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Ashly digiMIX
Onboard DSP
5-Year Warranty
18-Input Digital Mixer
The digiMIX18 is a digital mixing solution that maintains
all key features of the digiMIX24 in a more compact,
rack-mountable model. The digiMIX18 gives you 18
inputs and 12 output buses (18x12) and maintains the
same powerful real-time live control that give users
instant access to all major functions. You have the flexibility to accommodate instruments, voices and signals
from various sources. Also equipped with Class-A mic
pre's designed exclusively by Ashly, so you know great
sound is always a standard feature!
With its traditional analog feel, the Live Control Surface
allows optimum control with real knobs and a live fader
when selecting important functions, while offering conveniences of a responsive touchscreen, USB interfacing,
and companion Apple iPad® App. Together, it's the ideal
mixing experience.
Modular expandability via optional Dante® and USB
cards which provide 18 digital inputs and up to 30 digital
outputs. Selectable Digital Audio Channel-Insert points
allow you to record, process in native mode, and/or
playback from your favorite DAW using our USB-3018
option card. Useful for capturing or enhancing your live
Multi-Channel Audio Interface
Multi-Channel Network Audio Interface
• Precision Alps® motorized 100mm fader
• Responsive, 7" color LCD touchscreen for graphical
viewing, assign, and setup
• FREE iPad® App for wireless remote control
• EZ-Mode for secure, simplified touchscreen or
iPad® control with EZ-Mode mixer
• Ships as desktop console, rack rails included
• 16 low noise microphone preamps with dedicated
trim controls, +48V phantom power, phase invert
• Gain-sharing automixer
• Assignable cross fader
• Stereo AUX sends for stereo monitors
• 2 dedicated line-level inputs
• TRS inserts on channels 1-8
• 8 AUX sends, 6 DCA for fader or mute groups
• 2 internal stereo FX with fully editable reverbs,
delay with tap tempo, tremolo, flange, and chorus
• Pan control
• High resolution delay (0.2mS) on every input, AUX,
or FX
• Expander/noise gate on every input and FX channel
• Comp/limiter on every input, output, and FX channel
• 4-band parametric/shelving EQ filters plus HPF/LPF
on every input, output, and FX channel
• 31-band Graphic EQ on main and AUX outputs
• Stereo link for adjacent inputs and AUX outputs
• Solo/PFL on every input, output, AUX, or FX
• Stereo main outputs on XLR and phone jack with
dedicated level control
• Headphone and control room outputs with dedicated
level controls
• User presets for Scene, DSP channel, FX or GEQ
settings, plus channel copy function
• 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit DSP processing,
48kHz sampling rate
• Password security
• Software control using Windows®, Mac®, or iPad®
• Internal 100-240VAC universal power supply
• Dante® Network Audio Interface (optional)
• USB Multi-track Audio Interface (optional)
• Safety/compliance: cTUVus, FCC, RoHS
Ashly Audio, Inc. | 847 Holt Road | Webster, NY 14580-9103 USA | US toll free: +1-800-828-6308 | tel: +1-585-872-0010 | fax: +1-585-872-0739 | | | Ashly is a division of Jam Industries, Ltd.
Rear Panel Configuration
Notes: 0dBu = 0.775 VRMS
Microphone Input Class-A Discrete Balanced, 7.3k Ohm Input Impedance
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz, +0.0/-0.5dB
to Main Output
Distortion (THD&N)
<0.01% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
to Main Output
-126dBu, unweighted, 20Hz – 20kHz,
Equivalent Input Noise
150 Ohm source
Gain (Trim)
0 dB – +50dB
Maximum Input Level
+20dBu, balanced
+48VDC, 14mA per channel, assignable to
Phantom Power
channels 1-16
Line Input Balanced, 75k Ohm Input Impedance
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz at 0dBu, +0.0/-1.5dB
to Main Output
Distortion (THD&N)
<0.01% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
to Main Output
Gain (Trim)
-20dB – +30dB
Maximum Input Level
TRS Insert (Ch 1-8 only) Unbalanced, Tip = Send, Ring = Return
Maximum Output Level
+20dBu, 120 Ohm Source Impedance
Maximum Input Level
+20dBu, 5.0k Ohm Input Impedance
Stereo Line Inputs (Ch 17–18) Balanced 27k Ohm Input Impedance
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz, +0.0/-0.05dB
to Main Output
Distortion (THD&N)
<0.07% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
