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Slater" Plastic Boxes
Screw Mount Steel Stud Boxes
With Combo Head Self Tapping Screws
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1 Number
Cu. In. Description
Dimensions (inches) Wire, Fill Qty. Per
| Screw Mount, Steel Stud Boxes with Quick/Click"
Single gang. Captive mounting screws
each end. 2 Quick/Entries each end.
2 1/4
Single gang deep. Captive mounting
screws each end. 2 Quick/Entries each
end. Extradeep for dimmers, GFCI's
and thermostats, yet suitable for 2 x 4
1 *S2-35-RACS 35.0
Two gang. Captive mounting screws
and 4 Auto/Clamps" each end.
• •S3-54-RACS 54.0
Three gang. Captive mounting screws
and 6 Auto/Clamps each end.
Four gang. Captive mounting screws
and 6 Auto/Clamps each end
1 S4-68-RACS 68.0
1 Catalog
| Number
Cu. In. Description
9 No. 14
8 No. 12
7 No. 10
11 No. 14
10 No. 12
9 No. 10
17 No. 14
15 No. 12
14 No. 10
27 No. 14
24 No. 12
21 No. 10
3 13/16 7 13/16
34 No. 1 4
30 No. 12
27 No. 10
Dimensions (in.) Wires
Depth (AWG)
Qty. Per
| Screw Mount, 4" Round Ceiling Steel Stud Boxes
• 'S1-20-RACS 20.25
4" round. 2 Captive mounting screws,
4 Auto/Clamps.
All boxes are UL Listed.
•UL Classified and ICBO Recognized
10 No. 14
9 No. 12
8 No. 10
Pass & Seymour
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Slater Plastic Boxes
Location Ribs
Location Ribs enable the installer
to quickly and accurately maintain
a 1/2" offset. Dual ribs also make it
easy to keep the face of the box parallel to the stud. The ribs are .450"
long to reduce the chance of the box
protruding beyond the 1/2"
sheetrock.They project .080" to span
the rounded edges of wood studs but
will not cause excessive canting of the
box when used with thinner wallboard.
Fast, easy, and secure installations
Slater Plastic Boxes, the Contractor's Choice designed
with unique labor-saving features, include a complete
range of wall, ceiling, and old work boxes for commercial and residential construction applications.
Slater Plastic Wall Boxes meet UL 263 "for fire resistance, for use in fire resistant walls constructed of wood
or non-load bearing metal studs and gypsum wallboard
for two hours or less classification periods."
The results of UL testing have been reviewed by the
International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)
allowing Slater wall and ceiling boxes to be recognized
for use in two hour fire rated construction.
The unique, labor-saving Quick/Click design secures the wiring
device quickly and easily. Simply push in the mounting screws with
a screwdriver and turn the screw one turn.
With Quick/Click you cannot cross-thread or strip a device
mounting screw.
Wall boxes are tested for a minimum 100 Ib. total device pullout resistance.
How Quick/Click Works
The spring steel insert for quick mounting of switches and receptacles is a unique patented feature. (Refer to illustration.) Note how
the spring acts as a locking ratchet and allows the screw to be
pushed in and then tightened. The screw can only be released by
unscrewing it in the conventional fashion.
Product Features
Eliminates the need for separate cable clamps as well as the
tools usually needed for installation.
Auto/Clamp® is available on all multigang boxes, old work boxes, 4"
square boxes, and 3 1/4" and 4" round ceiling boxes. A major installation advantage with Auto/Clamp is that the clamp is molded as an
integral part of the box (there are no separate clamps and screws to
install, adjust or tighten). Each cable opening contains an
Auto/Clamp, therefore, the non-metallic sheathed cable may be inserted where needed or where most convenient. Auto/Clamp does not
take up as much room as conventional clamps, allowing more
room for wire and devices another important feature.
To install the cable, insert stripped
or unstripped non-metallic wire into
the Auto/Clamp opening and pull
through to the desired length. The
cable is automatically secured and
the installation is complete. There
are no other operations for the electrician to perform. Contractors can
look forward to saving time and
money with every Auto/Clamp plastic box installation.
Speeds installation by eliminating
need for tools
Another time-saving idea is Quick/Entry,
a method that allows you to push
stripped or unstripped non-metallic
cable into a single gang plastic box
without removing knock-outs. Jagged
edges usually formed in other boxes
are eliminated. Staple wire to stud within 8" of the box ( per NEC 370-17(c)) to
complete installation.
Slater Plastic Boxes
Pass & Seymour
Slater Wood & Steel Stud Bracket Boxes
Screw Mount: Steel Mud Boxes
Slater single, two, three, four gang and 4" square wood and steel
stud boxes feature Quick/Click", the labor-saving device that
assures quick and dependable installation of switches and receptacles. These high-impact thermoplastic boxes can be mounted quickly to steel or aluminum studs using the CT-1 Crimping Tool, or they
can be mounted to wooden studs with common nails or screws.
Slater single, deep single, two, three, four gang, and 4" round ceiling boxes with combination Hex/Phillips washer head self-tapping
screws are designed to save labor and speed installation in steel
stud construction. These innovative boxes are an alternative to
bracket box steel stud construction, and can also be used on wood
studs. The specially designed point on the screw rapidly penetrates
light and medium gauge steel studs to securely fasten the box.
Locator ribs 0.450" long help align the box on the stud and insure
correct mounting depth. Boxes are UL Listed and ICBO
On the one, two, three and four gang steel stud boxes, a steel
mounting bracket is provided for mounting to the structural stud.
The non-mounting side of the box has provisions for attachment to
a short section of stud (phantom stud), as shown in the illustration
below, to give additional rigidity to the installation. This assembly
may also be used without the phantom stud as a positioning tab to
automatically realign the box to the wallboard surface. The brackets
are 3/8" offset to accommodate 3/8" to 5/8" thick wallboard.
• All boxes are UL Listed.
• Quick/Click feature offers fast and dependable installation of devices.
• Unique offset tab assures proper alignment to wall face. Available
with 3/8" offsets.
• Can be used for steel, aluminum, or wooden studs. Can be
installed on steel studs with most standard crimping tools in
addition to Slater No. CT-1 (Crimping Tool).
• Molded of high-impact thermoplastic.
• Available in single, two, three, four gang and 4" square boxes
(two, three and four gang boxes and 4" square include Slater's
Auto/Clamp' feature).
• All single, two and three gang boxes are UL Classified and ICBO
Specially designed screw point rapidly penetrates studs.
All boxes are UL Listed.
Quick/Click feature offers fast and dependable installation
of devices.
Can be used for steel, aluminum, or wood studs.
Molded of high-impact thermoplastic.
Locator ribs ensure proper alignment on stud and proper
offset depth.