HQ6/40 Philips Shaving heads

Shaving heads
Precision cutting system
3 shaving heads
Keep a close shave
Change heads every 2 years for best results
Every year, your blades travel the height of Mt. Everest ... 49 times! After such a workout,
even the best materials can lose their edge. Retain your shaver's peak performance Replace the shaving heads once every 2 years.
Comfortably close
• Super Lift & Cut shaving technology with dual blade system
Shaves even the shortest stubble
• Precision Cutting System
Shaving heads
Precision cutting system 3 shaving heads
Shaving heads
7886XL, HQ662, HQ663, HQ664, HQ686,
HQ665, HQ6825, HQ6826, HQ6827, HQ6828,
HQ6830, HQ6848, HQ6865, HQ6867, HQ6885,
HQ6888, HQ6889, HQ6893, HQ7405, HQ7615,
HQ7616, HQ7617, HQ7814, HQ7816, HQ7817,
HQ7820, HQ7821, HQ7825, HQ7829, HQ7845,
HQ7864, HQ7865, HQ7868, HQ7885
• Shaving heads per packaging: 3
• Fits product types: HQ6425, HQ6426, HQ6466,
HQ6465, HQ6832, HQ6847, HQ6850, HQ6851,
HQ6852, HQ6870, HQ6871, HQ6890, HQ6894,
HQ7415, HQ7815, HQ7830, HQ7850, HQ7870,
6828XL, 6887XL, 7610X, 7616X, 7866XL,
Super Lift & Cut technology
Dual blade system of your Philips shaver: first blade
lifts, second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.
Precision Cutting System
The Philips shaver has ultra thin heads with slots to
shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest
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