashimi, hearty Italian, savoury Northern
Indian spices. Options to suit each and every mood. Evenings begin with cool ocean
ambience. Creative cocktails and fine vintages punctuate the festivities. Look forward
to unforgettable nights at the karaoke bar. A heartfelt atmosphere, carefree thrills,
fond memories that last.
Breakfast. The aroma of home comforts. Freshly baked bread. You smell the waffles before you
see them. An omelette frying in the pan, just the way you like it. By night, a tasty feast.
Japanese delicacies. Hearty Italian. Fiery Indian curries. Local Maldivian dishes. Each day is
different, each cuisine memorable.
Free-flowing sparkling wine at breakfast. Eggs Benedict, waffles, a range of made-to-order
options. Over dinner, vast sea views. Bites of succulent lobster and tiger prawns. Savoury
spices. Earthy Maldivian flavours, culinary wisdom deep as the Indian Ocean. Breezy al fresco
dining in the company of friends or family, beachside or perched over water.
Kurumba’s ‘Ocean Wind’. Flames leap, mouthwatering teppanyaki sizzles. Colourful sushi and
sashimi platters. The chef shares his favourite maki roll recipe. A broad selection of meats,
ocean fresh seafood, sake and beer. A lively and sumptuous dining experience.
Al Qasr
Al Qasr
Middle Eastern specialities. A stately ambience. ‘The Palace’ lives up to its name. Charcoal
grilled meats, juicy kebabs, mezze, intriguing dips. A selection spanning Tunisian, Lebanese
and Moroccan. You pause to admire the Arabic artefacts. Breathe in the spices. Transported to
another world, surrounded by new flavours.
The glitter of Saffron and orange. The intoxicating scent of incense. Authentic recipes from
the far reaches of Northern and Southern India. An emphasis on savoury. You agonise over
the menu, so much to choose from. Bright tandooris, rich curries, buttery naan and syrupy
desserts. From mouth-numbing to mild, delighting everyone.
Khing Thai
Thai cuisine that emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and
a spicy edge. Khing Thai set in an inspired Asian backdrop and offering an array of shared
and individual dishes.
Adults Only Restaurant (12+)
White table cloths. The tinkle of rich Chiantis being poured. Open wine racks with Italian
labels. Your stomach rumbles. The best traditional Italian dishes with a twist. A modern
menu grounded in the flavours of Tuscany, Lombardy, Sardinia and Sicily. A contemporary
dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.
Laidback dining, opposite the pool. Varied snacks arrive, playful Maldivian dishes, zesty
chutneys. Scrumptious sandwiches, hamburgers, comfort foods. Stop in for a quick bite, or
leisurely all-day dining. Carefree meals at poolside tables.
Khing Thai
Kalhu Bar
You remember the day’s adventures with warm smiles, but the night has only just begun.
Meeting at the karaoke bar, nestled in a quiet corner. A wide selection of spirits and vintages.
The room bursts with song. The latest equipment, loaded with perennial favourites and
chart-toppers. The night rushes on, filled with laughter and bold choruses. Fun for all.
Sound of the Sea
No interruptions. Just the two of you and the sounds of the sea. The stars above. Sumptuous
courses arrive, one after the other. Perfect romantic dinner with thoughtfully matched fine
wines. You toast. Eyes meet, telling stories. Everything perfect. Personal butler on hand. You
will remember this night. The cool sand underfoot, the moonlit waves stretch onward.
Kandu Bar
Kandu Bar
A breezy, open-air pavilion with wide overwater deck. Delightful afternoons and laid-back
evenings. Fine wines colour the twilight hours. Passing marine life visible from your seat.
You await tonight’s live band eagerly. It’s said to be a good one. The day recedes. Smooth
DJ sets and creative cocktails, a relaxed mood that takes you long into the night.
Athiri Bar 1 & 2
On the island’s western and eastern end. Arrive just in time, order a light snack. A cocktail
to hand, sand beneath your feet. Dazzling colours over the Indian Ocean. A magnificent
sunset. Quiet all around, only the hushed chatter of contented guests.
Sounds of the Sea
Rousing adventures and local excursions.
Indescribable sunsets, adrift on the Indian Ocean.
Memories to cherish in the best of company.
Zooming on a jet ski or lazing on a yacht,
in sync with the waves. Savour the ocean’s
beauty in full colour.
