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Binding Systems
Electric Plastic
Comb Binder
Comb / ProClick Finishers
• Electrical binding optimizes productivity and convenience, providing output of
up to 300 books per hour
• Single adjustment knob with LED’s that pre-set and remember the opening
position for each element size
• “No-flip” Spine Stopper holds large spines in place
• Angled surface for easy loading and paper alignment
• Binds up to 425 sheets at once
• Two binding controls: a hands-free foot pedal or a push button
This high-capacity, electric finisher can bind up to 300 presentations
in an hour. Just set your spine size and get it done in three quick
steps. Simply push the button or foot pedal to open, load pages and
push again to close. Use it to bind oversized documents up to A4 size.
• Quickly bind books with ProClick easy edit elements in just 6 seconds
• LCD display walks user through the binding process
• Load cassettes of 20 ProClick spines in the Pronto
• No user training required to operate
• Document alignment light guides book creation to ensure the perfect bind
• Bind cycle of 6 seconds for binding productivity of up to 450 books per hour
The ProClick P2000 Automated Binding Machine is designed for offices that
already have a modular die punch with a Proclick Pronto die. Print shops and
higher volume users can enjoy the high volume punching capabilities of their
modular punch and the extremely fast binding cycle of the ProClick Pronto
system. It is an incredible new product that is an easy edit punch and bind
alternative to traditional binding styles. Easily add and delete pages from a
ProClick bound document without special tools or machines. It offers the
convenience of push button, automated ProClick binding.
128 K Hall Street • Concord, NH 03301
(603) 225-3400 • FAX (603) 225-4014
1 (800) 847-2463 •
P2000 Binder
• Manual binding arm lets the user control the opening position of the
binding element for easy page loading
• Twenty-eight metal fingers automatically engage and open plastic comb
elements for documents up to 16”
• Side control knob sets the opening position based on the binding element
size. Once engaged, the binding arm will automatically stop at the correct
setting, speeding up productivity
• All metal construction provides greater durability
• Binds plastic comb elements from 1/4” to 2”
Unparalleled flexibility and style is what you get when you use the 16BD
plastic comb binder. Documents stay open for reading and pages are
easy to add or delete. One-step manual binding arm allows for precision
opening of binding elements.
Binding Systems
Comb Opener
Comb / Strip Finishers
• Will bind up to 2” (51 mm) thick, 11” (A4) wide
• The opener has an adjustable ring opener control for
exact book placement
Enjoy the flexibility of comb binding with this all
metal comb opener module. Binds all size binding
combs, and features an adjustable comb sizer to
speed production. Mount on punch or use
• Plastic Comb Manual Binding Machine
• Binds documents up to 425 sheets thick
• Max binding length of 13 1/2” can accomodate binding with both 19 and
24 ring plastic combs
• Use as a stand alone work station with the purchase of the modular holder
• Forms a productive punch and binding system when mounted to the
DTP 340M
The PBS 340 is a manual plastic comb binder. When used
with DTP 340 M, it forms a productive plastic comb
punch and bind machine. Or use as a stand alone device
with the purchase of the modular holder.
Hot Knife
Strip Binder
PBS 340
Manual Comb
• Compatible with up to 14” long, 11-pin spines with up to 3” pin length
• Hot knife binding of strips for tighter and more professional finish
• Bind speed indicator adjusts bind speed to document thickness
• Convenient debind feature allows you to revise and update documents
after they are bound
• Binds up to 750 sheets
The VeloBind System Four 3” Electric Hot Knife Velobinder is a
sturdy binding system that is ideal for commercial or office sites
requiring secure binding. This machine makes it fast and easy to
produce proposals, briefs, reports, presentations or other
documents that command respect and attention.
128 K Hall Street • Concord, NH 03301
(603) 225-3400 • FAX (603) 225-4014
1 (800) 847-2463 •
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