lalaby 2 in 1 swing user`s manual

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IMPORTANT! Please read this instruction carefully before using the product and keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
Due to variations on the styles and designs of our products, the photographs and illustration shown in
this instruction manual and box are generic, Therefore product fabric, color and design may vary
from images shown, Chelino reserves the right to alter product specifications.
I. Parts List & Drawings
II. Assembly instructions
III. Function
IV. Care & Cleaning
Parts List & Drawings:
Parts Name:
Base support front tube
Base support rear tube
Swing control module
Seat frame front tube
Seat frame backrest tube
Seat support frame
Seat pad with padding
Toy bar
Adjustable backrest molding
AC/DC adapter
Assembly instruction
1)Assemble base support front tube and rear tube (Fig.1.).Ensure the pop pins are locked in place so the front and rear tubes
are secured.
2) Connect the swing control module wire with the battery compartment wire. Place the swing control module on the base
support tube.
IMPORTANT! Place extra wire into the wire casing on the base support tube to avoid the wire being crushed after swing
control module is in place. Ensure the pop pins are securely locked in place and that the swing control module cannot be
separated from the base support tube.
3) Ensure that the two adjustable backrest supports are attached to the seat support frame. Assembly as shown in Fig.4. If
not - follow Fig.4. to do it. Ensure that it was done properly and that pop pins are locked.
4) Insert the seat frame front tube and backrest tube into the seat support frame. Ensure that the pop pins are locked.
5) Place the seat support frame assembled in point.4. onto the swing control module (Fig.6.). In order to disconnect
swinging module from seat support frame - release grey button (Fig.7.) and lift the seat frame at the same time.
6) After proper assembly seat frame should look like in the Fig.8.
7) In order to mount seat pad, padding and toy bar - follow as shown in pictures as below.
8) In order to adjust the backrest - press simultaneously buttons on both adjustable backrest moldings and set it in one of 3
possible positions.
9) Bouncer can be rotated 360 degrees around bouncer axis.
10) In order to lock swinging possibility of bouncer - set it to the central position and then move slider up (Fig.11). Never
block swinging when the bouncer is turned ON!
11) In order to insert safety belts follow figures: B, H-M from point 7. Remember to always adjust shoulder and crotch belts
after putting baby inside. All buckles must be locked (pictures - K and L point.7).
12) Swinging unit and all functions were described and shown below (Fig.13.):
- In order to turn the bouncer on - press button - POWER.
- Buttons „-” i „+” (1) are used to control swinging speed of the bouncer. Press „+” to increases the swinging speed, „-” to
decrease swinging speed. One of 4 speeds can be set. Because of the age of babies - speeds does not differ much. Current
speed is indicated by LED light.
- Music button (2) can be used to turn the music ON and OFF.
- Music/Volume change button (3) can be used to change current music (quick press) or to change the sound volume level
(press the button for a longer time).
- Timer is set by pressing button (4). It is possible to set one of the 3 possible timers - 10, 20 and 30 min. Current timer set is
indicated by LED light. Default set - timer is turned OFF (non of the LED lights shine) after turning ON - bouncer will
swing until the power is turned OFF.
- Move detector button (5) after turning this function on - bouncer will be automatically start swinging after detecting baby
movement. Move detector option is indicated by LED light next to the button.
To Prevent Serious Injury or Death!
This reclined cradle is not intended for prolonged periods of sleeping
Never leave the child unattended in the reclined cradle.
Not intended for carrying baby.
NEVER use for a baby who is able to sit upright unassisted.
To prevent serious injury or death from falls and strangulation from the restraint system: ALWAYS use restraint
system. NEVER use with an active child who may be able to climb out of the seat.
NEVER place a child under 6 lbs.(3kgs) or over 20 lbs.(9kgs) in the swing.
NEVER lift swing using the toy bar as a handle
NEVER move unit while child is in swing.
NOT for use in automobile or airline travel.
NEVER use as a car seat or infant carrier.
NEVER use accessories or replacement parts other than those approved by the manufacturer
This reclined cradle does not replace a cot or a bed. Should your child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a
suitable cot or bed.
Do not use the reclined cradle if any components are broken or missing.
FALL HAZARD: Discontinue use of swing while infant can roll over or push up on hands and knees. Never place the
swing on countertops, table, on or near steps or on other elevated surfaces. ALWAYS use on the floor.
SUFFOCATION HAZARD: NEVER use on soft surface, such as a bed, sofa, or cushion, as seat may tip over and cause
- Battery chamber is located on the bottom of base support front tube.
- Unscrew battery cover with Phillips screwdriver. Remove cover and place 4 xLR20 batteries into the battery chamber
- Close the battery chamber and tighten the screw.
1. Insert the batteries into the chamber indicated on the packaging or the product itself. In order to insert the batteries to the
unscrew the securing cover and place the batteries in line with the polarity. After the batteries are inserted, screw the cover
back on.
2. In order to take the batteries out, unscrew the securing cover, remove the batteries and close the cover again.
3. Batteries which are not suited for charging are not to be charged.
4. Chargeable batteries can be charged under adult supervision.
5. Chargeable batteries should be removed from the product before charging.
6. Batteries should be inserted maintaining proper polarity.
7. Do not mix together different types of batteries or new and used batteries.
8. Only use batteries of a recommended type or equivalents.
9. Depleted batteries should be immediately removed from the product.
10. Do not short circuit the battery clamps.
11. The product uses replaceable batteries.
12. The product cannot be connected to more power sources than recommended.
13. Used batteries should be thrown into specially marked containers intended to collect used batteries and used electronic
1. Adapter included to the swing should be regularly checked (especially wires, plugs, plastic covers and
other parts). If the adapter got broken - it cannot be used anymore.
