Zebra’s Multiplatform SDK
Create new applications to print from various mobile platforms — such as Apple® iPhone®,
iPad™ and iPod touch® mobile digital devices, Android™-based systems, BlackBerry® smartphone
models, or Windows Mobile® and Windows CE® terminals and devices to Zebra® mobile or
stationary thermal printers with Zebra’s ZebraLink™ Multiplatform Software Development Kit
(SDK). The SDK includes source code samples, documentation and demonstration modules
that make creating custom applications — with embedded support for Zebra printers —
clear-cut and straightforward.
Explore the Possibilities
The SDK opens your door to exciting new
opportunities for supporting on-demand
printing. For your customers, it means they
may no longer need to carry multiple devices
to enable printing.
To start the conversation, download our
ZebraLink Smartphone Utility to your Apple
mobile digital device, Android-based system,
BlackBerry smartphone, or Windows Mobile
or Windows CE device to demonstrate printing
simulated asset tag, photo ID badge or
e-citations to a Zebra printer. Once customers
see how easily they can get up and running,
it’s time to explore their application ideas.
Printing Applications — Imagination
to Creation
Use the ZebraLink Multiplatform SDK to
create different applications to support
your customers’ varied printing needs. The
following ideas are only the tip of the iceberg:
• Field service / sales / inspection labels
and receipts
• Direct store delivery documentation
• Retail mobile point-of-sale receipts for line
busting; price lookup and shelf labeling;
mobile online coupon printing
• Healthcare specimen labeling
Part of the ZebraLink
Software / Tools Suite
Find out more at
Just the Start...
The ZebraLink Multiplatform SDK currently supports a variety of Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod
touch mobile digital devices, Android-based systems, BlackBerry smartphones, or Windows
Mobile or Windows CE devices. Look forward to updates as we roll out support for more
smartphones, mobile devices, terminal operating systems and PC-based platforms in the future.
Zebra’s Professional Services group offers mobile device programming assistance to enable you
to quickly take full advantage of this new opportunity for revenue growth. Contact sdk@zebra.com
for more information.
Supported Zebra Printers
Supported Apple Mobile Digital Devices
Mobile Printers
Industrial Printers
• ZQ500™ Series
• 105SLPlus™
(using iOS versions 5.0 and later, via WLAN
• QLn™ Series
• Xi4™ Series
• iPod touch® 4, 5
• iPad mini™ 1, 2, 3
• iMZ™ Series
• ZT200™ Series
• iPad® 2, 3, 4
• iPhone® 5, 5C, 5S
Desktop Printers
• ZT400™ Series
• iPad Air® 1, 2
• iPhone 6, 6 Plus
• ZD400™ Series
Kiosk Printers
Supported BlackBerry Devices
• ZD500™ Series
• KR403™
(using OS 4.2.1 or later)
• G-Series™
Print Engines
• 8100 Pearl™ Series
• ZE500™ Series
• Pearl Flip Series
• HC100™
Supported Windows Mobile Devices
(using Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, also
requires Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework
v3.5 or later)
• Curve™ 8300, 8520, 8900 Series
• 8800 Series
• Bold™ 9000
• Tour™ 9630
• Zebra® MC70xx
Supported Android Devices
• Zebra MC75
(using Android v4.0.3 or higher)
• Zebra MC9090
• Zebra Android based Mobile Computers
• HTC® Touch™
• Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™
• HTC Diamond™
• Samsung Galaxy™ Nexus™
• HTC Pure ST6356™
• Nexus 4
• HP ® iPAQ ® 910 Business Messenger
• Nexus 7
• Samsung® Jack
• Nexus 10
Supported Windows CE Devices
(using Windows CE 5.0 or later, also
requires Microsoft .NET Compact
Framework v3.5 or higher)
• Zebra MK4000
• Hand Held Products® IK8570
For more information and for downloads, visit the ZebraLink
Smartphone Utility and SDK web page at www.zebra.com/sdk
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