WVRRFP Option Remote Front Panel Instructions for

Remote Front Panel for WVR6100 and
WVR7100 Series Waveform Rasterizers
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General Safety Summary
Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and prevent damage to
this product or any products connected to it.
To avoid potential hazards, use this product only as specified.
Only qualified personnel should perform service procedures.
While using this product, you may need to access other parts of the system. Read
the General Safety Summary in other system manuals for warnings and cautions
related to operating the system.
To Avoid Fire or
Personal Injury
Do Not Operate Without Covers. Do not operate this product with covers or panels
Avoid Exposed Circuitry. Do not touch exposed connections and components
when power is present.
Do Not Operate With Suspected Failures. If you suspect there is damage to this
product, have it inspected by qualified service personnel.
Do Not Operate in Wet/Damp Conditions.
Do Not Operate in an Explosive Atmosphere.
Keep Product Surfaces Clean and Dry.
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WVRRFP Option Instructions
General Safety Summary
WVRRFP Option Instructions
These instructions describe how to install the WVRRFP Remote Front Panel
when installed as an option in the field.
Operation of the WVR Remote Front Panel is essentially the same as operation
from the instrument front panel. See the documentation for your instrument for
operating details.
This kit many be installed on WVR6100 and WVR7100 Series Waveform Rasterizers only.
Minimum Tool and Equipment List
Required tools and equipment
Part number
Small, flat-- bladed screwdriver
Standard tool
WVRRFP Parts List
Part number
1 ea.
WVR RFP module
1 ea.
012-- 1681-- xx
25’ interconnect cable
1 ea.
071-- 1607-- xx
These instructions
NS - Not Saleable
Cable Requirements
This kit ships with the 25 ft. cable listed above. To use other cables with the
WVRRFP module, they must meet the following requirements:
WVRRFP Option Instructions
Connectors (each end): 9-pin D-SUB, male, with jackscrews
Cable: nine conductors, 26 gauge or heavier, shielded
Construction: Pins 1--9 of each connector wired to corresponding pins of the
other connector (connect pin 1 to pin 1, and so on). Shield or drain wire
bonded to metal shell at each end.
Maximum length: 100 ft. (A cable of this length is orderable as optional
accessory Tektronix part number 012--1682--00.)
WVRRFP Option Instructions
Installing the WVRRFP Remote Front Panel
1. Choose a suitable remote location, which must be reachable by the connecting cable. Option RFP includes a 25 ft. cable; should you want to use a
different cable, it must meet the Cable Requirements on page 3.)
2. Mount the RFP module by inserting in the rack and tightening the frontpanel retaining screws.
NOTE. The RFP module mounts using the front-panel retaining screws only.
There are no rackmount rails present or required.
Waveform Rasterizer (rear panel)
RFP Module (rear panel)
RFP Module (front panel)
3. If the rasterizer is powered on, disconnect its power cord.
4. Connect one end of the cable to the connector labeled “Front Panel” on the
rear of the rasterizer.
5. Route the cable to the location chosen in step 1. Connect the cable to the
connector labeled “Front Panel” at the rear of the WVRRFP module.
WVRRFP Option Instructions
Installing the WVRRFP Remote Front Panel
6. Plug the instrument in to restore power and initialize the WVRRFP module.
All controls must now be operated from the module; the rasterizer front
panel controls are disabled.
7. To remove the WVRRFP module, unplug the rasterizer, disconnect the cable
from the instrument, and then power it on. Control will return to the
rasterizer front panel.
NOTE. All front-panel operations in the documentation for your rasterizer apply
when using the RFP module as well. Consult that documentation for operation
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WVRRFP Option Instructions