2002 Issue #2 • Number 6
Version 6
Version 6 Highlights
• Enhanced Navigation
• Kids Data and Accounts Receivable
• Payroll Deduction
• Staff Development
• Corporate Communications
• Search Emergency Contacts
• New Attendance Reports
• New Mailing Labels
• Immunization Management
• Password Protection
• New Manual
Update Materials
• Version 6 CD
• Updated Manual
• Enhancement Newsletter
Important Reminder
This Update is provided to
you at no additional cost as
one of the benefits of your
annual Support Plan.
he enclosed CD contains the latest
enhancements and improvements to
KidsCare. As always, the enhancements
incorporated into Version 6 are designed
to increase the ease and functionality of
KidsCare and are largely the result of
suggestions and requests from you, our
clients. As you begin to use Version 6,
we encourage you to share with us
suggestions for further improvements
that you would like to see in the next
update. You can do this by visiting
the KidsCare web site at and
clicking on the suggestion link in the
Client-Only area.
In addition to this enhancement
overview, we have enclosed a new
reference manual that includes
complete information on all of
KidsCare’s capabilities.
We encourage you to install this
update as soon as possible to take
advantage of these improvements.
New Version 6 Manual
Installation instructions are included
on the last page, but do not hesitate
to call our support department at
215-542-4389 if you have any
questions or problems.
Version 6 Enhancement Highlights
Enhanced Navigation
Payroll Deduction
The popularity of shortcut buttons for AR, Kid Data and Cash
Receipts prompted us to go one step further. Version 6 offers
a navigation bar that allows one-click access to the nine most
frequently used screens.
The Payroll deduction feature automatically charges
participating families, credits them the full amount of their
outstanding balance, and produces a report for the payroll
department indicating the deduction amount.
Kid Data and
Accounts Receivable Screens
These screens have been redesigned for easier use.
Additionally, we’ve added Family User Fields as a tab to
Accounts Receivable.
Staff Development
A new Development tab in Staff Data allows you to keep
track of continuing education credits and certifications.
Several reports will let you track total credit hours, cost
of credits, as well as when certifications are up for renewal.
New Mailing Labels
Our new mailing labels report is designed for widely available
Avery (template 5160) labels.
Password Protection
Many of you had asked for security features in KidsCare.
Now when you run KidsCare, you’ll be asked to log in.
Note: The default password is kids.
Corporate Communications
Immunization Management
Directors who need to send reports to their central office
regularly will enjoy this feature. You can choose from a list
of our most important financial and statistical reports, set up
the report specifications, and have KidsCare send these
reports as attachments in a single e-mail message. This
eliminates paper & postage expenses and reduces the time
spent sending information to headquarters.
Immunization Management was always a headache until
KidsCare made it easy to ensure compliance, with the
Overdue Immunization report. Now, we’re adding a new
Immunization Reminder letter that allows you to send parents
a notice of needed immunizations. Similar to our invoices,
you can edit the header and footer of this report, and print
out Immunization Letters for distribution to your parents.
Search Emergency Contacts
You can quickly search emergency contacts to match a contact
to a child. This is very helpful when a contact or pickup
shows up at your center or calls concerning a child. This
feature is also helpful when the parent and child have different
last names.
New Attendance Reports
Previously, the only way to produce reports based on
Contracted or Actual attendance was with our optional
KidsCare Reporter. Version 6 offers a new Attendance report
that provides the attendance information you need.
New Manual
Our new manual has been restructured to make it even easier
for you to find the answers that you are looking for.
Converting Your
Databases to Version 6
Installing Version 6
ersion 6 is installed to its own folder;
to eliminate conflicts with your
current KidsCare. Follow these step-bystep instructions for installing Version 6
and converting your Version 5 data files.
1. Make sure all other applications are
closed before attempting installation.
2. Insert the CD into your computer. The
installation should begin immediately.
If it does not, click on the Start button,
then Run, and enter d:\install.exe (or
substitute the appropriate CD-ROM
drive letter for “d”) and press Enter.
fter installing the update, you must
convert your databases to the
Version 6 format.
1. IMPORTANT: Make a backup of
your KidsCare 5 files!
2. Click on Start, Programs, KidsCare
Software, and select Convert KC5 to
3. Once the Conversion Utility is
running, click on the Convert a
Database button.
3. Click on your .mdb file to select the file
to convert. Click OK once that is
accomplished; or, simply double-click
on your .mdb file to load it.
4. Enter the new data file name.
You’re currently still in the C:\KC5
directory! Enter C:\KC6 and press enter.
5. You will now be in the KC6 folder.
Enter your new file name, and press
Save, and the conversion process will
If for any reason, you have questions or
problems concerning the conversion, please
call KidsCare at (215) 542-4389.
3. For this version of KidsCare, you must
install the Snapshot Viewer first.
4. Next, install KidsCare. It is highly
recommended that you install it to the
default directory (c:\kc6).
5. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat
Reader installed, you may want to
install it now. It will allow you to use
the online manual included with
KidsCare, as well as allow you to print
out additional manuals.
Once the conversion is complete, open
KidsCare 6. The default password is kids.
The Open Center box defaults to the My
Documents folder. Type C:\KC5 in
the file name box and press Enter.
This will open the C:\KC5 folder.
The first time you run KidsCare 6, you will
need to call Support to register the update.
Important KidsCare
Visit our new web site at