2. Use only the adapter supplied with the swing.
WARNINGS! When the adapter is not used - keep it away from baby.
Do not allow child to play with adapter. Adapter is not a toy.
- Keep the product in dry places. In order to keep the product attractive - avoid prolonged sun exposure.
- Check condition of the bouncer regularly. Before each use check if it was assembled regularly.
- Use only parts recommended and provided by manufacturer.
- Clean the bouncer regularly.
- In order to clean plastic parts and tubes - use damp cloth.
- Padding can be hand washed with a bit of delicate soap. Do not bleach!
- Fabric of the seat pad can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
1. Please read this User Guide thoroughly before using this product. If you are not sure on any point in this guide
please consult with the sales person whom sold you this product or contact Chelino on 0118352520. Our
offices hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm and Fridays from
9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm. Our offices are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays
and for three weeks during the December/ January festive season. We are situated at 12 Kimberlite Road,
Theta Ext, Booysens Reserve, 2091, Johannesburg, Gauteng, RSA.
To avoid suffocation or swallowing or any other illness, please keep all packaging which have been removed
from parts wrapped in the box away from infants, toddlers, children or any other living being. Please carefully
dispose of the unwanted packaging once this product is fully assembled and you are satisfied with your
Please make sure that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase before removing the warning card attached
to this product and before using this product. Once the warning card has been removed and if this product has
been used we will not accept the return of this product.
If you are not entirely satisfied with this product purchased, please disassemble this product and re-pack it in
the original packaging and return it to the store you purchased it from together with the proof of purchase.
Depending on the stores policy, you will either be entitled to a replacement product, a credit voucher or a
refund. This depends on the stores policies.
If you are not entirely satisfied with the assemble of this product or if you are not 100% sure that you have
assembled this product correctly, please take this product back to the store you purchased it from and request
for some assistance in checking if the assembly is correct or get this product assembled. Depending on the
store’s policy, there could be an extra charge for this service. Chelino will not take any responsibility if this
product is incorrectly assembled thus causing any sort of injury to the user or the child. Alternatively you can
contact Chelino directly on 0118352520, our offices hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm
and 14:00 to 16:30 pm and Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm. Our offices are closed
on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays and for three weeks during the December/ January festive season.
There is a charge for the assembly of any product. If you require a Chelino representative to assemble this
product you will have to bring this product to our offices which are situated at 12 Kimberlite Road, Theta Ext,
Booysens Reserve, 2091, Johannesburg, Gauteng, RSA.
Please note, that any repair which will needs to be made to this product must be done at the Chelino workshop
which is situated at 12 Kimberlite Road, Theta Ext, Booysens Reserve, 2091, Johannesburg, Gauteng, RSA. Our
offices hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm and Fridays from
9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:30 pm. Our offices are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays
and for three weeks during the December/ January festive season.We do not provide any loan\courtesy
products while your product has been sent in for repairs. Chelino requires 7 working days to repair any product,
but this lead time may vary depending on the transportation of the product too and from yourself. Once the
warranty card is detached from this product and once this product is used even if used once and if there is a
fault, this product will need to be sent to the Chelino Workshop for the repair and no refund\credit\exchange
will be allowed. Only a Chelino representative can decide whether the product needs to be
Once you are satisfied with the assembly of this product and have read this instruction and agree to the terms
stated and are ready to use this product, please ensure that all safety locks are engaged to ensure safe use of
this product.
Please ensure that the child is always securely strapped into this product at all times. The seat belts must be
properly adjusted to keep the child secured. If the seat belt is too loose the child could fall out thus causing
injury. If the seat belts are too tight it will cause injury and aggravation to the child.
Never leave the child unattended or without parent\guardian supervision while in this product, as injury could
be caused by other parties intentionally or unintentionally. This product can be knocked over and the child can
be injured.
10. Please ensure that you use a new set of batteries. Never use one new and one old battery or mixed match
batteries. This can cause the electronics to malfunction and there is no warranty on the electronic parts.
11. Never use this product for longer than one hour. It could cause the motor to malfunction.
12. Never allow the child to stand on the seat of this product. This can cause to damage to the product and thus
causing injury to the child. The child can also fall out of this product causing injury to him\herself. This can also
cause damage to structure of this product.
13. This product is designed for the use of only one child. This product cannot accommodate more than one child.
14. Take special care when adjusting the backrest if the child is seated in this product. It is preferred to select the
desired backrest position before seating the child this product.
15. Prevent and do not allow any child to climb into this product or hang onto the handle bars or any other part of
this product. This imbalance of weight can cause this product to topple thus causing injury.
16. Storage trays\storage compartments\cup holders are there for convenience and are not suitable for holding
large amounts of liquids (hot or cold) or heavy objects. These areas are also not waterproof or leak proof and
spillage can occur.
17. This product is fit to carry a child weighing no more than 8kgs.
18. Chelino takes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused by using this product
or if this product is used for any other purposes other than its intended purpose.
19. Please note, there are no warranties or guarantee on any fabrics or sponge grip handles used on this product.