setting up and troubleshooting a clover device for spectrum

This document will guide you through the steps to configure a Clover Device to work with
Spectrum. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Success Team.
Clover Requirements:
1. Standard power (wall outlet, or power strip)
2. Network jack (RJ45) or wireless network (PCI (payment card industry) compliant – in
other words, the network must have a secure password for logging on to it, and
appropriate levels of encryption, with available dynamic or static IP address (1 per
Clover device)
3. Access to the Internet
4. Available USB port on computer with Spectrum
5. Access to the Administrator account on the computer (application must be installed as
6. Clover Drivers installation file (this will be sent to you by our Implementation Team)
7. Serial number activation codes (one code per device)
Your Clover device should come with the following items in the package:
Installation Instructions:
Begin this process logged in to the computer as an administrator.
1. Connect the USB cable to the Clover device and to the computer to which you want it
2. Connect the supplied network (ethernet) cable to the Clover device and an available
RJ45 network jack that will provide access to the Internet.
3. Connect power adapter block to power adapter cable (plug), and then plug the cable
into the wall and then into the Clover device.
4. The Clover device should power up, and begin update and configuration step. Follow
the prompts (they may vary from what is listed below).
a. The device will boot up and say ‘Clover is securing your apps.’
b. Pick the language if needed, and hit the Pick Language button.
c. At the network screen, pick your appropriate network type, configure it if
needed, and hit the Next button.
d. The device will check for and download updates.
e. Device will restart at least once, and configure updates. This can take a few
f. When it is done updating you will be back at the language selection screen. Pick
your language again, if needed, and then hit the Pick Language button.
g. You’ll now be back at the network screen. Reconfigure if needed, and then hit
the Next button.
h. A welcome screen will come up. Hit the Continue button.
i. You are now at the Activate Your Device screen. Find your activation code from
the Serial Number Activation Code list provided to you by Daxko or Clover.
j. The device will verify the code, and if correct, begin to download apps to the
device. This can take a few minutes.
k. When it is done it will automatically take you to the Initial Setup Complete
screen. Hit the Next button.
l. You are now at the Customize Your Device screen. You can choose the
i. Require a passcode to unlock the device, or don’t require one.
ii. Where do you want to take tips - on the tablet or on a printed receipt?
iii. Select your options and hit the Continue button.
m. You are done configuring your device.
5. Log in to the computer as administrator. Make sure all instances of Spectrum are
6. Open the Clover USB Driver Setup zip file. Save it on the desktop, or in the Downloads
folder. Extract them from the zip files if needed. The extracted file is called
7. After you download the zip file, right click on the zip file and select Properties. Click the
Unblock box, then extract the zip files. This will prevent Windows from marking the files
as ‘Spam.’ Or simply double-click on the file to open it, if you do not see this option.
a. Follow the install instructions for the Clover driver install wizard
b. Click Finish when completed.
8. Right click on SpectrumNGStart.exe in the directory listed below and select Properties,
then select the Compatibility tab. Select the Run as Administrator button, then click
Apply and click OK.
a. 64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\CSI Software\Spectrum NG
b. 32 bit: C:\Program Files\CSI Software\Spectrum NG
On newer installations of Spectrum, the directory may be:
a. 64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daxko\Spectrum
b. 32 bit: C:\Program Files\Daxko\Spectrum
Restart the Clover device and the Computer.
Log in as administrator.
Open Spectrum on the computer.
Go to Programs and make sure you are logged on to a Spectrum workstation (the
workstation name is in the bottom center of the Spectrum application).
13. Select Tools in the top menu bar, then select Workstation Settings from the tools menu.
14. In the Workstation Settings window:
a. Select Clover Mini from the Device Model drop down.
b. Select Point of Sale if you wish to use the Clover Signature Capture for that
c. Select Contract if you wish to use the Clover Signature Capture for that function.
d. Select Charge to Account if you wish to use the Clover Signature Capture for
that function.
e. Select Series Sales if you wish to use the Clover Signature Capture for that
f. Click OK.
Test the device (Buy something with a credit card, or create a guest or member account
that gets you to the point where a signature is required).
Log out of Spectrum and the computer.
Log in to the computer as the normal user (not the administrator) of the computer.
Log in to Spectrum as the normal user of Spectrum.
Test the Clover device again.
• To wake up or unlock the Clover device touch all four corners of the touch screen.
• The default code to unlock the Clover device is 4321
The device will automatically wake up when Spectrum on the attached computer gets to
a point where the Clover device is needed (e.g. a sale requires a signature, or the
reading of a credit card).
The lock symbol in the bottom right corner locks the screen
For any of the issues listed below, first log in to the computer as an administrator.
Clover Device Not Connected Message
If you see the error message above, the DLL files are not located correctly in the Client folder.
1) Open the Clover Sigcap Drop Files folder (which was sent to you).
2) Individually drop each file into the Spectrum NG Client Folder. DO NOT drop the whole
3) Double check that each file dropped has been “Unblocked,” by right-clicking each file
and going to Properties > Unblock.
4) If there is still an error, close Spectrum and relaunch.
Payment Terminal Not Connected message
If you are seeing the error message shown above, follow these steps:
1) Restart Spectrum.
2) Reboot the Clover device.
3) Make sure the Workstation settings under Programs > Tools > Workstation Settings
are all checked off for the Clover Mini.
Follow the above process at least two times. If there is still an error message, follow these steps:
Unplug the Clover device from the PC.
Shut down the PC.
Shut down the Clover device.
Turn the PC on and allow it to fully restart.
Plug the Clover device back in to the PC.
Restart the Clover device.
“In Start Custom Activity: The Clover device is not connected” message.
If POS is not selected in the Workstation settings you might see the error below. TFS #56753
1. Go to Programs > Tools menu > Workstation settings, and make sure to select Clover
mini in the drop-down menu, and click the POS box.
Unknown Signature Capture Device error message
If you attempt to redeem a Series Sale through GroupX and have the Series Sale option checked
off in the workstation settings you will see the following error. TFS #55837
To fix this, de-select Series Sales in the workstation settings (Programs > Tools Menu >
Workstation settings > Clover Mini > Series Sales checkbox
Possible Errors during the first installation of the Clover device:
When installing the drivers:
“Error opening file for writing:C:\Program Files
Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again or Ignore to skip this file”
Ensure you as signed into the computer as the Administrator AND are running the install
as an admin (Run as Administrator after right-clicking)
When attempting to connect the Clover in Workstation Settings
“Clover settings to support signature capture are missing or incomplete. Signature capture will
not be supported”
Ensure all the .dll files are unblocked and placed in the SpectrumNG Client folder
If you see an error that says “a device is connected but not configured:”
Close Spectrum, and run it as an administrator again.