SIRIO 2014/15Projector

SIRIO 2014/15Projector
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Key Features
SIM2 SIRIO 2014/15 high
brightness projector produces
darker blacks and brighter whites
along with the widest color gamut
range. Flexibility is also key in
terms of performance. The SIM2
SIRIO 2014/15 allows for the use of
different lamp powers depending
on your application needs, and
the high light output make it
ideally suited to ultra wide-screen
The SIRIO 2014/15 is available in
a striking matte black finish, the
same as that used in the luxury
automotive industry.
• Reliable and built to work around the
• Full remote IP management
• Auto calibration via high precision
• 1-chip Full HD (1080p) DLP®-based
home theater projector
• Active 3D(*) technology
• Perfect fit lens feature
• Razor-sharp images with amazingly
high contrast ratio
• 2x 350W UHP lamps
• High Brightness up to 7,000 Ansi
• Superb color accuracy and reliability for
a stunning picture that lasts
• Choice of 5 lenses available
A SIM2 3D emitter and glasses pack is required to initiate this feature (sold separately).
SIRIO 2014/15
Champion of light and color
Engineered to be used with large screen sizes
or where high light output is a necessity,
SIRIO 2014/15 - uses light-tuned optical
elements to maximize light output (up to
7,000 ANSI lumens) from its dual 350W
lamps. SIM2 has, in the SIRIO 2014/15,
created a 3D(*) active single-chip DLP®-based
projector without the compromises that are
usually found in high brightness projectors,
where high light output comes at the cost
of some important features. This is a star
performer that has the power and clarity to
satisfy the most demanding viewer (whether
watching movies or playing videogames), as
well as the ability to deliver bright, contrastrich images in real world lighting conditions.
SIRIO 2014/15 comes with SIM2’s Perfect Fit
technology: Zoom and focus positioning can
be stored for different picture formats, from
standard 16:9 to 2.35:1 aspect ratio, plus one
user setting. Thanks to its wired connections,
SIRIO 2014/15 makes it easy to futureproof
your investment by offering full firmware
and software upgrades, as well as real-time
adjustments and monitoring regardless of
geographic location. The on-board an RJ-45
connector (Ethernet or LAN) and a USB port
hosting a dedicated USB-Wireless adapter
• easy integration with Home Automation
control systems (such as Crestron or AMX)
that use IP addressable control;
• Projector control by IP and
• remote controlling, monitoring and
serviceability – Through a dedicated IP
address and a port, users and service
centers can connect with the projector to
evaluate a reported issue with the projector
and make the necessary adjustments
(where possible) to rectify the issue –
SIRIO 2014/15 features a professional
probe interfaced with the projector’s built-in
processing electronics that allows (through
refined feedback algorithms) a real time
reaction to the environmental conditions.
For ease of installation, the projector sports
the supreme flexibility of five, high quality
glass lens options: one short fixed lens (0.77:1)
and four long throw ratio lenses (ranging from
1.21 to 6.97:1). SIRIO 2014/15 is available in a
striking matte black finish cabinet (MB), with
easy access for lamp maintenance.
SIM2’s SIRIO 2014/15 sports PureMovie,
PureAction, and PureAction 3D user modes
- each optimized for the various demands of
movie, sports and 3D viewing – and SIM2’s
advanced Live Colors Calibration 2.0 software
that enables complete adjustment of the
primary, secondary and white point color
coordinates of the projector.
customized color gamut-specific applications.
Designed for use with large screen sizes (up to
5m – 16.5 ft wide).
SIRIO 2014/15
DLP® Type: 1x Chip DMDs 1080p, 1920x1080 pixels resolution
SIM2’s 3D(*) active Technology (120 Hz.):
Full Remote Monitoring & Control:
DynamicBlack and BrilliantColor Tecnologies:
Light Source:
Brightness (in 2D mode)(1):
Contrast ratio (Full ON/ Full OFF) :
Lenses Throw ratio (with +/- 5% tollerance):
Optical shift:
2x 350W lamps
up to 7,000 ANSI lumens
up to 8,000:1 with DynamicBlack
0.77 : 1
1.21 – 1.45 : 1
1.45 – 1.93 : 1 (standard lens)
1.93 – 3.67 : 1
3.67 – 6.97 : 1
Vertical +60% / -20% from screen center (based on
image height); Horizontal +/-10%
Digital Keystone adjustment (Vertical/Horizontal):
INPUTS/OUTPUTS: 2x HDMI (v.1.4 with Deep Color) - 1x Composite Video - 1x Graphic RGBHV - 1x Component YCbCr/RGBs - 1 x RJ45 LAN - 1x RS-232 - 1x USB (A type) - 1x 3D Sync Out - 3x 12V 100mA output
Lifetime Auto Color Calibration via SIM2 professional probe:
Perfect Fit zoom, focus and lens shift memory feature
Projector weight:
Projector dimensions (WxHxD):
27 Kg. / 59.5 lbs
464 x 241 x 564 mm (18.3”x9.5”x22.2”)
A SIM2 3D emitter and glasses pack is required to initiate this feature (sold separately).
Lumen Specification: This is the typical projector brightness specification found in most sales literature. This measurement allows for direct comparison with other manufacturer’s projectors. Measurements
are taken in compliance with ANSI IT7.228-1997 specification.
SIRIO 2014/15 Leaflet Oct. 2014 - Due to constant product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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