cross base floor lamp

cross base floor lamp
assembly instructions
Important Safety Instructions:
·For safety purposes, this lamp is equipped with a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). If the
plug does not fit securely into your outlet, do not force it-contact a professional electrician. Use the plug with
an extension cord only if it can be fully inserted into the cord's socket. Never alter the plug in any way.
·This instruction is provided for your safety. It is important that they are read carefully and completely before
assembling fixture.
·This fixture has been rated for up to (2) 100-watt TYPE A standard bulb (not included). To avoid the risk
of fire, do not exceed the recommended wattage.
·To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or personal injury, always turn off
and unplug lamp and allow it to cool prior to replacing light bulb.
·Do not touch bulb when fixture is turned on. Do not look directly at lit bulb.
·Keep flammable materials away from lit bulb.
·Remove all parts and hardware from box along with any plastic protective packaging.
·Do not discard any contents until after assembly is complete to avoid accidentally discarding small parts or
Parts enclosed:
(1) Lamp Base(A)
(1) Socket (B)
(1) Socket (C)
(1) Lamp Shade (D)
(1) Socket Ring (E)
Assembly Instructions:
1. Unscrew the Socket Ring (E) from the lamp socket (C).
2. Insert a bulp - Max 100 Watt (Standard Type A, not included) into the socket (B)
3. Place Lamp Shade (D) on the lamp base (A). Making sure the Shade fits into the
Lamp Base (A).
4. Screw the Socket Ring (E) onto the Socket (C).
5. Insert a bulb – Max 100 Watt (Type A) Standard (not included) into the socket (C).
6. Plug into the proper electrical outlet and test fixture.
Care instructions:
·Clean with soft, dry cloth.
·Always avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they may
cause damage to the lamp.
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