Ultrafine interdental brushes

Oral healthcare specialists Curaprox
have devised a range of ultrafine
interdental brushes that match each
interproximal space. The soft brushes
are gentle on the most delicate of
gums and are available in a variety
of lengths and thicknesses, ensuring
perfect compatibility for every patient.
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A recent report from the Cochrane
Collaboration confirmed that ‘power
brushes with an oscillating-rotating
action reduced plaque and gingivitis
more than those with a side to side
action in the short term’. The term
‘side to side’ action refers to the action
marketed and known as sonic.
In an earlier review in 2005,
Cochrane stated that brushes with a
rotation-oscillating action removed
plaque and reduced gingivitis more
effectively than manual brushes in
the short term and reduced gingivitis
scores in studies over three months
With an array of electric toothbrush
designs available, dental professionals
may find it difficult to determine
which options provide the most
effective outcomes for their patients.
Oral-B pioneered oscillating-rotating
technology. Since their introduction
in 1991, the company has published
over 90 clinical papers and abstracts
demonstrating the superior efficacy
Studies looking at gum disease have
concluded that an effective oral healthcare
routine could help patients to avoid
experiencing stillbirths or developing
breast cancer. Such findings corroborate
the widely accepted belief amongst
healthcare professionals of a systemic
link between gum disease and chronic
disorders found beyond the oral cavity.
Interproximal cleaning provides an
excellent solution, which patients can
effortlessly incorporate into a daily oral
healthcare routine. Interdental brushes
are much easier to employ than dental
floss, successfully cleaning debris away
from areas that are difficult to reach.
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professionals to incorporate their
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of this mode of action in an electric
toothbrush. The company’s flagship
model is the Triumph 5000 with
SmartGuide, which incorporates
many complianceenhancing features.
Brushing frequency,
time and technique can
all affect the performance
of a toothbrush. The
Triumph 5000 will help
your patients brush
better. Using it they’re
on average five times
more likely to adhere to
the recommended two
minutes twice a day and
are less likely to use
excessive brushing force.
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