Filmop Case Study

Filmop Case Study
Filmop Microfiber Floor System Results in Repeat
Green Award Accolades for Columbia School District
by Virginia Petru
For two years in a row, Columbia
School District in Columbia, Mo. has
been nationally recognized for its green
cleaning excellence in American School
& University’s 2011 Green Cleaning
Award program.
Last year, the school district grabbed
the organization’s award for the Best
New Green Cleaning Program. This year,
it captured the top honor by earning the
single Green Cleaning Grand Award for
school districts K-12.
A constant in this award-winning green
cleaning program, (which includes green
cleaning products, paper, and equipment)
has been Filmop USA’s microfiber floor
maintenance system.
Filmop’s microfiber floor maintenance
program includes individual systems for
dust mopping, damp mopping, flat surface
cleaning and floor finish application.
After adopting various Filmop
systems, Columbia Public Schools has
not only saved thousands of dollars and
earned national Green Cleaning award
recognition, but has created a healthier
environment for students and staff.
“We started transforming the floor
maintenance program beginning with
the district’s dust mopping,” notes Dave
Thompson, who guided the district
through various green cleaning options.
Thompson is the president of Green Clean
Institute, which provides adult education
for green custodial services throughout
the world and is based in Rolla, Mo.
Dust Mopping Savings
For dust mopping, the district replaced
cotton dust mops and mop oil with Filmop
microfiber dust mops in sizes from the
24” flat mop to the super-sized, adjustable
72” V-sweep. The time it takes to
dust mop classrooms is
significantly faster with
Filmop’s microfiber,
as high-quality fibers
securely grab dust and
debris. Hallways are
finished in a fraction
of the time with the
oversized 72-inch
equipment, with just
two passes down the
wide corridors instead
o f t h r e e o r f o u r.
$17K Annual
Savings to Start
The adjustable 72” V-Sweep cleans hallways in
The district eliminated
just two passes instead of three or four.
traditional string mops and
single buckets for its damp
consumption by 20% by using Filmop’s
mopping needs, and now uses Filmop’s
flat mops instead of traditional cotton
Fred double-bucket system and the
string mops to apply the finish. This
unique Spin ‘n Drop microfiber flat mop.
eliminates the need to clean the wet mop
The Spin ‘n Drop mop collapses from
buckets and wringers with water and
being a flat mop to a looped extension
stripper. It also eliminates the problem of
that is easily used with a bucket wringer.
how dispose of leftover floor finish and
Previously, the district spent $17,000
finish-saturated string mops.
each year on traditional string mops,
“The Filmop system approach to floor
handles, wringers, and buckets.
and flat surface cleaning is changing the
Additionally, the Filmop system
way facility managers go about their job,”
reduces the district’s consumption of
notes Christian Garzaro, general manager
floor cleaning chemical by 35% as the
of Filmop USA. “We eliminate heavy
double-bucket system uses less cleaning
mops, decrease the number of trips to
a water source, and provide substantial
The district’s new approach to
control of cleaning chemical usage. Our
cleaning tabletops, desks, walls, and
methodology, combined with the highest
whiteboards relies upon Filmop’s 12”
quality microfiber products in the industry,
microfiber pads with a hand-grip trowel
generate proven savings in time, money,
that quickly cleans these flat surfaces with
and resources.”
minimal effort.
For details about Filmop’s microfiber
systems and the impact on facility
20% Reduction, Floor Finish
management, visit
The Filmop floor finish system
reduces the district’s floor finish