All Cleaner™ XP
All-Purpose Cleaner
All Cleaner™ XP
• Two Bend Wand
• Variable Pressure Gun
• Scrub Brush w/ Squeegee
• Floor Squeegee Tool
• Hand Squeegee Tool
• Fill Hose
• Metering Tip Packet (7)
All Cleaner™ XP
• Micro Fiber Mop
• 25 ft Recovery Hose
• Blower Hose
• Front Mount Squeegee Kit
• 25 ft Solution Line
• Tote Bag
Restrooms present one of the most demanding and undesirable cleaning challenges.
Manually wiping and scrubbing fixtures and other hard surfaces is time-consuming,
exposes cleaning staff to unsanitary conditions and often falls short of cleanliness
standards. Advance’s All-Purpose Cleaning System offers touch-less cleaning that is
up to three times faster than traditional methods, all in a compact unit smaller than a
shopping cart.
The All Cleaner™ XP packs the cleaning power you need while running circles around
your old equipment. Sure, the automatic chemical system, indoor pressure washer,
powerful liquid recovery vacuum and stretch hoses offer a significant upgrade over
hand-cleaning, but what’s functionality if it’s not accessible and easy to use? All
standard tools and other cleaning accessories fit neatly into the All Cleaner XP’s small
design. That means no more lugging around heavy equipment or dragging hoses –
operators can easily maneuver the unit in restrooms, stairwells and other tight spaces.
When it comes to versatility, the All Cleaner XP makes the most of its small design.
Its open chemical system allows use of any two chemical bottles (including green
cleaning approved solutions) and controls the dilution rate for the proper application
each time. And whether your bottle is round or rectangle, it will fit in the holding
wells on the All Cleaner XP.
The All Cleaner XP has a powerful 500 psi pump. Combine the pump strength with
the variable spray gun and you can attack the most challenging cleaning projects.
Advance’s All Cleaner XP answers the call for an affordable, touch-less approach to
cleaning restrooms and other areas with hard surfaces. You’ll improve productivity
and see better results – now that’s smart cleaning.
• Locker Rooms
• Stairwells
• Windows
• Carpet Pre-spraying
• Exercise Facilities
• Hallways
All Cleaner™ XP
All-Purpose Cleaner
Large recovery lid allows
for easy tank cleanout
Optional front mount
squeegee for easy
water pick-up.
Storage place for each of
the standard accessories
Drain hose allows
for dumping into
a commode or
slop sink
15 foot recovery
hose contracts to
4 feet for ease of
Various chemical
bottles fit on the
The spray gun makes dirt
removal easy in hard to
reach areas and allows for
quick rinsing of surfaces.
Drain hose is recessed
to prevent damage
Rounded ergonomic design
reduces bulk and promotes
maneuverability and comfort
• Our products are
designed using
innovative technology
that increases
productivity and drives
down the cost to clean.
• You can get
expert service and
maintenance for your
Advance machines
from factory-trained
personnel around
the world. Fast parts
delivery, too.
• Maintain peak
performance with
Nilfisk Parts.
Technical Specifications
Clam shell design for easy
access to the component
Component pallet
is removable.
Universal chemical
bottle storage.
All Cleaner™ XP
Vacuum Motor
2 stage 900 W
Blower Motor
Yes - Vacuum Exhaust
81 in
Air Flow 97 cfm (46 L/sec)
Solution Tank Capacity 20 gal (76 L)
Recovery Tank Capacity 12 gal (45 L)
Application Flow
500 psi (34 bar) 0.75 gpm (6.1 L/sec)
Solution Hose Length
15 ft (4.6 m)
Recovery Hose Length
15 ft (4.6 m)
Blower Hose
13 ft (4 m) optional
Power Cord 25 ft (7.6 m) (GFI)
Rear Wheels Two 10 in (25 cm)
Front Casters
Two 4 in (10 cm)
38.5 in (98 cm)
34 in (86 cm)
20 in (51 cm)
Machine Weight
92 lb (42 kg)
Yes - Dual Port
Model Number56381594
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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