The island unveils its riches. Lounge all day on soft, powdery beach. Tomorrow, the
same brilliant white seen from the deck of a catamaran. Plunge beneath the surface,
discover worlds of vibrant colour inhabited by majestic creatures. Endless moments
of bliss in Veli Spa. Fun yet educational activities for the kids, guilt-free play time
for adults. Local cultural excursions to wondrous locations. The blue atoll, from a
seaplane. Unplanned thrills. Spontaneous excitement where you least expect it.
Relaxation and adventure, in just the right amounts.
Water Sports
The speedboat driver glances back with a broad grin. Then the roar of engines. Hang on for
dear life. Laughter and shrieks of excitement fill the air. A rainbow spray of water. Cutting through
the waves, free as a bird. Paddle across the atoll in a kayak. Ride a strong gust on a clear morning.
Balance on a catamaran. Parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing. So many ways to soar.
PADI certified instructors initiate you into one of the Maldives’ premier dive spots. Millions of
years of coral growth. Schools of playful fish. They part in great clouds as you go deeper.
Shafts of sunlight from above. Impossible colours. Then something larger. Goosebumps on
your arms, a reef shark glides by. An island that teems with life above and below the water.
The glint of dolphin fin beneath the waves, a sunset cruise. Tranquil picnics on a remote
sandbank. Weathered smiles of locals, sharing their wisdom. They teach you coconut crafts
and the secrets of native plants. The excitement of Malé, a walk through a bustling market.
Flashes of sea life from a glass bottom boat. Vibrant colours, unending discovery.
Majaa Kids’ Club
Leave the kids in good hands, enjoy your stay stress-free. A spacious recreation centre, built
for fun. The team’s winning smiles, naturally gifted with the little ones. Pick them up in the
evening, bursting with stories of today’s lessons. Traditional handicrafts, beachfront games,
new discoveries. They share their treasures, crafted with local materials. Beg you to take them
again tomorrow.
Majaa Recreation
Incredible activities, every day. Fast-paced tennis, youthful games. Walks with Kurumba’s
horticulturalist, cooking classes with the in-house chef. Learn painting with a professional
painter or cocktail mixing with a mixologist. Extensive facilities with endless ways to amuse.
Time for yourself, quality moments with family, friends and loved ones.
Spa Under the Stars
Veli Spa
Waves of energy from the Maldives’ vibrant culture, gentle ocean currents, abundant marine life. Veli Spa
channels the living, breathing vibe of Kurumba into deep healing rituals. Timeless moments of relaxation.
Tinctures from over a hundred plants and minerals. Enjoy the exclusive Dhivehi Beys (Maldivian treatments).
Rhythmic techniques capture the island’s spirit. Restore your body’s equilibrium, experience tranquillity.
Spa Under the Stars
Memorable moments await you, just beyond the sunset. To begin, a royal aromatic bathing ritual using rose,
ylang ylang, lavender essential oil and flower petals. Surrender yourself to a golden cowry shell massage
using warm Maldivian coconut oil. A divine head massage completes the healing. Wind down with
champagne & chocolate-dipped fruits, as you stargaze on a beanbag for two out on the beach. A bespoke
journey in a gorgeous setting, for romantic couples.
Veli Spa
Witness the flow of mind and body, aware of every breath. Inhale the fresh island air. Out on the beach, to a
glittering ocean backdrop. Veli Spa Yoga Pavilion. Exhale slowly as your muscles relax. The path to inner
peace, with the expert guidance of our in-house yogi.
After dinner. Stroll to Kandu Bar, hand in hand. You have heard about the lively Maldivian
dance before. Excited. Tonight is the Boduberu night. Hear it first through the trees. The clap
of drums, elated singing. Foliage opens onto joyous dancing by firelight. Contagious. Instantly
a part of it. Lose yourself in the celebration. On other nights, live music from Malé, fresh DJ
rhythms. Playfully mixed cocktails lead you smoothly into a night of effortless enjoyment.
Fond words and memories shared with loved ones and new friends. Freedom to be yourself,
freedom to explore. Endless excitement at Kurumba’s lively venues.
Connect with your loved ones and with Kurumba's
charismatic staff. Lively Boduberu performance
for the young at heart.
Luxuriant greens, so many shades of blue.
Glittering stretches of white sand beach.
An island alive with colour.
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A Universal Resort