Eaton provides BlueFjords data center with power that`s efficient and

Customer Success Story:
BlueFjords data center
Market segment
Data center
Eaton provides BlueFjords
data center with power that’s
efficient and expandable
Luster, Jostedal Valley, Norway
Providing a scalable power
solution for a new data center that
needed to combine outstanding
energy efficiency with the highest
possible levels of resilience.
Power Xpert 9395P
UPS featuring the Energy Saver
System (ESS) for maximum energy
efficiency and HotSync for easy
expansion, supported by Eaton’s
low-voltage distribution switchgear
using Eaton TABULA systems.
The Eaton UPS system and the
associated low-voltage distribution
switchgear proved easy to install
and commission and the solution
has now been operating for more
than nine months. During this time
the BlueFjords data center has
performed flawlessly and exceeded
all of its design targets, including
100 per cent availability.
“Our customers look
for 100% availability,
and this is assured
thanks to the redundant
UPS solutions provided
by Eaton that are
complemented by the
security provisions
of the BlueFjords
data center.”
Edvin Brun, CEO, BlueFjords
The new BlueFjords data
center - owned and operated
by BlueFjords - is located at
the entrance to the Jostedal
valley in the Luster province of
Norway, close to the mighty
Jostedal glacier. This means it
has easy access to a plentiful
supply of clean, renewable
hydro-power via a local energy
node fed from four separate
power plants. The proximity
of the glacier also means
that the climate is stable and
relatively cool, making this
an ideal location for a data
center. These natural benefits
are, however, not enough to
provide a guaranteed service
for BlueFjords’ clients; the
data center also needs a
totally dependable power
supply system.
The utility power to the
BlueFjords data center can
be expected to be reliable
for the majority of the time
thanks to its proximity to the
power node. However, power
protection is still vital to ensure
that the operation of the data
center is never disrupted
by power problems such as
transients, power surges and
voltage perturbations.
To deliver the best possible
protection, a solution based
on double-conversion
uninterruptible power systems
(UPS) was essential, but
BlueFjords wanted to avoid
the relatively low efficiency
traditionally associated with
double-conversion UPSs.
Another significant challenge
was the need for the system to
be readily and cost-effectively
scalable to accommodate the
planned future expansion of the
data center.
To develop and supply all of
the technology solutions for its
new data center, BlueFjords
appointed Data Center
Technology as, a leading expert
in the field of data center
design and implementation.
Based on its experience of
the UPS market, Data Center
Technology proposed the use
of Power Xpert 9395P UPSs for
this application.
In order to provide the highest
possible level of resilience, two
UPSs, each rated at 275 kVA,
were arranged in a redundant
A+B configuration. This means
that even if one of the UPSs
is out of service – to allow
maintenance, for example
– the other is still capable
of supplying all of the data
center’s protected loads.
There were several key factors
that influenced the decision to
use Power Xpert 9395P UPSs.
These included the strong
and well-proven reputation for
reliability associated with these
products and their doubleconversion topology, providing
comprehensive power
protection. The features are
augmented by the incorporation
of two patented technologies:
Eaton’s Energy Saver System
(ESS) and HotSync®.
ESS is an important
advance over conventional
double-conversion UPS
designs. In standard double
conversion mode, Power Xpert
9395P UPSs already deliver
industry-leading efficiency of up
to 96,3 per cent but, when the
quality of the incoming mains
power is good, ESS mode
boosts this to 99 per cent.
Not only does this substantially
reduce the energy required to
power the UPS, it also means
that it generates less heat. This
reduces cooling requirements
and costs while enhancing
the reliability of the UPS and
prolonging its working life.
HotSync technology is
an advanced load-sharing
system that guarantees safe
and reliable operation by
synchronizing parallel power
modules and UPSs without
the need for a communication
link or synchronization signals.
This means that the ‘common
point of failure’ associated
with UPSs operating in parallel,
using conventional techniques,
is eliminated, which greatly
enhances resilience.
HotSync provides outstanding
scalability for UPS installations
as, to increase capacity,
additional UPSs can be readily
connected in parallel with the
existing units, with perfect load
sharing guaranteed.
Since the commissioning of
the BlueFjords data center, the
power systems have operated
exactly as planned. Their high
efficiency is helping BlueFjords
to minimize energy costs and
the environmental impact of its
operations. At the same time,
their outstanding reliability and
power protection performance
are ensuring continuity of
service and total data security
for the company’s customers.
“Not only is Eaton a leader in
innovation, it also has top-notch
competence and excellent
products matched by an
equally excellent reputation.
And it’s a great company to
work with. These factors made
Eaton an easy first choice
for us at BlueFjords, and the
performance of our new data
center continues to confirm
that it was definitely the right
choice,” said Edvin Brun, CEO
of BlueFjords.
In addition to the UPS systems,
Data Center Technology also
supplied Eaton’s low-voltage
distribution switchgear
associated with the BlueFjords
data center. The switchgear
uses Eaton TABULA systems
and technology throughout
and, like the UPS installation,
it has been designed to allow
easy expansion. Special
attention was paid when
selecting the circuit breakers
to achieve maximal availability
and ensure minimal disruption
to the system in a short
circuit situation. To reduce
the effect of neutral voltage
displacement, a selection of
3-pole and 4-pole breakers was
used in strategic positions.
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