Beyond Safety
Breaker Technology’s Mine Runner is a
modern day solution for a future focused
mining operation aimed at safety, lower
emissions, and increased productivity. Not
to be confused with a customized road
vehicle or generic people carrier, the Mine
Runner has Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD)
motors, providing greater power, and
extended maintenance and duty cycles. With
HWD for power and braking, there are no
brakes to wear and fail, increasing passenger
safety. Designed with one of the cleanest
engine configurations, Tier 4 Interim, the
mine runner meets and exceeds air quality
standards. The heavy duty chassis and axle
specifications allow the Mine Runner to be
deployed in a variety of configurations from
Personnel Carrier, Maintenance/Mechanics
Vehicle, Fuel/Lube Vehicle, Crane/Scissor
Lift Vehicle and Telescopic Aerial Boom
Vehicle. This purpose built-in flexibility
allows supervisors to add real time support
in ways previously unseen in underground
mining. The flexibility of design lends the
Mine Runner to suit additional needs of
an underground mining operation and can
include medical/emergency vehicle, trash
compaction/collection etc. With a CANbus
system the Mine Runner can be integrated
into the growing monitoring and maintenance
standards that are being implemented with
modern production equipment.
Beyond Safety!
Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset!
Protecting your most valuable Assets!
The Mine Runner is a totally re-imagined support platform engineered
from the ground up to be a leader in personnel safety and operational
flexibility. The ever increasing payload requirements and tramming
distances have exceeded the capabilities of the typical re purposed
highway 4x4 style truck. Unlike many Over the Road (OTR) type
vehicles being modified for use Underground (UG), the Mine Runner
is purpose designed and built for the UG environment.
Both the primary braking (service brakes) and the secondary braking
(emergency brakes) have been designed and tested to meet and exceed
the CSA Braking Standard and Performance for Underground Mining
Machines. CAN/CSA - M424.3-M90
Standard on the Mine Runner is a rigorously tested and independently
certified ROPS/FOPS operator cabin.
Ahead of the Grade
While never under estimating the importance and need for safety, BTI’s Mine Runner is designed to provide superior durability and
reliability. These attributes highlight the Mine Runner’s excellent return on investment as it will consistently outlast and outperform
the competition.
Powered by our innovative “Hydraulic Wheel Drive” or “HWD” fluid controlled power train, the Mine Runner is capable of easy
customization from Personnel Carrier, Maintenance Mechanics Vehicle, Fuel/Lube Vehicle, Crane/Scissor Lift Vehicle and Telescopic
Aerial Boom Vehicle applications without hindering performance or longevity of components.
Advantages of HWD powertrain:
-Increased efficiencies of the HWD system provide optimized power delivery to each wheel independently, with up to 40% more
over all powertrain efficiency beyond conventional mechanical powershift transmission systems. Traction to each wheel regardless of
ground conditions contributes to its increased tire life.
- The system also ensures the diesel engine is running within its optimal power band, as such a smaller engine can deliver higher
levels of performance. “More for Less”
- Purpose built rigid axles with parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers custom designed for extended life to reduce downtime and
operational losses, providing a smooth ride throughout various load conditions.
- Independent and reactive wheel end drive provides unparalleled traction control, even on steep grades that are wet or slippery.
True independent 4 wheel drive!
- Tier 4 Interim engine comes standard and is the latest technology for clean and reduced emissions.
- Service braking accomplished through HWD motors and pump. No brake pads to wear out or replace.
- Elimination of mechanical drive shafts and universal joints which are prone to collision with high points in tram ways.
-The removal of a mechanical drive train allows greater flexibility on the chassis for related application components units such as
tanks or personnel cabs.
-With 12” of ground clearance & over 7” of suspension travel, the Mine Runner is very capable of navigating rough terrain.
Ahead of the Grade
Handling and Operating
Handling and Operator Considerations
Operationally one of the most important considerations in support vehicles is their speed and handling characteristics. It is essential
that production equipment not be held up due to slow moving or poor handling trucks that can’t tram at or above the production
flow of traffic safely. Our Engineers ensured that we not only meet the speed required on grade, but exceed the speeds of any
production equipment available today globally while still providing stable and reliable handling.
Where the Mine Runner truly excels is in the operator cab design. Unlike most underground mining equipment, where the need to
ensure heavy duty reliability has come at the cost of operator comfort, the Mine Runner has generous space that can comfortably sit
three occupants. Sleek, flush body panel designs and integrated safety cage structure have been incorporated to maximize effective
width while reducing the danger of snagging stationary objects with unnecessary external tube construction common to many re
purposed 4x4 trucks.
