3M™ Screen Protector Application Instructions

3M™ Screen Protector Application Instructions
For the best installation and care tips, please view the screen protector installation videos at 3MScreens.com/support
Remove all existing cases, covers, and/
or screen protectors from the device.
Thoroughly clean the screen using the
enclosed lint-free cleaning cloth. Use a
sweeping motion to remove dust particles
from the screen. Make sure there are no
dust particles remaining on the screen, as
they will cause air bubbles under the film.
Use the enclosed cleaning cloth
wrapped around the enclosed
squeegee, or your fingers, to carefully
press the film down while at the same
time peeling the liner off of the film.
Slowly move the applicator, or your
fingers down the center of the display
pressing onto the screen in one fluid
motion. During this step, if you notice an
air bubble, simply lift the film until the
air bubble disappears and then continue
with the installation process.
Using the peel tab at the top of the
screen protector, carefully peel back
the liner 2 to 3 inches. Do not remove
the entire liner.
Use the applicator with the cleaning
cloth wrapped around it, or your
fingers, to press down the edges
of the film while also pushing out
any remaining air bubbles towards
the outside edges of the film. Small
air bubbles should dissipate and
disappear within 24 hours.
Carefully align the exposed top edge
of the film with the edge of the screen.
Be sure to line up the holes in the
screen protector film with any device
features. Take care to not touch the
exposed adhesive side of the film with
your fingers.
Tip for Removing Trapped Dust Particles:
If any particles of dust are trapped under the screen protector (usually appear as a small air bubble with a speck in the
middle), use a piece of 3M™ Scotch® Tape to lift the edge of the film and use another piece of 3M™ Scotch® Tape wrapped around your
finger to dab the spot on the screen or where the dust particle is adhered to; be sure not to touch the adhesive side of the film with your
finger during this process. Carefully reapply the corner of the film and press down the edges and push out any remaining air bubbles.
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