ExpressBox 3200
Gen 3 PCIe-to-PCIe Expansion Chassis
Featuring Gen 3 PCIe Connectivity and
Two 5.25-inch Option Bays
Provides expansion for up to three
PCIe-based, full length cards
Two 5.25” bays
Rack-mountable metal, 2U chassis
(14.25” Wide x 3.48” High x 17” Deep)
520-watt fanless power supply
Connect high performance peripherals at Gen 3 speed.
The ExpressBox 3200 is our latest Gen 3 marvel - precision
engineered to the same exacting standards demanded by our
defense and aerospace customers. The EB3200 is built for
blistering speed and features three (3) full-length, full-height
PCIe slots and flexibility with two customer configurable 5.25”
expansion bays. The rack-mountable aluminum chassis
is designed for integrated removable storage expansion,
a 520-watt fanless power supply, auxiliary power, and
features Magma’s exclusive quiet cooling technology.
Host Connection
Power Supply
Host side: Low profile x8 PCIe
(1.2A @ +3.3V maximum)
Expansion side: Low profile x8 PCIe
(1.2A @ +3.3V maximum)
PCI Express Bus Specification Revision 3.0
PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3
PCI Bridge Architecture Revision 1.2
520-Watt Fanless Power Supply
AC Input: 100-240VAC
Input Frequency: 50-60HZ
Input Current: 8.0A Max
DC Output: 540 Watts Max
+12V 43.0A maximum
-12V .5A maximum
+5V 20.0A maximum
+3.3V 20.0A maximum
+5Vsb 2.5A maximum
Total power on +3.3V and 5V
must not exceed 100W max
Auxiliary power cables:
(5) 4-pin Molex connectors
(2) 6-pin + 2 PCIe connectors
(2) PCIe Connectors
ExpressBox 3200 is compatible with a series of operating
systems, including MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
Three (3) available full length/
full height expansion slots
Electrical: x8 PCIe
Physical: x16 PCIe
Multiply your capacity by adding a host of specialty
PCIe cards to any computer with an available PCIe slot,
and achieve amazing performance in any workstation
configuration. ExpressBox 3200’s patented performance
optimizing backplane seamlessly integrates PCIe
expansion to ensure that all devices installed in the
system operate with the maximum possible speed.
With Gen 3 PCIe cabling and scorching-fast card-tocard communication, ExpressBox 3200 is the only
choice for serious computing environments.
Interconnect Bandwidth
8 GT/s (PCIe x8 Gen 3)
1-meter Gen 3 PCIe Cable
2U Aluminum Desktop – Black
14.25” Wide x 3.48” High x 17” Deep
(363mm x 88.4mm x 432mm)
(2) 5.25” Option Bays
8.5 lbs (3.6 kg)
Tool-less cover removal
White power-on indicator front panel light
System Cooling
One 80mm 33.4 CFM
Expansion Card/Backplane Fan
Variable speed thermistor control
option (or full speed)
Ambient Temperature:
0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature:
-40°C to 125°C
Relative Humidity:
10% to 90% non-condensing
35,000 Hours at 40°C
Chassis Features
Removable desktop feet
Rack-mount kit included
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Class A Verified
CE Certified
RoHS Compliant
Money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
9918 Via Pasar, San Diego, CA 92126
Toll Free: 1.800.285.8990
Telephone: 1.858.530.2511
Visit us online @
©2014 Magma. Magma and ROBEN are trademarks of Mission Technology Group, Inc. All trademarks
are the property of the respective trademark owners. United States and foreign patents pending.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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