Stage Right Multimedia Studio Reference Monitor Headphones

Stage Right Multimedia Studio Reference Monitor Headphones
P/N 605055
User's Manual
Please read this entire manual before using this device, paying extra attention to these
safety warnings and guidelines. Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.
Using headphones at high volume levels for extended periods of time can result in
permanent hearing damage.
Do not use this headphones while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment,
walking in traffic, or any other situation in which situational awareness is a key to
It is advised to reduce the volume level of your audio source device to minimum
prior to connecting these headphones, then increase volume to a comfortable
listening level.
Do not expose this device to water or moisture of any kind. If water accidentally
gets on the headphones, wipe them dry immediately. If the headphones are
accidentally submersed, do not use them until they are completely dry.
Clean using a soft, dry cloth only. Do not use chemical cleaners, solvents, or
detergents. For stubborn deposits, moisten the cloth with warm water.
These headphones have no user serviceable parts. Do not attempt to open, service,
or modify these headphones.
When not in use, store these headphones in a cool, dry place. Do not expose these
headphones to direct sunlight or heat sources for extended periods of time.
Thank you for purchasing these Stage Right Multimedia Studio Reference Monitor
Headphones! Designed to deliver rich, natural, distortion-free sound, these Stage Right
Monitor Headphones are ideal for recording, mixing, mastering, and monitoring. The
circumaural (around the ear) design provides -28dB of sound isolation to keep the mix out
of sensitive mics. Enjoy powerful, crisp, detailed sound from the latest state-of-the art
53mm neodymium magnet drivers.
Adjustable, leather-covered stainless steel headband
Closed-back, circumaural (around the ear) design
Rotatable ear cups for easy one-ear monitoring
-28db Acoustic Isolation
Detachable straight cable
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below. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact Monoprice Customer Service for a
1x Studio reference monitor headphones
1x 9.8 foot (3 meter) audio cable
1x 3.5mm to 1/4" plug adapter
1x User's manual
Headphone Type
Closed-back, circumaural (around the ear)
Transducer Type
Driver Size
53mm with neodymium magnets
32 ohms
Frequency Response
16 Hz ~ 28 kHz
100dB ±3dB
Acoustic Isolation
Rated Input Power
Maximum Input Power