to Main Output
-∞ to +10dB
Input Level (Max)
Maximum Output Levels (240 Ohm source impedance)
Main Outputs (Max)
Balanced XLR and TRS phone jack, +20dBu
AUX 1–8 Outputs
Pseudo-Balanced TRS phone jack, +20dBu
Control Room Outputs
Balanced TRS phone jack, +20dBu
-88dBu (one mic input assigned at 0dB)
Residual Output Noise
-78dBu (all 16 mic inputs assigned at 0dB)
-78dBu (all 18 inputs assigned at 0dB)
Adjacent Channels (1kHz) -82dB
-70dB (Bus Noise, Adjacent Channels
20Hz – 20kHz)
Channel DSP Functions
Polarity Invert
Per channel, On/Off
(Inputs, main, AUX, FX)
Delay Time
Per channel, 0-300ms in 0.2 ms increments
(Inputs, main, AUX, FX)
Noise Gate / Expander Inputs, FX
Threshold Range
-84dB – 0dBFS
Attack time
0.5mS – 200mS
Release time
10mS – 1,000mS
1:1 to ∞
Compressor/Limiter Inputs, Main, AUX, FX
Threshold Range
-50dB – 0dBFS
Attack time
10mS – 150mS
Release time
10mS – 1,000mS
1:1 to ∞
0dB – +24dB
Parametric EQ (PEQ) Inputs, Main, AUX, FX
Filter Type
Parametric, low shelf, high shelf
(EQ1, EQ2, EQ3, EQ4)
Parametric Filters
20.6Hz – 20kHz, Q 0.4 – 24, boost/cut ±24dB
Shelving Filters
20.6Hz – 20kHz, boost/cut ±24dB
20.6Hz – 20kHz, 20 filter type
Bypass, Butterworth (BW) 6dB/oct,
Bessel (BS) 6dB/oct, BW 12dB/oct,
BS 12dB/oct, Linkowitz/Riley (LR) 12dB/oct,
BW 18dB/oct, BS 18dB/oct, BW 24dB/oct,
HPF and LPF Filter Types
BS 24dB/oct, LR 24dB/oct, BW 30dB/oct,
BS 30dB/oct, BW 36dB/oct, BS 36dB/oct,
LR 36dB/oct, BW 42dB/oct, BS 42dB/oct,
BW 48dB/oct, BS 48dB/oct, LR 48dB/oct
Graphic EQ (GEQ) Main, AUX
Filter Type
31-band, Constant Q, boost/cut ±24dB
FX FX input Sends from Ch 1-18, FX output Assigns to main L/R, AUX 1-8
Reverbs (3), delay (1200ms), tremolo,
Effect Types
flange, chorus, combinations (See manual)
DSP Processing
A-D converter dynamic
104dB, unweighted
Internal processor
32-bit floating point
D-A converter dynamic
105dB, unweighted
ADC/DAC bit depth and
24-bit / 48kHz
sampling rate
5.8mS, 1kHz, Analog input to analog output
Mixer Features
(speech only)
Crossfade mode
(system screen)
Gain-sharing type, individual assignment of
channels 1-16
Use pan control to fade between any two
assigned inputs, outputs, or FX
Inputs 1-16, aux outputs 1-8, paired only as 1-2,
Stereo Link
3-4, 5-6 etc.
DCA groups
6 groups, level, mute, solo
Mixer lock, unlock, 4-character password, case
Password Security
Preset Types
Scene (24), DSP channel (48), FX (104), GEQ (48)
EZ-Mode Simplified individual fader adjust, ON/OFF, Icon assign
EZ Mixer #1
Main, DCA 1-4, AUX 1-4, password lock
Main, DCA 1-6, AUX 1-8, Ch 17-18, password
EZ Mixer #2
Temperature Range
Operating, free-air
Power Requirements
AC Mains
41°F – 113°F (5°C – 45°C)
-4°F – 140°F (-20°C – 60°C)
100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 120W MAX
Software, Firmware and Drivers
Ashly digiMIX app for Apple iPad®, FREE from
iPad® Control
iTunes® App store
Firmware Utility for Windows®
Firmware Update digiMIX18
and Mac® (download from
Preset Backup and digiMIX18 Preset Utility for Windows®
and Mac® (download from
May be required when using digiMIX18 utilities
via USB connection. (Separate Windows and Mac
Device driver
versions available on
Device Driver
Required for USB-3018 option when using
Windows® audio program (download from, not required for Mac)
Digital Audio Option Cards
Sold Separately, Field Installable
Dante-3018 Multi-Channel Network Audio Interface (24 bit / 48 kHz)
USB-3018 Multi-Channel Audio Interface (24 bit / 48 kHz)
Digital IN/OUT
Digital In, Channels 1-18
On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
Digital Out, Channel 1-16
Selectable as group
On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
pre/post DSP
Digital Out, Channel 17-18, Main, AUX 1-8, Solo
On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
Weights and Dimensions
digiMIX18 Console
Unit Dimensions
19.3"L x 5.65"W x 14.0"H (486 x 144 x 356 mm)
Shipping Dimensions 22.0"L x 8.15"W x 17.1"H (559 x 207 x 434 mm)
Unit Weight
17.0 lbs (7.7kg)
Shipping Weight
21.0 lbs (9.5kg)
Dante-3018 Option Card
Shipping Dimensions 6.02" L x 1.85" W x 7.09" H (153 x 47 x 180 mm)
Shipping Weight
0.42 lbs (0.19kg)
USB-3018 Option Card
Shipping Dimensions 6.02" L x 1.85" W x 7.09" H (153 x 47 x 180 mm)
Shipping Weight
0.47 lbs (0.21kg)
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