The BTI Hydraulic Tram Braking Control System is operator friendly
simulating an OTR (over the road) automatic transmission system. This
provides and optimizes power and braking up and down ramps for
easy operator control.
Body Style Center seated, engine forward
Drive Type 4 Wheel Drive / 2 Wheel Steer
Suspension Rigid Axles, with parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers, approximately 7” of travel and
12” ground clearance
Gross Vehicle Weight 14,000 lb / 6364 kg
Unladen 10,000 lb / 4545 kg
Payload 4,000 lb / 1818 kg
Vehicle Width 78 in / 1.98 m (without mirrors)
Vehicle Height Limit 88 in / 2.24 m (to top of Beacon)
84 in / 2.13 m (to top of Cab)
Ground Clearance 12.5 in / 31.8 cm (to the lowest point on skid plate)
13.5 in / 34.3 cm (to bottom of frame)
Turning Radius - Outer 22.25 ft / 6.795 m
Turning Radius - Inner 12.25 ft / 3.74 m
Top Speeds on 0-2% Grade (Loaded):
1st Gear:
2nd Gear:
3rd Gear:
13.7 mph /
17.4 mph /
25.0 mph /
25.0 mph /
13.7 mph /
22 km/hr
28 km/hr
40 km/hr
40 km/hr
22 km/hr
Top Speeds up 20% Grade (Loaded)
Forward (Automatic) 9.3 mph / 15 km/hr
Reverse 9.3 mph / 15 km/hr
Approach / Departure Angle 36% (20°) Front and Rear angle - unladen condition
Number of Passengers 3 std (Operators Cab)
Engine DEUTZ TCD 3.6L EPA Tier 4 Interim
120 HP / 90 KW @ 2300 RPM
Tires 8.25R20 / 16 PLY Tube Type - Mining Tires c/w Wheel chocks
Brakes SA/HR (Spring Apply / Hydraulic Release) Parking / Emergency brake in each hydraulic wheel
motor. Closed Loop Hydraulic Wheel End Service Brakes via pump over-center swash plate
Certified to CAN/CSA-M424.3-M90 Braking Test
Steering System Automotive Style Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel in dash / Full Hydraulic Steering, with Orbital
Steering Valve and Single Steer Cylinder / Horn Button in steering wheel
Hydraulic System Poclain Over Center Hydraulic Pump for Forward and Reverse
Poclain Hydraulic Wheel Motors
Single 28 Gal (106 L) Oil Reservoir
Pressurized breather on hydraulic tank
Charge Pressure return filtration 9 micron absolute with spin-on filter on pump
3 micron absolute spin-on return line filter - open loop (charge loop)
Hand pump used to fill hydraulic tank, through same 3 micron filter as above
SAE Split Flange and/or ORS hose fittings and adapters
Electrical System 24 Vdc
80 amp Alternator
CAN based electronic control system
Flame retardant wiring
Lockable battery disconnect
FWD/REV High output LED drive lights
Roof mounted high output LED work lights FWD/REV
Rear red LED marker/brake lights
Back-up alarm
Roof mounted beacon light
Dash Instrumentation Ergonomically fitted operator controls
Graphical User Interface
Health monitoring and diagnostics for engine and HWD systems.
Electric fuel gauge
12V 12.5A auxiliary power outlet
Controls Automotive style, accelerator and service brake pedal
Automatic and standard shift (1, 2, 3 & A Select, Forward and Reverse)
Drive by wire
4WD Traction Control - minimal tire wear/scrub throughout entire turning radius
Fuel System 30 Gal Tank (113 L)
Water separator with primer
Dash mounted fuel gauge
Chassis and Body Heavy bumpers front and rear, tied into main frame / Tow hooks front and rear
Standard utility box with flip down tailgate & tie down
(inside dimensions 71” long x 72” wide X 20” tall)
Cab ROPS/FOPS Certified
Windshield wipers/washer system
Cab heating
Safety glass windows, slider windows in doors
3 independent adjustable seats with seat belts (adjustable mechanical suspension)
No hydraulics in the cab
Available Options Fire suppression system
Fire extinguisher
AC system
Rear windshield wiper
Hand pump manifold for release of Emergency Parking Brakes - for towing
Cab pressurizer with RESPA® filtration system
Optional Configurations Personnel Carrier (ROPS/FOPS optional)
Maintenance/ Mechanics Vehicle
Fuel /Lube Vehicle
Crane / Scissor Lift Vehicle
Telescopic Aerial Boom Vehicle
14-1/2" SIDE STEP